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Refreshed 2023 Ram 3500 Dually Spotted With New Hood And Mirrors

It appears the Ram division is focused on keeping its core lineup fresh, as the full size van and pickup segments continue to rake in profits for every brand and manufacturer that offers commercial vehicles. As Ford Authority recently outlined, the 2023 Ram ProMaster van model range is slated to receive a host of updates later this year. And now, ahead of an official reveal, it appears the Ram 3500 will get some new additions too, as our photographers spotted a sparsely camouflaged example running around with what appear to be a new hood and some new side mirrors.

2023 Ram

The 2023 Ram 3500 dually spotted by our photographers clearly boasts a new or revised hood, judging by the special wrap, in addition to a new set of mirrors, which are covered with black cloth. Additionally, this particular truck appears to be a Night Edition model. Included with that package are items like black exterior badging, black headlamp bezels, a black grille, tow hooks, black wheel center hubs, and special trailer-tow mirrors, among other equipment.

2023 Ram

This potential 2023 Ram refresh arrives after the 2022 received some substantial updates itself, including the all-new Uconnect 5 infotainment system and a new Trailer 360 View mode that gives owners a bird’s eye and 360 degree view of a connected trailer. Since this Ram dually featured the 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel, it boasted at least 370 horsepower and 850 pound-feet of torque if it was a standard output model or 420 horsepower and 1,075 pound-feet of torque if it had the high output configuration.

2023 Ram

Sales Numbers - Full-Size Mainstream Pickup Trucks - Q1 2022 - USA

MODEL Q1 22 / Q1 21 Q1 22 Q1 21 Q1 22 SHARE Q1 21 SHARE
FORD F-SERIES -31.08% 140,447 203,797 30% 36%
RAM RAM PICKUP -14.59% 127,116 148,836 27% 26%
CHEVROLET SILVERADO -4.33% 121,107 126,591 26% 22%
GMC SIERRA -10.01% 56,617 62,917 12% 11%
TOYOTA TUNDRA +18.34% 22,643 19,134 5% 3%
NISSAN TITAN -14.04% 6,415 7,463 1% 1%
TOTAL -16.60% 474,345 568,738

An updated 2023 Ram truck arriving soon after the 2022 enhancements is easier to understand when looking at sales numbers from the first quarter of this year. While the Ford F-Series is the clear segment leader, the Ram lineup is facing stiff competition from the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, as both trucks outsold it by a decent margin through the first three months of 2022. Additionally, this fiercely contested segment will play host to the 2023 Ford Super Duty lineup soon, as the completely redesigned pickup range is expected to debut later this year. As Ford Authority recently reported, Super Duty prototypes continue to be spotted testing.

We’ll have more on the 2023 Ford Super Duty and its chief rivals soon, so subscribe to Ford Authority for the latest Ford Super Duty news, and continuous Ford news coverage.

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