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Ford Patent Filed For Movable Center Console With Hidden Storage Space

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for a movable center console with hidden storage space, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on November 6th, 2020, published on May 12th, 2022, and assigned serial number 0144177.

The Ford Authority Take

Back in early April, Ford filed a patent for a handle assembly with a built-in screen that could presumably be used in the Ford Bronco, showing off a unique way to make use of existing space within that particular vehicle. Now, this new Ford patent works along those same lines, but aims to make better use of a feature that’s present in most all vehicles – the center console.

This Ford patent depicts a center console that looks fairly normal at first glance, but it’s also capable of moving, similar to the way some modern General Motors vehicles do. However, Ford’s idea for a moving center console can switch between a retracted and extended position, and contains a movable tray. When retracted, the console would cover a hidden receptacle, which would then be exposed if the owner decided to extend it.

It’s certainly an interesting way to add more storage to the center console if an owner desires or needs it, while also making it possible to keep the console retracted when that space is not needed. The patent drawings depict a unit that also contains multiple cup holders in addition to various types of storage space, the kind of flexibility that we’ve come to expect these days. As such, it wouldn’t at all be surprising if this patent winds up inspiring an actual production piece in some sort of future vehicle.

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