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2021 Ford Bronco 2.7L V6 EcoBoost Owners File Petitions With NHTSA

As Ford Authority reported back in January, it seems that a number of 2021 Ford Bronco owners are having problems with their twin-turbocharged 2.7L V6 EcoBoost powerplants, which are generally caused by valve-related issues. Now, three 2021 Ford Bronco owners have filed petitions seeking an investigation into these issues with Ford’s 2.7L V6 EcoBoost while 12 others have filed complaints related to that matter, according to Car Complaints. In some cases, these issues have reportedly led to total engine failure.

Ford Bronco

“Was driving my son to school, maybe 30 mph when all of a sudden I heard some clicking noises from the engine,” one complaint reads. “The power dropped and I was barely able to pull over to the side of the busy road out of harm’s way. Engine dead. Only warning lights I got were a forward sensor failure and then a message telling me to pull over put it in park and restart. I tried but I was not able to restart, the starter fired but didn’t seem to engage with anything. Got towed to the dealer. Dealer confirmed a dropped valve and engine failure. Awaiting a replacement engine.”

“After 625 miles the low engine oil pressure alert came on. Had vehicle towed to dealership. After inspection they stated the engine will need to be replaced. It has now been two months and I’m still waiting for my vehicle to be repaired,” another owner said.

The petitions are requesting a formal investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) into the 2021 Ford Bronco and its 2.7L V6 EcoBoost powerplant to determined if the valves and/or the engines themselves are defective. The NHTSA is currently evaluating the petitions and complaints to determine if an official investigation should be opened into the matter, though the agency has not released any further details on this process as of yet.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Jason Bond

    Gee, I can’t wait to see the lawsuits from eventual BEV FORD products. They can’t even keep their existing engines working.

    1. Joe

      Mach E FB page is full of owners with issues. You are 100% correct.

    2. Crabbymilton

      Exactly Jason. Don’t forget that the 2.7 seems to be the favorite for many in the F150 so you can almost be certain that this is hardly the end. Is the BRONCO available with another engine?

    3. Nonspecific Motors

      This is why Jeep is still around…#ShouldaBoughtAJeep

    4. Nonspecific Motors

      Joe Biden says trade in your Ford Bronco and your 9mm handgun for a Mach-E and some pepper spray. “Folks don’t need all of this excess”. -Brandon

  2. MalibuRam

    Toyota Nissan Honda is the way to go unfortunately

    1. Dan

      I read that Honda has a lot of recalls. No idea for what.

      1. LanceMitsuba

        Honda tech here. It’s just minor stuff. Like the Crvs and Hrvs have a fuel pump recall…don’t even have to drop the tank. 2016-2017 Accords have a headlight TSB…LED strip dead. Pilots Passports and Ridgelines have hood vibration issue…just install spacer plate between striker and hood (pays .4 hours but takes 45 seconds LMAO!!) A major one would be some Hrvs have CVT issues and some of the 10 speeds in Odysseys. Cool thing with Honda is they have a no BS process…if you say it’s bad, just replace it and Honda pays for it, no drama. The reason Honda seems to have a lot of recalls and TSBs is because they actually care, unlike some American manufacturers that have proven numerous times throughout history they don’t until the lawsuits start piling up.

        1. Barry

          LOL….You conveniently failed to mention how the CRV has GASOLINE GETTING INTO THE OIL.. thus creating serious premature engine wear due to improper lubrication…not to mention additional pressure on seals etc…. and nice smell of gasoline in the cabin while driving…..

    2. Nonspecific Motors

      Don’t worry, this Bronco will go the way of Toyota, the Toyota FJ Cruiser that is.

  3. JT

    I have had two 2.7L F150 that I leased. Never had and issue with either one. My first one my 2018 got abused. From pulling heavy trailers to off reading. Never had an issue. It almost had 40k on it when I got rid of it. So it could be a bad batch of valves/keepers or human error do to trying to produce so many do to high demand. We will just see what happens. Hopefully they will get it squared away. Every car manufacturer has its problems at one time or another.

