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2022 Ford Focus Production To Be Substantially Reduced This Year

The Blue Oval, like all other automakers, has been ravaged by the ongoing microchip shortage, a crisis that may subside by 2023 but not fully recede until several years from now. As Ford Authority has repeatedly outlined, the parts shortage is impacting production of virtually every vehicle in the company’s lineup, including the freshly launched 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning. But in Europe, it seems the shortage may be prompting the company to rethink its continued production of long running nameplates before its EV pivot, as Automotive News Europe heard from officials that 2022 Ford Focus production is expected to be reduced by September.

2022 Ford Focus

According to the report, 2022 Ford Focus production at the Saarlouis Assembly plant is expected to be substantially reduced on August 29th, 2022. It appears this latest change is not just a response to the microchip shortage but rather a permanent adjustment, while the company figures out if the plant will be part of the automaker’s future. In fact, the Valencia Assembly plant may also be shuttered as the continent will see seven new Ford EVs by 2024, all coming from other plants in the region. Consumer preferences have likely played a large role in this recent decision too, as the Ford Focus has taken a backseat to the Ford Puma, as the subcompact crossover is now a consistent top 10 best seller in the region.

In fact, the 2022 Ford Focus isn’t the only passenger car in Ford’s European lineup to face an uncertain future. As Ford Authority reported in April, the Ford Fiesta three door will go the way of the dodo bird soon as small car sales in Europe continue to decline. Additionally, the Ford Cologne Assembly plant is currently being revamped to support EV production, although Ford hasn’t officially revealed the products slated to be produced at that facility.

2022 Ford Focus

While 2022 Ford Focus production may never recover after the future production cut, there is a possibility that the Saarlouis Assembly plant live to fight another day. The Blue Oval recently announced its decision to spend just under $4 billion into three American plants to better prepare them for an electrified future. Additionally, a Ford designer is on record saying that a fully electric Ford Focus is currently in the works. Either way, we’ll likely know more about the compact’s future when the company announces its plans for the plant later this year.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Peter

    I’ve left already many times a comment stating that Ford of Europe is in a really bad state. Once leader, Ford has slipped back as a ‘loser’ month by month, even the Puma is losing market share. The Focus, once a popular car has to compete against EV, plug-in, hybride competitors! Unfortunately, Ford has no answer. No answer to Mondeo/Fusion drivers. Wake up Ford, bring Chinese cars as the Evos to Europe and do NOT give Amko Leenarts (does this guy actually work?), the CEO and CFO a fixed salary, but one that depends on every sold Ford vehicle in Europe. Don’t think that they will stay long but otherwise, which other car manufacturer would even bother to hire them? NO ONE!

  2. NN

    Bad move Meanwhile Toyota Corolla is the world’s best selling car. Ten years ago the Ford Focus was the world’s best-selling car.

    1. NN

      Okay, but there are mistakes and bad strategy too.

      Reality due to a bad strategy by Ford Europe. The reality right now is VW Golf best selling car in Europe, Corolla a succes right now in Europe, like Peugeot 208, Clio, Yaris…and all this models are not SUV /Crossovers.

      Fortunately, Ford vans are a success in Europe.

      But Ford Europe’s current strategy is wrong, and every year they lose market share and even profit.

      It is absurd not to support the Ford Focus, it would still be as successful as it was in 2019 or 2020, and a decade ago. Meanwhile Ford Europe every year lose market share and even profit.

  3. Nose

    Ford Focus and Kuga use the same platform. Ford Focus needs a PHEV version like the current Kuga PHEV. And a EV version on the way joining the Puma EV.

  4. My Goodness...

    Ford Europe is totally wrong. The VW Golf was the best-selling car in Europe last year, the Peugeot 208 and the Toyota Corolla are a success right now, also the Clio, Yaris, Octavia (no SUV models).

    In 2019 and 2020 the Ford Focus was TOP 10 sales in Europe. I’m sure the Focus could continue in the TOP 10 right now.

    Maybe the chip shortage is just an excuse.

    1. Robinson-Constantin Chera

      Yeah, but it’s not fair for the Focus buyers, if Fords wants to do this, announce us , cancel the sale for the car, and we’ll go to other brands , it’s not acceptable to wait for a car 1.5 year…If I’ll not have the car in march 2023, I’ll lose 3000 euro, and who’s gonna give me that money? Definitely not Ford…
      I’m really disappointed in what Ford’s doing, and I would go to purchase another car if the dealer would return the money for the car.

  5. Michael stinton

    My new focus st left the factory on May 5 and it is stuck in Dagenham don’t no why mick stinton malvern

  6. aldo iannucci

    è inutile parlare in questo momento particolare in cui la crisi ingloba tutto , la domanda da fare alla Ford per aumentare i profitti è cosa aspetta a sostituire la ford Ecosport con un modello PHEV anche a 4 rute motrici , visto che in Europa questi modelli spopolano.
    La Ecosport attuale sebbene datata e mancante di diversi accessori per la sicurezza aveva un suo mercato non certo paragonabile alla concorrenza, per cui è giunto il momento del nuovo modello.

  7. Raymond Jolly

    I ordered a Focus ST, delayed to Sept.
    Found one from a different dealer that was supposed to be delivered last week, no call from them yet.
    Either way it will probably be the last new Ford I buy as I don’t want an SUV/crossover. I love my Hatches and Ford seem to be giving up on them.


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