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We’ll Be Driving The Ford F-150 Lightning – What Do You Want To Know?

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning just entered production at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center last week, while the first customer deliveries are set to take place this spring. However, we here at Ford Authority are getting the chance to drive the all-new, all-electric pickup at an upcoming Ford drive event, and we want to know what kind of questions you have regarding the first-ever F-150 EV.

The F-150 Lightning proved to be rather popular from the day it was revealed last year, quickly racking up over 200,000 reservations and exceeding both Ford’s expectations and the automaker’s production capacity, prompting it to ramp up the latter to 150,000 units annually by mid-2023. In the meantime, those lucky enough to get their hands on the sold-out 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will be receiving a vehicle that’s more capable than originally expected, as the EV pickup offers more range, horsepower, and payload capacity than FoMoCo’s targeted figures.

The F-150 Lightning will come packed with all sorts of innovative features as well, including Ford’s Intelligent Range function, Onboard Scales, an Android-based infotainment system, a volume knob that doubles as a video game controller, and Ford Intelligent Backup Power, which can power an entire home for up to three days during an outage or up to 10 days when used in conjunction with solar power.

We’ll be spending some time behind the wheel of the Ford F-150 Lightning soon, so if you would like to know more about it, ask your questions in the comments section below, and we’ll reply as soon as we can, as part of our interactive review. We aren’t allowed to answer any questions about this experience until May 11th, however, but we’re curious to hear what you want to know about the first-ever all-electric F-150!

Ready… set… go!

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  1. Samurai

    Do a 0-60 timed run and se how quick it actually is

    1. Samurai


      1. Reply
  2. Rando

    Inquire into and test whether the truck continues to provide full power past 5 seconds of full acceleration (unlike the “boost mode” on the Mache GTPE). A draggy run should provide the data needed to determine if the truck falls on its face after a certain amount of time.

    1. ET

      It’s not made for racing bro. Is that how you drive an ICE pickup? Idiots.

      1. Rando

        Lol! Yep!

  3. Raymond Ramirez

    Charge a Mach-E with power from the Lightning.

  4. Tom Prout

    I’m a 7 year Tesla owner with a Lightning reservation. A NEMA 14-50 charge gives me 30 miles of range per hour in the Tesla, but the Lightning throughput with their NEMA 14-50 mobile charger is only projected to be 20 miles of range per hour. Likewise with the 80 amp Ford charger throughput is similarly limited. My request is that you test actual charging times with both their 50amp (40 amp), and their 100 amp (80 amp) chargers and report accurate results. Thank you.

  5. Steven Hudson

    What is the range without a load in the bed?

  6. Tom Prout

    “My request is that you test actual charging THROUGHPUT… “

  7. Jargo

    Will future builds include 4-wheel steering (like Silverado) and 400+ mile range (also like Silverado)?

  8. Mike

    Electric vehicle range is less than EPA estimates on interstate highway driving. I’m interested in the vehicle range at 75 miles an hour.

  9. John Y

    Does the Lightning have a heat pump (unlikely), and if it doesn’t when will Ford incorporate such a thing (and increase the range just like they did with my Tesla Model Y). What is the payload capacity of the Platinum (or a guess of what it is?)?

  10. Steve

    Will there be a standard cab version?

    1. Alex Luft

      Ford doesn’t discuss future product plans, but I don’t believe this will happen. They need the added length of the cab and bed for the battery.

  11. Dexter Young

    I expect a lot of Lightning owners will keep their trucks until battery life is nearing its end. Will Ford have any extended warranty or incentives for loyal owners to get batteries replaced?



  12. Roger Moncrief

    I just want to know one thing. Since the 320vdc battery in my otherwise pristine 2008 Mercury Mariner went bad a few years ago thus requiring a tow to the dealer to get it running again, I would like to know if Ford has any plans to offer replacement batteries for these trucks and all the other battery powered vehicles Ford is planning for the future. The dealer told me to take my wonderful Mariner to the junk yard and forget about it. It was less than 12 years old at the time. The only only batteries available were from other junked Mariners and their batteries would be just as old and as unreliable as mine was. I suspect no one has even thought about this. Ten years or 100,000 miles is not enough for some of us especially since the way my Mariner was manufactured it didn’t matter if the 12 volt battery was fully charged. When the old 320 volt battery went down that was the end of the road for it. It wouldn’t start. If Ford has no plans for replacement batteries 10 years from now you can be certain this lifelong Ford owner will never buy one.

  13. Dennis

    What will be the battery replacement/maintenance cost, home charging costs, insurance cost, limitations on where and how much charging places are. I’d like to see the devils advocate side to this. It’s all great and rosy now, but???

  14. Jim

    I’m a Ford family member and been buying them for 50 years. My first one was 1966 Mustang with leather pony seats, etc.

    What is the Lightnings GVWR, GCWR, torque and towing distance?

    1. chip66

      My first car was a ’66 Mustang. Unfortunately, leather was not an option. All vinyl.

  15. Patrick Bell

    Regarding the 2022 MY Lightning, how does it handle off-road and boat ramp situations?

    If you’re also getting to interview someone from Ford, what improvements should we expect for the 2023 model year? Additional paint/interior color options? More (or less) standard features? Thanks!

  16. Gil

    Some 1/4 tests on a drag strip ,other times if you can,and using the drag strips timing light,not the trucks.

  17. Larry

    Why is it all the EV vehicles have really funky looking wheels. Can’t they be swapped out with a nice looking Method wheel.

  18. John Bender

    Will milk be made available to us?

  19. Sam

    What is the energy consumption at 75 mph? If I wanted to get a generator to put in the back for long trips.

  20. Jim

    I don’t drive fast anymore. I don’t like to. Reflex time isn’t like I was younger. 60-65mph on interstate, 50mph tops on other roads. Air conditioning above 75 degrees. What’s the range? Do you fully charge battery to 100%? Thanks bunch.

  21. Gerry

    How in a family emegency, with this as your only vehicle,would you make a 600 mile trip happen?

  22. Marcus

    How does towing truly effect the range?
    And does enroute charging make sense while towing a trailer—can you even pull up to a charging station with a trailer attached?
    I don’t think I can give up my ICE F-150 until towing range is on par.

  23. Ken

    I’d like to know If and when the the Aux. gas generator will be available to mount in the box of our
    lightening we ordered We realize this is not pulling
    truck like ICE trucks but would be handy to use from time to time for odd jobs around the farm. To utilize this beautiful thing i cant see it without that onboard fuel powered generator being integrated right into the system…

  24. john

    so you have a new Lightning and want to drive it from Minneapolis to Phoenix…how would you see that trip going many days ….how many nights ….how many charging stops and for how long..what do estimate charging to cost…just trying to compare it with making the same trip in a gas f150..thanks

  25. Alfred Gipson

    Tell us about the range numbers and percentage you see while driving the lightning.


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