    1. Nonspecific Motors

      Instead of leasing two 2.7s, just buy one 5.4.

      1. Crabbymilton

        Hehe. They should have left the 4.6 and 5.4 in place. I mean FORD can’t seem to bring a new component to market without a multitude of troubles. Make sure it’s right first.

      2. Ford550guy

        Just crawled out from under your rock or just STUMP DUMB? Ford hasn’t built the 5.4 in say what? 10 years or better…Straighten up and fly right…..

        1. Crabbymilton

          Well golly gee Elwood I didn’t know that. You mean they don’t build the MODEL T anymore either? The point is that they always discontinue things that work and replace it with garbage. BOEING does that too.

        2. driver

          somebody missed the joke

    2. Jukka

      It’s “due” idiot.

  4. Paul

    I have. A ford 150 2018 with a 2.7 twin turbos I have now 200,000 miles its running better than brand new. I get avg 23 mpg and get hwy 24 mpg.
    I have a delivery business. Carry as much as 1000# almost every day. I travel up 300 miles a day. 6 days a week no problems. I use
    Mobile one full synthetic high mileage
    Change the oil every 6000 miles
    Transmission every 60,000 miles I just changed it for the 3 rd time. Runs perfect I did all the maintenance required. They must have a defective valves and or engine. I highly recommend this engine it gets the best mpg of any truck I have own !!!
    I have own 2003 ranger and 2007 ranger. Plus 3 f 150 q 4.6 v 8 and 3.7 v 6 and this one 2.7v 6. Got over 300,00 miles Before trading in F 150 were 2009 and 2013 plus now 2018 v6 2.7
    I am happy with my truck ok 👍

    1. Nonspecific Motors

      Mileage isn’t as important as engine hours, just sayin’.

  5. Paul

    Page 2
    I also use Z Max A friction modifier and RXP a gas additive to keep my valves clean. I change my antifreeze every year!!!
    Everyone must keep your maintenance completed !!
    If you are wondering I only Own Fords because they are dependable !!!
    I don’t work for the Ford corporation!!!
    I own my own Delivery Business!!!

  6. David M

    I’ve had three Fords in a row. All of them have been absolutely trouble free. Have never used the factory or extended warranties. I always get the money for the warranty back when I trade them in. I don’t go more than 5000 miles on oil changes I do myself(Mobil 1 EP).

    1. Michael Bol

      I’m not sure regular oil changes are going to help this particular defect

  7. Fards

    I have a 2.7 in my fusion, it’s an awesome motor. These early failures are defects. Fix your mistake Ford and make it right for these people who spent allot of money for these vehicles.

    1. Nonspecific Motors

      It’s awesome in your Fusion because the Fusion is an economy car. The 2.7 is an economy engine. See the correlation?

  8. crabbymilton

    I don’t deny that there are many later FORD products out there that have had little to no trouble. But we must remember that perception does become reality. All of these little things are really starting to add up for FORD. This latest on the 2.7 is going to make some nervous. Yes…FORD, get your crap together.

  9. Nonspecific Motors

    Telling Ford to get it together is like telling a redneck to quit driving a Chevrolet truck just because his daddy did. It won’t happen bud.

  10. Fred

    This is just typical Ford. The quality of Ford vehicles has been steadily declining since around the time Mulally took over. “Profits now, recalls later” is still very much alive at Ford.

    They build junk and warranty claims being double GM proves that.

    1. Dan Haines

      Fred, I have. 06 V8 mustang with over 100k no eng problems. My 08Tahoe with it’s defective valves due to its AFM system. Chevy is still sending out 5.3 engines with this defect. Do even mention Dodge and there quality issues.

  11. Chris D.

    These failures are related to a batch of defective valves sent from the supplier (as previously mentioned ). It sucks that it gives Ford a black eye, just as the crappy hardtop issue did, but this is not a 2.7 EB design flaw. This is where customer service comes in. Ford needs to do right by these owners, and go over and above to makeup for their troubles.

