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2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Performs Well With Heavy Payload: Video

The 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid remains a hot commodity in today’s market after far exceeding The Blue Oval’s expectations for the thrifty, inexpensive pickup. Routinely one of the most considered electrified vehicles on the market, the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid has also earned its fair share of accolades and even compared favorably against non-traditional rivals such as the Honda Civic. Aside from being easy to maintain, the Maverick Hybrid also performs quite well while hauling a heavy payload in this video from YouTuber John of the jmc600 channel, too.

In the clip, John has around 850 total pounds in the Maverick Hybrid, which includes him, his family, and some various gear stashed in the bed of the pickup. That’s a bit less than the truck’s max payload rating of 1,450 pounds, but it’s a decent amount of weight, regardless. Making things even more interesting, John drives his loaded Maverick up what is known as Lookout Pass on I-90 in Idaho crossing into Montana, which puts a bit more stress on the pickup.

Even with that much weight in the bed, John is still averaging 35.9 miles-per-gallon, which is pretty solid given the truck’s 33 rating on the highway. He’s traveling at 65 miles-per-hour as well, though you can hear the engine a bit as it works to move the Maverick up the 5,000 feet of elevation.

John eventually puts his pickup in tow/haul mode, and it doesn’t break a proverbial sweat making its way up the steeper grade. He switches it back to normal mode on the way down to utilize regenerative braking, after fuel economy drops just a tad to around 34 miles-per-gallon on the way up. Regardless, the Maverick Hybrid performs admirably, as one would expect, even with some extra weight in the bed climbing up a fairly steep road at speed.

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  1. Ken Koehl

    My hybrid Maverick has been on order since the beginning of September 2021, and other than an initial confirmation of the order from Ford…no updates as to whether it is actually going to be built! In 10 months why can’t there be some feedback from Ford????,

  2. Richard Floersheim

    We have not seen one Ford Maverick yet on the highways of New Mexico…We are interested in the truck but can’t go anywhere to see one…What can we do to see one?

    Richard Floersheim
    [email protected]
    PO Box 364
    Tularosa, NM 88352

    1. Ray

      Listen to the road test podcast at Farm Machinery Digest.

  3. Bob

    Ordered my Maverick in July 2021. Still waiting for it. Quite a frustrating experience. The dealer has never called me , I had to reach out to Ford. My hold check was cashed the next day, but never a text. Ford . Just guess what each letter stands for..

  4. Maryann

    Ken, be patient … the wait will absolutely be worth it🎉 Our Maverick
    Hybrid Lariat, on order 7/21 and delivered 4/22 is better than we ever
    expected. The Lariat fit-out is a mini-model of our 2005 F-150 (staying in the family) and the power of this rascal is amazing. I’m getting 43mpg around city streets and on a 40-mile fwy trip, it only dropped to 37mpg.
    The turn radius and quiet efficiency can’t be beat. Ford will send you an email with the VIN, anticipated production and delivery timeline when available. You won’t be disappointed👏🏻

    1. Ray

      I recorded between 52 mpg to 55 mpg on my Farm Machinery Digest Radio rural test route of 42 miles and 47 mpg on my 275 mile highway test route. FWD Lariat with the luxury package.

  5. Denny Mac

    Morning, well my Saga continues! I ordered my 2022 Maverick Lariat on 6/15/21, was built 04/19/22 and was shipped to Northern Cal. So far my delivery been changed three times from Mexico. Supposedly its in a storage area in the SF Bay area. I expected delivery by Fathers Day, but it was delayed again. But my dealer called me to explain, while in transit or storage a group of professional thief’s removed 50 to 100 Catalytic Converters from these trucks etc. and mine was one of them. Bad news those converters our on Back Order. I sure hope these comments do come true, ” its worth the wait”

    1. Dee Hart

      Security is Job One

    2. Maryann

      Patience is it’s own reward 😅 Hang in there as we did 🙂 I topped off
      the 13+ gal/gas tank yesterday, after 2 mo local driving (6.4G @ $6.59G 🥵 for $42) compared to similar top off in our Toyota Highlander which would have been $80+ at these gas prices. I can see what the monthly savings will be, if and when gas costs finally settles down.

  6. Darren

    I got a call from my dealer yesterday saying that Ford has stopped production Mavericks until further notice. He also suggested me to start looking for another vehicle from Ford. I told him I’m not quitting after waiting for 10 months. Car dealers instructed by corporation asking us simply purchase another vehicle?

  7. Dominic LaMarra

    I ordered mine November 3rd. I call the dealer every couple weeks. The status has changed and I’m told that they have all the options to be built. I’ve been skeptical about this whole ordeal, but I have to much time invested waiting for it. I’ll just have to keep driving my old Ranger, but I’d really like to have my Maverick, especially with the price of gas!

  8. Ray

    I put 1,800 pounds in the bed of an EcoBoost FWD XL for my road test podcast.

  9. Elizabeth

    When will I be able to order a Maverick hybrid?

    1. Sandy

      August 16, 2022…same day as me.

  10. Bill Byrne

    YEA !! maybe some day we will drive the one we ordered over 8 months ago !!


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