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Ford Technicians Will Be Paid To Submit Photos Of Quality Issues

Over the past few years, Ford has faced some quality issues that have admittedly frustrated the automaker, not to mention its customers. CEO Jim Farley has addressed this topic numerous times since taking over the helm of The Blue Oval back in October 2020, and has also made quality a major area of focus moving forward. Regardless, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that Ford technicians will now be paid to submit photos of quality issues.

The automaker has asked Ford technicians to take photos of all new vehicles that come in for service within three months that have electrical or fit and finish issues. It’s unclear if this is an entirely new policy, but regardless, it’s now in effect.

After facing a number of quality-related problems with the launch of the 2020 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, some anonymous workers said that they feared Ford had lost track of quality control back in 2019. In the years since, individual models like the Ford Escape have landed on Consumer Reportsvehicles to avoid list due to quality problems, while Ford continues to rank below the segment average on the consumer organization’s reliability survey, too.

Last December, Ford sent dealers a “see what I see” headset diagnostic tool that allows technicians to make hands-free audio and video calls with The Blue Oval’s Technical Assistance Center, which can, in turn, share relevant repair information with the techs in real-time. The automaker is also making quality a major focus of its reorganization plan, and recently hired former J.D. Power Vice President Josh Halliburton as its new executive director of quality.

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  1. Thurston Munn

    Way past overdue. The technicians who actually see and have to deal with the QC issues have rarely been consulted and even when they were, their findings and input as to how to make something better and/or resolve the issues has/is often overlooked because technicians lack college degrees. As a one-time Parts and Service director over to car dealerships we had factory regional service manager who had a degree in music. He didn’t know the difference between a combination wrench and a ratchet or what a volt/ohm meter was used for. The factories deemed it more important that these people have college degrees vs any actual mechanical knowledge.


      I agree way overdue. Please bring back Ford Quality is Job 1 again.

  2. Josh

    The SWIS headset werent just sent to dealers. Dealers were billed for them regardless if they ever get used or were even requested. Ford is leaning heavy on the Dealers to fix the poor quality coming out of Detroit….

  3. Brad Presnell

    This is a great step in the right direction, but how about they extend this to the hourly workers on the assembly lines. We are constantly bringing quality concerns to management and without fail we are told to “run it” and soon after a campaign is started to fix the problem that we previously pointed out. In my 23 years with Ford, I have watched quality take a back seat to quantity more and more every year. I used to believe in our quality control, but these days it’s nonexistent. It’s frustrating, and an insult to the men and women who are asked to build a quality product, but ultimately are not given the tools or policies to do so.

    1. DD


  4. CWJ

    Its high time they address Quailty….this recall after recall…like on my 2015 Transit van…6 recalls and took 4 years to get a driveshaft recall fixed…..One other thing…it not the flaws they find on vechicles..while important….its the design team that causing most of there problems….Ford has been making driveshafts for decades…and put a rubber cushion…and not a metal yoke…also…the previous version of Explorer..3.5 v6…water pump is inside the engine with the timing chain turning it….its goes bad quicker than a outside belt one….and when it does water goes right in oil pan and ruins the engine quick…there is a class action lawsuit on it….Quailty is main thing customers want….what worse than taking a old car to the garage to be repaired….it taking a new one!

  5. DD

    I agree

  6. Mike Martin

    I own a 2017 Ford Raptor. I have to say that this truck has forced me to never buy a Ford vehicle ever again. I loved the idea of the truck and had to have one. I sold my 2005 Toyota Tacoma and bought my Raptor. 35,000 miles transmission failed (before it failed it almost killed me with the tranny banging and popping out of gear), took six months to repair. 38,000 miles electronic steering rack failed, just out of warranty cost me $4000 to repair. Cam phasers rattle to this day. Truck is parked at my shop 5/10/22, broken down with the common front hub problem and a grinding noise that sounds like the rear end is about to blow up with 42,000 miles I can’t afford to repair it anymore. I still owe $30,000 on the truck. What a nightmare. I bought a new vehicle that is a piece of $hit. I will never, ever buy, nor endorse this Brand. Sad to say I have to stick with the company that builds a quality vehicle and that would be Toyota. Unbelievable.

  7. Mike Martin

    My 2017 Ford Raptor has 43,000 miles on it. Transmission failed at 35,000 miles. Took Ford 6 months to repair, Electronic steering rack failed at 38,000 miles, no warranty $4000 to repair. Today my truck is parked, cam phasers rattling, output shaft on transfer case leaking, front hubs grinding, rear end howling intermittantely, I owe $35,000 on it and can’t afford to repair it. I will never buy a Ford again. I have lost faith in Ford Quality. My 2005 Toyota Tacoma is sadly missed.


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