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Ford Motor Company Will Disclose Information About Directors

Ford Motor Company has made a few changes to its board of directors in recent history, confirming Henry Ford III and Alexandra Ford English to the board one year ago today, and later adding John C. May, the chairman and CEO of Deere & Company, this past December.  While these additions are public knowledge, not all that serve on corporate boards are, which has prompted four Wall Street firms and Ford Motor Company to begin disclosing the race and gender of directors, according to Reuters.

This news comes from New York City’s comptroller, Brad Lander, who revealed that Ford Motor Company, JPMorgan Chase & Co, BlackRock Inc, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs Group have agreed to provide each company’s director’s self-disclosed race, ethnicity, and gender information after reaching a deal with the city’s pension officials.

“Pronounced commitments to diversity and inclusion ring hollow if those values are not reflected in the boardroom where decisions are made impacting their entire workforce,” Lander said.

Such moves are becoming more common as companies aim to show investors that they are embracing diversity in the workplace, but some companies are resisting the move. This includes NextEra Energy , which has recommended that investors vote against the idea at the company’s next shareholder’s meeting on the grounds that it already publishes overall board diversity statistics.

“The imposition of a prescriptive matrix by individual director can promote a check-the-box approach to refreshment, thus increasing the risk of bypassing a well-qualified candidate,” NextEra said. “It could also mislead shareholders into wrongly believing that only a subset of directors contribute to particular decisions or represent the Board on particular matters.”

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  1. Karen Marsh

    I called to see if you would help rebuild my 2016 Ford Escape with 125,000 miles and was told there was no help.
    You know these transmissions are bad yet you haven’t recalled them or tried to help those who purchased from you. I recommend your company for years. Many people purchase Ford Edges because of me. I really need Ford to make this right. I stood for you guys for years but unless you stand and help your customers with these problems Ford is gonna lose alot of customers. I need you to do right by me

    1. Amy Vogler

      I totally agree with you. I just learned that my 2018 Ford Escape with only 83,000 miles has a bad transmission that will cost me over $6,200 to fix. I have trusted Ford with my car purchases for most of my life and am shocked that no recall has been done on the Ford Escape. On top of it all, they won’t offer any type of payment plan or financial help to get my Ford Escape fixed. It’s not fair that my 4-year-old vehicle is not drivable, but yet they totally expect me to make my car payments until it is paid off. I am very disappointed in Ford Motor Company.

  2. Curlie Ray

    Orders a Ford Big Bend on Oct of Last year. It was built March 20th of 2022. I’ve been waiting now for almost two months to have it delivered to the dealership. I’m lied to week after week on a delivery date. Using the excuse short on a convoy carrier is getting old. I have already paid for the vehicle and cannot get it delivered. This will be the last time I ever order a vehicle from Ford. Sad when you have already paid for it and they will not let you come pick it up at the plant and refuse to allow the dealership to come get out. Wake up your system isn’t working any more. It’s time for Congress to get involve with this.

  3. Brenda Ehrlich

    To my dismay, I just purchased a 2016 Ford Focus not knowing about the transmission nightmare. They do not want to buyback your vehicle unless you bring it in for numerous repairs, despite the fact there is A $30 MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT ! I had my vehicle diagnosed today, the dealership attributed the problems to drivers who “baby” their vehicles and don’t push down on the accelerator hard enough.


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