    1. crabbymilton

      It’s on FORD since they chose the lousy suppliers. The customer doesn’t care about that nor who the CEO is or the conditions of the employee restrooms. They want the stupid thing to work since they paid hard earned money.

      1. Chris D.

        Obviously the end product is their responsibility. Never said it wasn’t. And that’s why they need to do right for those affected. As for the supplier however, I have no inside knowledge of their historical quality do you? It’s easy to generalize and call them lousy and blame Ford for picking them, but this kind of thing happens throughout the industry. GM had the exact same valve problem back in 2020, which impacted all V-8’s in all model lines. It’s just a very unfortunate situation for Ford, made worse because it’s affecting the much hyped Bronco.

        1. Crabbymilton

          My ‘04 GRAND MARQUIS never had an engine valve problem and I only remember one recall and that was for the headlights. I had that car from new until November of last year and it was truly the best most reliable car I had. So why did FORD get the idea to change what worked?

  12. philip tilley

    I think it is very sad for the owner’s, but it’s not the vehicle’s fault, I don’t understand why Ford takes so long to replace these Engine’s , I think it’s a lovely vehicle, I would love to own one.

  13. Gary

    My 2.7 runs great aside the fact that it loses power on the highway a few times a year. Runs fine after restart. I heard it’s the variable valves switching too much and glitch the system. Sometimes it happens if I change the gas pedal position too many times

  14. Michael Bol

    Where do their get their engineers, testers, products, quality control? Once in a while every company can put out something that was missed, but now this, on top of the recent Ford Expedition and Explorer problems, you start to wonder. And how many Ford vehicles use that same engine, this might get messy

  15. Crabbymilton

    If they were still building the CROWN VICTORIA, there’s a good chance that the 2.7 would have been the standard engine. Perhaps it good that it’s long discontinued than to ruin that car with a now questionable engine.

  16. Paul

    Have you driven a Ford lately!

    1. Crabbymilton

      Yes. My work van is a 2016 FORD TRANSIT CONNECT.

  17. Mary Barra Fan Club

    Ford copies GM…

    GM copies Ford…

    When Ford was Killing Americans and Incinerating them, whether they wanted to cremated or not, GM decided they should start Killing Americans too. GM displayed their ingenuity by designing a Killer Ignition – it worked solidly Killing Americans for a decade. Interestingly, neither Ford nor GM ever even tried to Kill Europeans, just Americans.

    Now since GM has been selling Self-destructing Engines, Disintegrating Wheels, Faulty Airbags, Peeling Paint, Ford figures why not sell Self-destructing Engines too…

    Get original, please.

  18. Michael

    This is probably due to the fact that Ford is spinning off the ICE division and concentrating on the e division, and between the neglect of the ICE division, loss of ICE employees in critical positions, lack of supervision of suppliers, and maybe supplies thinking they can take advantage of this situation, this happened, and is liable to keep happening.

  19. DMFD

    They should have never canceled the Fusion Hybrid. I have a 2016 with 118k miles and have had absolutely no problems with this car. It’s sad that the Bronco can’t make it 626 miles without needing an engine, but Ford obviously doesn’t like money or they wouldn’t have cancelled their most reliable vehicle ever built.

  20. Craig

    CEO Hackett certainly left a hack job of a mark on the company. From what I can tell QC was completely “hacked” since Explorer, Mach-E, Bronco (engine) and all these were part of the shareholders pulling on hackjob.

  21. Tom

    Yeah, i have a 2012 Fusion with the horrendous ‘ twin dry clutch automatic’ that I’ve been fighting with for the past 2 or 3 yrs.
    I only hope my 2.0 turbo 4 cyl direct injection doesn’t coke up the valves, how come they can’t figure this out before releasing the vehicle for sale, computer design!? Phooooooey 🤔😲😡

  22. Jim Colt

    2007 Ford 350 4 door 4wd 8 foot bed diesel. 96k miles. It looks brand new. I love it. I’m old it should last me the rest of my life.


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