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Lincoln Brand Consideration Dropped Again Through Q1 2022

The Lincoln brand has faced some tough results in recent studies, as just nine percent of luxury shoppers considered it in Kelley Blue Book’s Q3 Brand Watch Study last year, and consideration dropped to eight percent in Q4, too. Unfortunately for Ford’s luxury arm, even fewer consumers considered the Lincoln brand in Q1 of 2022, according to Kelley Blue Book’s latest Brand Watch Study.

This past quarter, Lincoln brand consideration dropped another one percent to finish at seven, tying it with Volvo and Land Rover. Those brands did rank ahead of Porsche, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Rivian, Lucid, and Polestar, but well behind the segment-leading BMW, as well as Lincoln’s chief rival, Cadillac – which surged five percent quarter-over-quarter, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Audi, Acura, Buick, Infiniti, and Genesis.

The Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch report is a consumer perception survey that also weaves in consumer shopping behavior to determine how a brand or model stacks up with its segment competitors on a dozen factors key to a consumer’s buying decision. KBB releases two Brand Watch reports each quarter – one for mainstream vehicles, and one for luxury vehicles.

In the meantime, there are some positive signs for Lincoln’s future as the brand aims to electrify its entire lineup in the coming years, a move that it previewed recently with the new Star concept. For starters, Lincoln buyers are getting younger in both North America and China, while the brand is also keeping an eye on the current clamping craze. However, a high-performance Lincoln Navigator to rival the Cadillac Escalade-V isn’t in the cards, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month.

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  1. DaveG

    Maybe so low again because nothing is available to us that we want. Why buy what’s available if nothing available satisfies our need.

    Lincoln needs to pull out all the plugs (and fast) and get more aggressive if it wants to survive. Being a boutique brand with not much to offer isn’t enough to survive. There is no reason Lincoln can be right up there and competitive again. Ford makes sure the Mustang is still around. Where are all the heritage Lincolns?? Lincoln is filled with so much history. You know a proper Mark 9, LS, Zephyr and Continental would be a good start with first in class everything to make people stand up and notice. Is this too much to ask for?

  2. Michael

    What do you expect for a bunch of carbon copy Russian nesting dolls, being offered? Who esle offers only that?

  3. Lincoln Fan Mark

    More product is needed but Lincoln marketing leaves a lot to be desired. We own two and they’re among the best vehicles we’ve ever had, regardless of brand as we’ve had many domestics and imports through the years. The TV spots are creative and clever, but as with much advertising it’s aimed at impressing the agency’s peers more than selling the product’s virtues of quiet luxury and comfort. Our stand alone Lincoln dealer does a good job of creating a more personalized experience but growing the network of Lincoln only dealers will begin to demonstrate that these aren’t Ford twins but truly American luxury in the best of that tradition.

  4. Kevin

    Lee Iacocca would know what Lincoln needs. Unfortunately, that could be a slight problem.

    I agree with above comments as well. Where is the distinction and sophistication? I remember the ad campaign “The Final Step Up” in the early 1970’s. That tag line could also be a problem with the current lineup where it does not fit the image.

  5. Scott

    Lincoln. Worst experience buying a vehicle… Ever. Dealership ordered it wrong, wanted another 2k to reorder correctly. No loaner when the coolant system detonated. Concierge was absolutely useless. Sold back for 1k less than we paid (used X-Plan pin). Waiting on lexus NX 350h. Much better experience with lexus.

  6. Paul

    Had two mkx never a problem wonderful cars , but wanted a convertible Lincoln didn’t offer one . Went with bmw

  7. Ron Larson

    I had a 1977 Lincoln I loved it my father had a Lincoln thay are great cars don’t let them go


      You need to fire the current Lincoln management and clone Don DeLaRossa.

  8. Ron Larson

    Lincoln is part of America

  9. robh

    The one thing that not too much poster’s are mentioning is that currently, Lincoln has not been getting the “bugs” out of their models when introducing them. Look at the disaster with the launch of the Aviator. If you can imagine somebody who might be considering a Lincoln, one of the first things they probably will do is look up the reliability on websites such as jd powers and consumer reports, etc. When they do that, they will see all very negative reliability records on most of the current Lincoln models. This is not the “old days”. Today, Lincoln is the underdog and they have to be “PERFECT” to get younger people interested in their brand. Bad reliability and problem prone models just kills them. The other thing is Lincoln service does not match the hype they have about white glove, concierge service. My sister bought a new MKZ during the pandemic. While the buying experience was good. the service afterward was downright ordinary. For example, when she had the car’s first oil change and service, they don’t come and get the car from your house and redeliver it back to your house, all washed and cleaned as some of their ads imply they do with their new car customers. she had to bring it to the dealer and leave it over night for the oil change. then she had to go back and get it the next day. then they charged her $100 for the oil change. She didn’t say anything. but an oil change should not be more than $45 and normally they do it while you wait in 15 minutes. She was unimpressed with the Lincoln service and will not be going back to the dealer unless its a warranty issue. In short, for what they are asking for their cars, oil changes and routine service should be included for the first two years and they should pick up and deliver the car to the customer. Otherwise your just getting service thats equivalent to that of a Kia or Chevrolet.

