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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Adds Multicontour Seat Removal Option

Over the past several months, a number of Ford vehicles have seen certain non-critical features removed temporarily as the automaker continues to battle various supply chain issues. The purpose of this is to speed up deliveries in a time when many have been waiting months or even well over a year for their new vehicle. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that this list has grown to include the recently-launched 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, too.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning production has been updated with a Multicontour seat removal option, though at the moment, it’s unclear if trucks that were previously slated to receive this particular feature will be required to add the option. Rather, it seems as if this option is merely a way for customers and/or dealers to speed up the delivery of their trucks by removing the Multicontour seat feature. This change only affects Platinum-trimmed F-150 Lightning pickups, which come with Multicontour seats as standard equipment.

As Ford Authority reported last month, the Ford F-150 is among the main models awaiting semiconductor chips, and that particular pickup has also seen a number of features removed in recent months in an effort to circumvent those shortages. That includes Max Recline Seats, which were recently dropped from the 2022 F-150 lineup, as well as one package and both navigation options – the Ford Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 package (option code 43B), plus Connected Navigation and Connected Built-In Navigation.

The F-150 isn’t alone in that regard, as 2022 Ford Bronco dealer stock orders are also losing Connected Navigation and Connected Built-In Navigation. Meanwhile, a large number of 2022 Ford F-150 Lighting pickups were recently spotted piling up by Ford Authority spies at the automaker’s Dearborn Development Center test track, a familiar sight in recent years.

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  1. Mike Kahrhoff

    Nope I would be willing to wait for the complete Platinum Truck !!!!
    Otherwise it’s not Platinum …. Right ???

  2. Patrick Bell

    When you say “removed temporarily” do you mean the removed multicontour seat option will be added back to the vehicle once the chip supply issue is resolved, or does it mean future vehicles will have that option again and those that lost that option are S.O.L.?

  3. Keith

    Is this affecting Lincoln with the multi contour seats as well?

  4. David Ray

    Does Maverick lariat have a drop option for a sprayed in bed liner ?


    Pure Garbage!!

  6. J A Dynowski

    Wow i can not believe the blue oval has really lost their ability to respect their once loyal customers by giving up their quality control format. im seeing Ford loosing their reputation as being America’s leading car company very sad to see i am sure Henry Ford is rolling over in his grave his visionary of building a quality affordable safe vehicles for all people now Ford has shown it’s all about profit & the money junk motors bad transmission unable to steer the vehicles putting the people at risk of death ??? Shameful i guess we are stuck buying a vehicle that is no longer an american car company but still claims to be ha ha. Chrysler Dodge who owens them? Ford you have lost your ability to take care of the american people that made you the company you are today i am trading in my ford truck for a dodge ram at least their is some quality in this non american manufacture sad Ford will be loosing customers because of greed


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