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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Frame: Live Photo Gallery

Production and deliveries of the all-new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning are both well underway at this point, with the very first customers currently experiencing the electrified future of the venerable F-Series pickup. The F-150 Lightning has also received hefty praise from those that have driven it – we here at Ford Authority included – thanks to its impressive range, capabilities, and performance. Much of that can be attributed to what lies underneath the proverbial skin of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, which was on full display at a recent media drive event, where Ford Authority was able to check out the EV pickup’s underpinnings up close.

Here, we can see the inner workings of the F-150 Lightning in all their glory, which starts up front with an electric motor protected by a beefy looking skid plate. The motor is flanked by a coilover suspension at all four corners, while the Lightning’s massive battery pack resides in the middle.

Speaking of skid plates, those pieces are employed not only to protect the front and rear electric motors on the F-150 Lightning, but also the battery pack. As Ford Authority reported back in February, every Lightning pickup comes standard with these skid plates, which are designed to protect the truck’s vital parts from damage caused by off-roading or various other obstacles or objects.

Additionally, the Lightning’s battery pack is also protected by a special crossmember designed and built by BASF and L&L Products, while another supplier – Magna – provides the truck’s battery enclosures, which are the lightest aluminum battery enclosures currently on the market and are also the very first to be used on a work truck – the Lightning Pro.

Moving around the back, we can see that the F-150 Lightning is equipped with a full-size spare, which is something that truck owners generally cite as a necessary feature, particularly as many are used on job sites, where things like nails and screws are abundant. Thus, Ford was keen to figure out a way to keep the full-size spare even with a massive battery pack and two electric motors taking up residence underneath.

Aside from those components, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning frame looks much like one we’d find underneath a regular, ICE-powered F-150, save for the unique wheels, of course. However, as Ford Authority reported back in April, the F-150 Lightning is assembled in a totally unique way, with autonomous sleds taking the place of traditional assembly lines.

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  1. Ford Owner

    Being such a compact frame saves assembly time and cost, so the basic F -150 Lightning can start at a low $40,000 price range. I doubt any other truck maker (GM, Ram, Rivian, and Tesla) can do this better and for a lest cost.

  2. Michael J Genzale

    One man’s opinion, this one. I believe Ford is wise in styling the EV F to look like it’s gas breathers. May not be the best aerodynamic design, but not alienating like some other EV PUs like the Tesla. Exceptance of the EV PU will be evolutionary, not revolutionary.

    1. Dee Hart

      Ford’s head idiot has already stated that the EV truck styling is going to take a hard left from its current form… I believe that goes for the Explorer, Ranger, ETC as well…

      1. Everyday Patriot

        I’m sure you’ll agree that a big benefit of living in the United States of America means that no one will force you to buy something you apparently don’t want.

        At least, I hope you’ll agree with that. I don’t know where you live or what your nationality is, but Americans like the freedom and liberty to spend our hard-earned money for our families’ transportation needs as we see fit. I’m sorry if you don’t have that, too.

        Hopes and Prayers for you…..

  3. Stephen J Derbawka

    Can you imagine a new Dukes of Hazard series, this time with a Lightning chassis instead of the incredible Panther.

  4. Chuck Poole

    How is the spare tire on the F150-E protected from theft? Is there some kind of lock?

  5. John edinger

    I totally understand alternative energy sources and newer technology but all that comes with a price and at 60,000 80,000 90,000 for a truck, really! All it is, is a status symbol. Who in the middle class to lower class could afford this when putting food on the table or a roof over your head or helping out family in times of need is a priority rather then buying a pop can on wheels. Might be great for someone who wants in debt who makes more than 60,000 a year paying 600 to 900 a month to go to work and stores, I would take the older gas trucks any day, I think there built better and safer, heavier body easier to work on, I’ve seen accidents between older trucks and newer trucks and let me tell you the older ones people walk away from, the newer ones, well let’s hope they can walk. I’m a realist on life I help others and do without so it may not be for everyone and I’m just speaking my own opinion and not to offend anyone but the newer truck would not be a choice for me.

  6. George Wagner

    I like John sometimes question young engineers who possibly could be put on a new project like an electric vehicle. Hopefully Ford has put their best people on this project knowing that just one minor mistake could send volumes of negative feedback into the marketplace in a very short period of time. So in my opinion Ford must know that they cannot do this again like they did with their 6.0 Diesel more than a dozen years back in time. This project has to be right the first time and hopefully it will be.? If I buy a new Ford F150 EV, I have no intentions of working on it, especially at my age and I am an experienced shade tree mechanic, don’t forget the tree. Actually I have owned a run several shops successfully over the years. But we must resolve this issue forced onto us by incompetent political lack of leadership. The different options about the pipeline may vary, but we do know that there is not a fuel shortage. There is a brain functioning shortage and their should have been proper incentives in place to cause people to want to go to alternative energy. But not destroy our economy while doing so. I will consider an EV truck, if it is properly backed up and the warranty is adequate. But not so much by force or that I am an environmentalist, but because it is common sense. I don’t like paying extremely high fuel prices. I’m not pleased with a government that thinks they own the people. We the people own the government in the United States of America.!!
    God bless America.!!

    1. Ford Owner

      Remember that ‘America ‘ is more than just the United States. It includes all the nations from Canada to Chile.


    This a breakthrough, the new lightning f-series seems to be a tremendous success in the years ahead. Seeing the pictures I take it for granted ; that this truck is impelled by a front wheel drive set up. But with weak currencies in different parts of the world, I think it won ‘ t be rather affordable in the short run.


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