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Town Near Ford BlueOval City Site Will Not Be Taken Over By Tennessee

While automotive assembly plants are generally good for local communities in terms of creating new jobs and adding infusions of cash into the economy, there are some downsides to these giant facilities as well. That’s precisely why Rivian has been facing serious opposition from the folks that live near the site of its future plant east of Atlanta, Georgia. The under-construction Ford BlueOval City complex has largely gone smoothly thus far and has the support of many local residents surrounding its Tennessee-based location, but it has also reportedly caused some headaches for the town of Mason, according to the Associated Press.

The state of Tennessee was set to take over Mason’s finances due to what it called “years of financial mismanagement,” but the town of roughly 800 citizens has reached a deal that will put a stop to that move. This battle drew national attention due to the fact that Mason is located near the future site of Ford BlueOval City, which is expected to bring thousands of new jobs to the area.

After the state proposed a takeover, Mason officials filed a lawsuit alleging that the Ford plant has created extra scrutiny over the way it handles its finances, and challenged the state’s proposal that Mason would need permission to spend over $100. Under the terms of the settlement, Mason officials must notify the state about any non-payroll expenditures over $1,000, and will also need to file monthly finance reports.

Ford is investing $7 billion in its BlueOval City complex, which is obligated to create over 5,000 jobs in an area that has sorely needed such an economic opportunity for years now.  Construction is already underway at the site following the approval of an $884 million incentive package by the state of Tennessee, while Ford will also fund a nearby stream mitigation and restoration site as part of the deal.

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  1. Lurch

    Mason is also majority black, and its city government used to be majority white. Had the state taken over, it would have created a firestorm.

  2. Hilton graham

    Will existing employee at other plants get a chance to relocate at To the Tenn plant.I am from Jackson and would like to return home.

    1. Tim

      Good luck with that, I don’t think the new plant will be unionized if it is the union has already sold you out because employees already can’t go back to their home plant now!

      1. eddie wilburn

        In the first place,your probly right,and I don’t want know electric stupid vehicle, they cost to much,they should never do away with gasoline cars,it’s all about this sorry administration we got,these toxic dam batteries going to cause bigger problems that gas emissions, just another way for these green deal climate people are going to get rich ,and the lobbyists, ever body can’t afford a electric car, and the government shouldn’t be trying to tell you to change over,the people should have a say so,cause they know nothing about climate change, just like they think they can change it,all this electric cars not going to do nothing,while this country is being destroyed by the green new deal stupidity, while China is taking over this country

  3. Dave Tooke

    Ford needs yo buy their steel from here in the US and not China, then they would have 1 billion back in their profits.


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