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Ford Mustang Shelby GT350-H Successor Potentially Teased By Hertz

Rental car giant Hertz has a rich history of renting special-edition Blue Oval vehicles, starting with the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350-H back in the 1960s, which was the original “rent-a-racer.” Just 1,000 examples of the now famous black-and-gold pony car were created, and it soon garnered quite a bit of attention for the simple fact that anyone could head down to the local lot and rent what was essentially a race car, which helped Hertz become the second-largest rental car company in America today. Several other examples have followed over the years, and now, it seems as if Hertz is on the cusp of revealing some sort of potential Ford Mustang Shelby GT350-H successor, as we can see from this teaser image.

“Get ready to step behind the wheel of an American driving icon,” the rental car company wrote via Twitter. “We’re revving up something big May 10. Let’s go!” Clearly, there’s no mistaking this teaser for anything other than a Ford Mustang, as we can see the car’s signature headlights, along with a heavily-vented hood that also contains hood pins with “Shelby” on them and the tuner’s signature twin white stripes. It isn’t black and gold, but it’s certainly a pony car of some sort.

Given the presence of this particular headlight design, the hood pins, and the vented hood, it seems that this new Hertz Mustang could be based on the Shelby GT500, though that particular model does not have the additional hood vents present in this image – only the center unit. Regardless, it’s a given that Hertz’s version will have some unique features to set it apart from a regular Mustang, as has historically been the case.

Though Hertz is beginning to dabble in EVs after placing a large order for Teslas recently, it seems that it isn’t quite done with Ford’s iconic pony car just yet. And with any luck, we’ll be able to head down to our local lot and score a 760 horsepower rental racer for a few days at some point in the coming months.

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  1. Mark L Bedel

    If it becomes a reality, could be loads of fun!

  2. DWH

    What a great weekend rental. The issue is what locations will have them available.

  3. DWH

    Just wondering if anyone else notices the new EVOS front end, especially the headlights look very close to the newest S650 (GT) rendering.

  4. blksn8k

    The original GT-350H was actually referred to as a “renta racer”, not rental racer. Legend has it that more than one was returned with a low-po small block in place of the Cobra 289 which had been pilfered for other uses.

  5. Tessie A Weekley

    An interesting and well-written article indeed, however, what sbout the elephant in the room? Rent from Hertz and get arrested?

    1. 5

      I agree about the elephant in the room!

  6. Edward

    Nice, until 3 months later when cops pull you over at gunpoint and keep you behind bars for a weekend because Hertz reported you as a thief. No thanks, Hertz.

  7. Hunt Palmer-Ball

    I think Ford and Hertz make a good Team together, they really seem to complement each other. I was privee to be part of this program back in the 60,s, I worked at the Ford Dealership that sold Shelbys and Hertz Rent A Racers. I am fortunate to have an original 66 Shelby GT 350 H in my stable today. And what is really special Mine is Red&Gold only 66 were made that color. This new Mustang with Hertz is great news. I Love it. H P B

  8. Dave Mathers

    I remember the GT350 H program. But I would NOT rent from Hertz for fear they would have me arrested for car theft as they have done already to hundreds of customers. Cool concept nevertheless.

  9. Dan

    Don’t order ford won’t see it for at least a year. They can’t even get the Supper Duty’s built


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