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Lincoln Navigator Buyers Value Interior Design Above All

Though Lincoln brand consideration has dropped among luxury vehicle shoppers for the past two consecutive quarters, Ford’s luxury arm still has some positive things going for it. Lincoln buyers in both the U.S. and China are getting younger, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month, and that same demographic is also flocking to the Lincoln Navigator, which was recently named as one of the most satisfying luxury SUVs to own by Consumer Reports. Lincoln buyers in general have long favored driving comfort over things like performance or style, and those preferences also extend to interior design above all other factors, it seems.

“So when we look at our client we look at our cultural progressives and we see which ones are buying the luxury premium traditional utility and that really is a group of people that want something that is effortless and not overly designed aggressively,” Laura Clark, Lincoln Navigator marketing manager, told Ford Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft, in a recent interview. “Also, interior is important for them, that’s why you’ll find interior design is the top purchase reason for us whereas no other vehicle segment has that as a top purchase reason.”

Though Lincoln Navigator sales trail its chief rivals – the Cadillac Escalade and Jeep Grand Wagoneer – it’s clear that the luxury brand is going after a different sort of customer. As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, Lincoln won’t be building a high-performance version of its flagship SUV to battle the new Escalade-V, for example, and chose not to offer a hybrid powerplant in the refreshed 2022 Navigator because its customers didn’t want one.

The Navigator does offer at least one thing that the Escalade does not, however – ventilated rear seats, which is a strange omission in the world of ultra-luxury SUVs. Regardless, those seeking to purchase a new Navigator may have some trouble finding one on a dealer lot right now, as that particular model is only currently available via customer order.

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  1. Jim Groff

    I like my Navigator but now waiting – still- on fix so it doesn’t catch fire and can park it in garage!!! POOR SUPPORT – and when will it get Fixed!!

  2. Larry

    I really like my 2021 Navigator and really want a fix now as I’ve always garaged my cars! I hate leaving it out in the hot sun and especially we have had several recent days of threatening hail storms! Has anyone heard of any specific Navigators catching fire? All I can find on line is references to the Expedition. Finally, it seems really strange that 14 of the 16 fires are from rental companies! Also wondering the average mileage on effected vehicles. Thanks for any information anyone may can share here.

  3. GrussGott

    I been waiting 5 months post-order for my 2022 PW BL L – then on Thursday Ford said, sorry your order is cancelled with the only alternative being a black non-L and no priority guarantee.

    It’s a nice vehicle, but if this is how they treat Black Label customers, then maybe not for me.

  4. Dorothy Lockley

    Stay away from Lincolns .. They are charging a few of $10,000.00 OVER Sticker price.

    1. Dorothy Lockley

      Fee OVER sticker price


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