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Ford Shareholder Vehicle Discount Program To End In June

Ford has been restricting its X-Plan (or Friends & Neighbors plan, as it’s otherwise known) in recent years, excluding hot new vehicles like the 2021 Ford Bronco and the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning from that particular discount. Now, the Ford shareholder vehicle discount program is set to end next month as well, the automaker revealed at its 2022 shareholder meeting and also via a letter it sent out to those same shareholders recently.

To this point, those that held at least 100 shares of Ford stock for six months were eligible to receive a Ford X-Plan PIN. However, as of June 1st, 2022, that will no longer be the case as the Ford shareholder vehicle discount program is now set to end. The program was originally created with the intention of putting shareholders behind the wheel of new Blue Oval vehicles at pre-determined prices, but that will soon no longer be the case.

Shareholders that qualify for this program still have a few days to act, however. Ford included a form with its shareholder letter that can be filled out with basic information such as the person’s name, address, and the vehicle they’re interested in. Shareholders can submit that form, along with proof of Ford stock ownership, and still receive a PIN that effectively gives them X-Plan pricing through December 31st, 2022.

From there, shareholders can visit any Ford or Lincoln dealer, who can confirm the individual’s X-Plan eligibility via their social security number and PIN. After choosing an eligible vehicle, the customer will receive a dealer invoice with the discounted price of that model, after which they can arrange financing or purchase the vehicle outright, then take delivery.

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  1. Rich j

    This is an interesting way to end the x plan for shareholders sending a “notice” via fordauthority on May 26th. Schwab did not receive any notice, Ford’s web site or x plan forum provides no link to complete the form and it all expires on June 1st.

  2. Rick

    Xplan is worthless when the dealers aren’t honoring it.

  3. Don Antilla

    I’ve been waiting for the order books to open up for the 2023 F-150 Lariat with PowerBoost, and was going to trade in my 2017 Lariat. I always order my F-150s with many options and was counting on the X-Plan for my new order. This is an odd decision by Ford and now I will- with reluctance- see if Toyota or Chevrolet have competitive products at a good price. Disappointing, but maybe now is the time for me to depart from 50 years of buying all Ford products.

    1. Kevin DeBlaere

      I will be doing the exact same

  4. Charlie

    Other manufactures will now start getting the Ford business. With all their high prices and high warranty they aren’t the company they use to be.

  5. boyd jacobs

    i own 100 shares of ford in a ameritrade account but did not receive a notice about this change – i think ford should extend the offer until every one is notified of change—- if not, i will consider a chevy or toyato[ tunder] for my next purchase— b.e jacobs– s.c.

  6. Ann Bokelman

    I didn’t get the notice. How do I get one now?

  7. Jeff

    I am also a stockholder through TD Ameritrade and received no notice. This is ridiculous and unfair. A company such as Ford should not operate this way.

  8. Jason

    Very bummed about this. Hold shares with Ford through TD Ameritrade for this purpose and never received notice of the change. Will not hold them anymore. Applied for X plan first week of June and just received a denial letter. Was waiting on the F150 books to open back up. Guess I will go with GM since I get employee discount through them.

  9. JR Debs

    I hold shares of Ford and was expecting to get some benefit from my investment in Ford. What say you Ford? build on your loyal base announce departure from program in 2023!

  10. T Stewart

    I have had 2 Fords on order, one since March 2021 and another since October 2021. I had not applied for my stockholder X plan until I got notified that they will be built. Well go figure I got notified that the October 2021 vehicle will be built in June so I turned in my paperwork to Ford the first week of June, guess what, DENIED. I will not be taking delivery of this or any other Ford vehicle ever again, great customer service Ford….

  11. Arthur J (Jim) Movius

    I recently submitted a “Build Your Mustang” request to my local Ford dealership. Their Sales Manager informed me of the X Plan shareholder discount several years ago. The discount and the Federal tax credit were both appreciated when I purchased a Mach-E last year. I have 6,000 shares, have held them for about 15 years notwithstanding repeated advice to sell them. Increasing the number of shares to qualify for the X Plan would be a more consumer friendly idea than eliminating the program altogether. I’ve owned several Fords and have an a “real” Mustang GT in addition to the Mustang badged Mach-E. Ford’s decision to eliminate the X Plan prompted a long time loyal Ford owner to look at the Dodge Challenger.

  12. Tom

    I guess that I will sell my Ford stock and stop buying Ford vehicles!!!

  13. Scott

    I got my shareholder pin in May but the dealer I bought 9 new cars from would not give me the discount so I found a Ford dealer that would. I ordered a F150 and finally got it on Nov 17 and the dealer told me I was lucky because they canceled the program but I got in just in time. It was worth $2,700 off. I guess I’ll dump the stock and find something that performs better.


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