  10. A Allison.

    Sedans???? Some people are not looking SUV or electric. Instead, such as I, am looking at cadillac CT4/CT5

  11. Aaron

    Why isn’t GMC Denali on the list? Based on sales it should be

  12. Dave Suton

    I can’t believe fake lux like Lexota, Hondcura, Nisfinity and GenKia are on that list. I guess that goes to show you that Walmart taste is alive and well

  13. Nickey

    I bought a Lincoln Navigator and I’m quite happy. It is luxurious to me but all the other models are not. They don’t even look good so I can understand why sales are down.

  14. Stan Hall

    I know…I know…lets stop building cars…no wait for China and everywhere else…just not North America….they will buy what we tell them they need……Lincoln/Ford family for decades….now on to an import… Sad

  15. Dee

    The Continental Showcar was a car people wanted not the reduced car we got. And peoole do still want cars Genesis making a mark !! Come on now !!

  16. Bonnie Treadway

    No wonder their consideration is down. How many people want an expensive gas guzzling bus? They are not making vehicles that many people want or can reasonably afford. We are still driving our 2011 towncar.. would buy a newer one if there was any selection.

  17. JE

    As long as Lincoln doesn’t produce and sell a sedan or a sports coupe(EV or ICE), it’s an unexistent brand for me. Not everyone is William to buy an SUV or a crossover no matter WhatsApp.

  18. JE

    As long as Lincoln doesn’t produce a sedan or a sports competencias,it’s an unexistent brand for me. Not everybody likes SUV’S or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what.

  19. Dennis Mincin

    I totaled my 2015 MKS. I loved that car, so I got another. Same model & year and yet it seems more responsive than my previous one. No matter, like many, I don’t want an SUV. Caddy still has its sedans (was considering a CT4/CT5) and Lincoln should too. And a coupe wouldn’t hurt either. How about us old-timers? We’re still out there and a high-end sedan or coupe would suit us well.

  20. GeorgeG9

    Lincoln needs a halo, something we can aspire to. Cadillac has the V-series as the halo. What does Lincoln have that would draw me into the showroom?? You need an image vehicle with the “WOW” factor popping all over the place even if you can’t afford one, you could end up buying a less expensive model because of the image of the halo vehicle. It gives the impression ” I want to be associated with that image”. There is no excitement to draw you to the Brand. Example: Designer Jeans in the late ’70’s early ’80’s. It was the image that sold the jeans.

    There needs to be more creativity with the Brand as well as better reliability. A vehicle should not be recalled for defects several times a year when you spend all that money for a new vehicle.

  21. J Nista

    Lincoln was always known for their large, comfortable, luxurious sedans. The market was an older well to do crowd, that’s me. Can’t wrap my arms around a Lincoln SUV, it just doesn’t feel right, it’s not who they are. I believe sadan sales dropped due to lackluster design and performance. Many European sedans are being sold in the US. Pls bring back the sedan, You can compete, I would certainly buy one.

  22. BobT

    Waiting for a revival of vehicle design (like in the mid to late 1950’s when car style ruled)

    At this time, we are in the 1940’s again with the SUV-look. Someday style will come back.

  23. Dieter Krieg

    The 1956 Lincoln Premier has always been an all-time favorite for me and I have often thought l’d be first in line if a modern version of it was ever offered.

  24. Rob E.

    We are a Lincoln family, and we have had excellent experience with them. This includes a 2011 MKX, 2012 MKT, 2015 MKZ Hybrid, 2016 MKZ Hybrid, and a 2017 Continental. We plan to get an Aviator in the near future. Prior to these Lincolns, I was a Mercedes fan. I have had 5 MB’s, as well as a Jaguar, and a Cadillac. of them. They’re all Great cars, but my Lincolns have been every bit the luxury car as the others I’ve owned.


    It’s a stretch, but it’s possible Porsche will be outselling Lincoln in the next 3 years.


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