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Lincoln Aviator Outsells Audi Q7, Cadillac XT6, Infiniti QX60 In Q1 2022

Lincoln Aviator sales decreased in the United States while increasing in Canada and Mexico during the first quarter of 2022.

Lincoln Aviator Sales - Q1 2022 - United States

In the United States, Lincoln Aviator deliveries totaled 4,967 units in Q1 2022, a decrease of about 18 percent compared to 6,086 units sold in Q1 2021.
MODEL Q1 2022 / Q1 2021 Q1 2022 Q1 2021
AVIATOR -18.39% 4,967 6,086

Lincoln Aviator Sales - Q1 2022 - Canada

In Canada, Lincoln Aviator deliveries totaled 489 units in Q1 2022, an increase of about 36 percent compared to 360 units sold in Q1 2021.
MODEL Q1 2022 / Q1 2021 Q1 2022 Q1 2021
AVIATOR +35.83% 489 360

Lincoln Aviator Sales - Q1 2022 - Mexico

In Mexico, Lincoln Aviator deliveries totaled 91 units in Q1 2022, an increase of about 122 percent compared to 41 units sold in Q1 2021.
MODEL Q1 2022 / Q1 2021 Q1 2022 Q1 2021
AVIATOR +121.95% 91 41

Competitive Sales Comparison (USA)

The 18 percent drop in Lincoln Aviator sales during the first quarter of 2022 places the three-row luxury utility sixth in its segment.

The segment was led by the BMW X5 which saw a 30 percent increase to 16,477 units, followed by the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class in second with a four percent decrease to 15,990 units. The Acura MDX took third, with a 20 percent decline to 13,558 units while the Buick Enclave (see running Buick Enclave sales) slid 34 percent to 7,025 units, rounding out fourth. The Volvo XC90 took fifth with 6,949 deliveries. The rest of the segment contenders posted less than 5,000 units each.

Sales Numbers - Luxury E-Segment Utilities - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21 Q1 22 SHARE Q1 21 SHARE
BMW X5 +29.74% 16,477 12,700 21% 14%
MERCEDES-BENZ GLE-CLASS -4.07% 15,990 16,668 20% 18%
ACURA MDX -20.19% 13,558 16,988 17% 18%
BUICK ENCLAVE -33.83% 7,025 10,617 9% 11%
VOLVO XC90 -16.62% 6,949 8,334 9% 9%
LINCOLN AVIATOR -18.39% 4,967 6,086 6% 6%
AUDI Q7 -48.64% 3,962 7,714 5% 8%
CADILLAC XT6 -36.89% 3,780 5,990 5% 6%
BMW X6 +35.82% 2,768 2,038 3% 2%
INFINITI QX60 -23.50% 2,536 3,315 3% 4%
AUDI Q8 -60.55% 1,425 3,612 2% 4%
TOTAL -15.55% 79,437 94,062

From a segment share standpoint, the Aviator only accounted for six percent, down one percentage point from the year-ago quarter. The first place X5 saw a segment-dominating 21 percent, up seven percentage points, while the second place GLE-Class saw 20 percent, up two percentage points. The MDX (third) earned 17 percent, down two percentage points, followed by the Enclave (fourth) which posted nine percent, down three percentage points. The XC90 (fifth) also earned nine percent, flat year-over-year. The remaining segment contenders each posted less than five percent share.

The premium/luxury three-row crossover segment (lux crossover E-segment) contracted 15.5 percent to 79,437 units in Q1 2022, meaning Lincoln Aviator sales slightly underperformed the segment average.

Below, we’re providing sales numbers for competitors that field multiple vehicles within this segment, beginning with BMW – which offers both the X5 and X6. Combining X5 and X6 sales gives BMW 19,245 deliveries for a 24 percent segment share overall.

Sales Numbers - BMW Luxury E-Segment Utilities - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21 Q1 22 SHARE Q1 21 SHARE
BMW X5 +29.74% 16,477 12,700 86% 86%
BMW X6 +35.82% 2,768 2,038 14% 14%
TOTAL +30.58% 19,245 14,738

In addition, combining Audi Q7 and Q8 sales gives them a total of 5,387 deliveries for a seven percent segment share.

Sales Numbers - Audi Luxury E-Segment Utilities - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21 Q1 22 SHARE Q1 21 SHARE
AUDI Q7 -48.64% 3,962 7,714 74% 68%
AUDI Q8 -60.55% 1,425 3,612 26% 32%
TOTAL -52.44% 5,387 11,326

Combining the two GM entires, the Buick Enclave and Cadillac XT6, combines for 10,805 deliveries for a 14 percent share.

Sales Numbers - GM Luxury E-Segment Utilities - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21 Q1 22 SHARE Q1 21 SHARE
BUICK ENCLAVE -33.83% 7,025 10,617 65% 64%
CADILLAC XT6 -36.89% 3,780 5,990 35% 36%
TOTAL -34.94% 10,805 16,607

For the sake of presenting a more complete picture of the competitive landscape, we are also providing sales figures for the Lexus RX below. The RX is a premium midsize CUV that slots into the luxury utility D segment to compete with the Lincoln Nautilus. However, the RX is now offered in a three-row variant called RXL, which competes with the three-row luxury models mentioned above. Since Lexus does not break out sales of the two-row RX from those of the three-row RXL, not all RX sales can be applied to the premium three-row CUV segment. Instead, a more apt comparison would be to bundle Lincoln Nautilus and Aviator and set them against the RX family. We’re also including Cadillac XT5 and Cadillac XT6 sales, which are direct rivals to the Nautilus and Aviator, respectively.

Sales Numbers - Lexus RX & RXL - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21
RX -4.10% 26,795 27,941
NAUTILUS -5.27% 5,089 5,372
XT5 -43.09% 4,993 8,773
AVIATOR -18.39% 4,967 6,086
XT6 -36.89% 3,780 5,990
TOTAL -15.76% 45,624 54,162

Combining the Aviator and Nautilus nets Lincoln 10,056 deliveries, less than half of the 26,795 sales recorded by the Lexus RX family. Meanwhile, Cadillac had 8,773 combined deliveries of the XT5 and XT6.

The Ford Authority Take

The decrease in Lincoln Aviator sales during Q1 2022 was the direct result of headwinds brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, which continue to negatively impact vehicle production and inventory. Despite the drop, Lincoln’s three-row luxury crossover took sixth place in its segment when ranked by sales volume – the highest position it has ever held since the launch of the current, second-generation Aviator.

Looking ahead, Aviator sales will likely remain at or near current levels as a result of constrained production and a lack of ample inventory as Lincoln parent, Ford Motor Company, continues to grapple with ongoing supply shortages, including but not limited to the well-publicized microchip shortage. The latest estimates put the chip shortage as lasting a minimum of six more months. Once the chip shortage is mitigated, we expect the Aviator to post healthy gains.

It is worth noting that the Aviator has been a solid performer for both customers and Ford Motor Company since the launch of the second-generation model for the 2020 model year, with the luxury crossover having earned a variety of awards including the best resale value within its segment.

The 2022 Aviator represents the third model year of the second-gen model, for which it receives a few changes and updates, including the launch of the recently-revealed Jet Package, which replaced the new-for-2021 Monochromatic Package. The 2022 model also saw a substantial reduction in the maximum towing capacity, while pricing for the vehicle became more affordable across most trim levels.

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