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Here’s Our First Look At The Ford Fusion Active, For Real This Time

Over the past couple of years, there have been multiple mules and prototypes purported to be the Ford Fusion Active, The Blue Oval’s upcoming Subaru Outback competitor. However, each time, those prototypes have turned out to be other models. However, these latest photos captured by Ford Authority spies do in fact depict the real Ford Fusion Active, giving us our first look at the more utilitarian version of the sedan that used to bear the Fusion name

Covered in heavy camo, it’s difficult to discern many details from this prototype, but its wagon-like shape is unmistakeable, in spite of Ford’s attempts to conceal it. We can see a Ford Evos-like front grille peeking through that camo, however, as well as thinner headlights. Moving down the side, the higher-riding wagon shape is accented by multi-spoke wheels that look rather modern and are wrapped in Michelin tires.

Out back, it becomes quite clear that a previously-spotted prototype – which turned out to be a Ford Evos-based SUV – is quite different from this new Ford Fusion Active prototype. The Fusion Active isn’t quite as tall, and features more of a sloping roof line and a different tailgate design. The overall profile is certainly more car-like, though the Active prototype does appear to ride a bit higher than a typical sedan.

This photo reveals a thin taillight design that’s even more reminiscent of the Evos, which also inspired the design of the new Ford Mondeo (dubbed the Ford Taurus in the Middle East) and Lincoln Zephyr. As a whole, this new prototype looks like a more utilitarian version of the Evos, a crossover with a seemingly smaller cargo area than this Fusion Active prototype appears to have. In fact, these unofficial Mondeo wagon renderings may give us a good idea of what the Ford Fusion Active will ultimately look like.

As Ford Authority previously reported, the Evos is not a Fusion or Mondeo successor, but rather, another unique model within Ford’s Chinese lineup, though the crossover has also been spotted in the U.S. not just once, but twice. As for the Fusion Active, it’s currently unclear what markets it will be sold in, but it is clear that it will sport a very similar aesthetic to the automaker’s recently-launched Chinese models.

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  1. crabbymilton

    The market is saturated with crossover/SUV’s. But in FORD’s twisted world, one more isn’t going to make any difference anyway.

  2. JE

    A great car converted into another boring and unecessary SUV. What for? As owner of a Ford Mondeo, I will with all certainty NEVER buy this atrocity. I will never trade one of the best and most affordable sedans in the market for a boring unpractical SUV. I´ll go for another sedan (Tesla, Cadillac, Audi MB, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Kia, Volvo or any company that offers me a decent sedan). I really hope the actual SUV cancer ends asap. As for me, when I decide to trade my Mondeo, it won´t be for any Ford product.

  3. RE

    Very disappointing.
    The Evos and Mondeo in China are great looking vehicles, and we get another box.
    Time to start looking elsewhere for my next car.

  4. GregR

    Please explain why I should buy this thing?

    I cant think of any reason either….thanks

  5. Michael K

    FFS guys, this is the new Chinese Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus.

  6. Walter Thomas

    Hey guys. These are not the same prototypes riding on the same platform. One is a Ford and the other one is a Lincoln. The Lincoln version is inspired by the New Lincoln Star Concept. You can clearly see the concepts rear taillamp inspiration taken from the Star Concept. You can also see the Lincoln Mesh Grille on the Lincoln version of this SUV. The other one is a Ford of course, I hope that Lincoln will offer more from the Star concepts proportions and design than what is being offered her. Front wheel drive vehicles from Ford and Lincoln hardly ever look proportioned especially by the front overhangs. Hopefully this will fair out well.

  7. Michael K

    The headline kills me, “For Real This time”. I don’t quite understand this site’s obsession with identifying every Ford SUV prototype as the Fusion Active, to the point they are presenting an obvious Lincoln prototype as a Fusion Active. There is NO Fusion Active!!!

  8. Mark A. geller

    Can only make the case for this as a small EV or PHEV, such as a GLB competitor. Otherwise, why bother?

  9. keith

    I’m tired of SUV’s/ crossovers/ trucks.
    How about a car Ford?

  10. wolvie45

    Still hoping for a sedan or hatchback to return in Canada and US. Seriously Ford messed up removing their cars especially since they rather build to order their vehicles instead of it being in the lot (since there reasons is not as popular as suv. So people who wants hatchback can factory order it instead but NOOO Ford decided to completely axed their cars except the mustang and their 2 seater Ford GT

  11. Anthony Freeborn

    SUV’s suck.They all look like a potato.Give me a wagon you morons in US sales.I cannot believe I have to buy a Audi,Mercedes,BMW, Volvo or Subaru to get into a new wagon.I owned a Ford escort LX wagon for years and was in love with that little car,but wore it out.Next was a 2001 Taurus SEL wagon,a real step up.It handles well,is comfortable inside,rides and handles excellent.Has huge cargo space,and with the 3 litre DOHC engine I have no problem getting 30 mpg on the highway.Now I have to retire it pretty soon.21 years of service but it’s getting tired.It’s looking like I have to go European or Japanese because the idiots in charge of North American auto sales keep rolling out these SUV clones.Let see,higher centre of gravity,longer braking distances,less aerodynamic,higher fuel consumption,higher loading height and UGLY.What the hell!Is Europe and the rest of the world smarter than us.Looks like it.S-U-V stupid ugly vehicle
    The new Ford Escort Wagon Sold only in Europe would be in my garage if available


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