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Ford Super Duty Lineup Is An Extremely Valuable Profit Generator

The Ford F-Series lineup has long represented a proverbial cash cow for the automaker, as well as the best-selling duo in America. As such, it should come as no surprise that the Ford Super Duty – one half of the F-Series lineup along with the Ford F-150 – is an extremely valuable profit generator for the automaker, as Ford CEO Jim Farley revealed during the company’s Q1 2022 earnings call with investors recently. “I just want to say, on the Super Duty, obviously that’s a quarter of our profitability as a company globally,” Farley said.

The Ford Super Duty and Ford F-150 have a tremendous financial impact not only on FoMoCo’s bottom line, but also the U.S. economy as a whole, as 500,000 U.S. jobs can be directly attributed to the F-Series line of pickups. The F-Series contributes roughly $49 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), including multiplier effects, and the trucks are used by and support up to 13 million Americans in their daily work – roughly 8 percent of the total U.S. workforce.

A study from 2020 also found that the F-Series was second only to the Apple iPhone in terms of branded consumer sales after raking in $42 billion in 2019 versus the iPhone’s total of $55 billion. The F-Series generated more revenue than the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League combined, and, as a single entity, was larger than McDonald’s, Nike, Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Visa, Netflix, Uber, CapitalOne, Disney World, Southwest Airlines, and Starbucks. And while Ford could save a ton of money by moving production to Mexico, it remains dedicated to building the F-Series in the U.S.

In spite of this success and the tremendous consumer interest surrounding the Ford F-150 Lightning, FoMoCo has no plans to build a Super Duty EV anytime soon, as Ford Authority reported earlier this week, though it does plan on eventually transitioning to an all-electric lineup in North America. For now, at least, technology just hasn’t advanced to the point where it makes sense for the automaker to electrify its profitable pickup, however.

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  1. Perry Glassgow

    When is Ford going to continue the production of the F350 super duty I ordered one in December haven’t heard anything yet this is now may

    1. Michael

      Ford KTP is in production but they have a lot of back orders due to part shortages. You can drive around the Louisville area where they are built and see them parked everywhere waiting on parts. As soon as they get parts the trucks are shipped.


    9 months after order and still not in production….what does it take to get your ordered F350!?! Amazingly unbelievable that this is happening at Ford.

  3. Lance

    While full electrification isn’t going to happen in the super duty market anytime soon, a hybrid would be amazing. The extra 50hp to help acceleration on the highway and and up hills then provide recapture going down hills would be a tremendous asset to those who use their truck like a truck.

  4. Ed

    They need to remove Jim Farley as CEO he is taking this great company down! He is going against the majority of the American people, he is pushing this EV agenda that does not work for every one he says he is not but you can see whats happening he only want’s to shove EV’s down our throat’s.

    1. Eric

      It is not Jim. The Ford Board has to approve the strategy and that they did for electrification. I am sure that they carefully read the tea leaves on where the industry is headed and made the decisions that they have made.

  5. Daniel

    I refuse to purchase new because of the amount of profit they’re making. Vehicles of today are incredibly overpriced and leave it up to a greedy corporate CEO to put that exact sentiment out there in black and white. I purchased my 2011 F350 King Ranch brand new and paid $72,000 with every bell and whistle Ford had to offer. That same model truck ten years later is nearly doubled in price for nothing more than a slightly updated look. We’re headed for a recession and when the bottom falls out, the consumer will once again control the market… not the greed of these corporate automakers. That’s when I’ll pick up my new truck.

    1. Bob

      Your king ranch cost 142,000K? I call b.s.

  6. Mike

    Keep making abserb profits on the super duties so you can pay for the EV creation.

    1. Daniel

      No chance of replacing the Super Duty with an EV. An EV that can pull a recreational vehicle would be too expensive for anyone to own.

  7. Leethal

    If it’s profitable here for dozens of years why would you want to move production to Mexico now?? Doesn’t that tell you something about it’s quality and name?

  8. Bryon Hayley

    If you move the super duty’s production out of the US you will no longer be the king of heavy duty trucks

  9. David Cox

    Now if only they could them built and delivered!!


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