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2022 Ford Maverick Lariat Looks Pretty Great With Off-Road Tires, Lift Kit

With plenty of 2022 Ford Maverick owners modifying those pickups in a variety of different ways, a forthcoming slew of new variants seems like a foregone conclusion at this point. As Ford Authority exclusively reported over a year ago, a more rugged version of the Maverick is in the works, perhaps a Tremor or Timberline model, while Ford hasn’t ruled out either on- or off-road focused versions of the compact pickup, either. Judging by how good this 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat owned by Gene Santiago looks, the latter of those two offerings sure seems like it would have a lot of appeal.

Santiago has enhanced his Area 51 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat in a number of ways, starting with a Rough Country two-inch lift kit to give it a little extra ground clearance for a rather modest retail price of $199.95. The lift kit comes with front upper strut spacers made from steel and finished in black powder coating, along with pre-load spacers and rear coil spring spacers and takes around 3-4 hours to install.

That lift kit makes room for a larger set of wheels and tires as well, and that’s precisely what Santiago went with next – a set of satin black Reika R20 Teton wheels measuring 17×8 inches with a +20 offset. The traditional five-spoke design looks great on the 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat and adds more of a rugged appearance to the mix while also filling out the wheel wells. The new wheels are wrapped in similarly beefy-looking Mickey Thompson Deep Digger tires measuring 265/70.


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Those few modifications certainly transform the look of the Maverick completely, giving it more of a truck-like stance befitting of, well, a truck, even if this one doesn’t feature traditional body-on-frame construction.

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  1. Michael

    An expensive all show and no go.

  2. Allen Williams

    So much for the 40 mpg…

    1. Mark

      Exactly right. For non hybrid owners that want even less mpg, but a pumped look, this may work. But hybrid owners are enjoying the least expensive 40 mpg NEW truck you can buy. At $6+ per gallon, and about $1,000 saved on new wheels and tires, the hybrid Maverick owners are putting money in the bank. Nice to see Ford pushing technology into the truck would. Yea!!!! Go Ford!

  3. Ken Wilson

    Whatever the owner wants I think it looks bad ass if didn’t have a hybrid I might he copying you I dig it happy trails

  4. Gary Lawson

    I won’t buy another Ford product my Ford Edge has been in the I-77 Dutch Miller Ford Dealership Garage for over 3 mo waiting on parts and still can’t get them.

    1. John K

      You are not alone waiting for parts. This is happening to all automakers and not only Ford. I have a friend that has been waiting for fuel injectors on warranty job since january. This is for a Genesis GV80.
      This is a global problem that we all have to endure. Good luck to you!

  5. Gabe

    2022 Ford Maverick Lariat Looks Pretty Great With Off-Road Tires, Lift Kit

    Counterpoint: does it? You guys don’t see work truck with off-road tires?

  6. Al B

    This Maverick looks great! Though having said that, all Mavericks look great, and most vehicles with larger-than-stock wheels/tires (within reason) look better too. For example, put wider wheels/tires on the original Maverick car from the 70s and it looks really cool too.

  7. DrG

    9 months waiting for my Maverick to be born but they are suggesting it might now be 18 months!

  8. Rudy Koop

    Maverick is all talk and no show. Ford can’t fill peoples orders. I ordered one (Jan 2022) and don’t even know if it is in cue to be built. With that being said Ford needs to quit advertising vehicles that they can’t build or orders they can’t fill.

    1. Waiting

      Son ordered on in Oct 21 and still has no idea of when it will be hatched.

  9. MM

    Be nice if Ford has a ’23 Sport ST model Maverick w 18″ wheel options for the Maverick also add single add options(don’t have to get package): Leather Seats , Leather Heated Seats, FogLights! Be nice they make some in the U.S. too!

    1. MM

      Maybe also have option for AWD on both gas + hybrid? Fog lights! tell me a Ford truck (or any American) that doesn’t have them!

  10. jay johnson

    To BAD Ford messed up the body and never made the rear wheel centered in the well, stock its very little but the bigger the tire the more the wheel gets closed to the front, looks Horrible, Kills my OCD.. CAnt believe the Engineers Never noticed that

  11. Patty Manzo

    Ordered July 2021, hatched April 2022, and delivered May 2022

  12. R

    You know what would look even better? If they made a Supercab so it could have a halfway decent bed instead of looking like a soccer mom’s idea of a pickup truck.

  13. Carol Johns

    Ordered 12-28-21. My age was 82. Aug 22 I was 83. I would love to get my Maverick before I am 84.
    Please Ford make sure our orders are filled soon.

    1. TOM

      Carol I’m in the same boat with you, ordered mine 12/21/21 but haven’t heard a word about it yet, doubt we’ll see it until well into 23, hope my current vehicle last that long, keep your chin up and good health to you, key is be patient and hopefully the auto industry will work its’ way out of the mess it has created by exporting the industry and becoming dependent on others but I guess that was our own doing.

  14. gary jones

    ordered a2023 maverick lariat in september of 2022. a friend ordered tha same trick the next day
    and he rec his 8 weeks ao and u have heard nothin except dealer says i will get priority on a 2024
    butcan no longer ger cyber orange and th eprice will be higher. i am ablout to give up on ford and go the toyota route. i canorder a tacoma andget it in 6 months.


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