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2023 Ford Edge Order Banks Open Up Next Month

Fresh off some styling tweaks and new tech features for the 2021 model year,  the 2022 Ford Edge received a host of changes as well. However, the 2023 Ford Edge will be that crossover’s proverbial swan song, as it’s set to be discontinued as FoMoCo continues its pricey EV pivot. Regardless, those interested in ordering a 2023 Ford Edge will be able to do so next month, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority.

2023 Ford Edge order banks are currently scheduled to open up on July 18th, while production is set to begin at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada on October 11th, just a few days after 2022 Edge production ends on October 7th. As is always the case, these dates are subject to change, particularly in light of various supply chain shortages.

Back in June of 2020, Ford Authority reported that the next-generation Ford Edge had been canceled in a surprising move that was seemingly spurred by labor negotiations over the future of the Oakville plant, where the Lincoln Nautilus is also built. Ford and the Canadian union Unifor eventually came to an agreement that will see the Oakville plant retooled to produce five new EVs starting in 2025, while Ford Authority confirmed back in January that the Edge will indeed be discontinued in North America following the 2023 model year. FoMoCo CEO Jim Farley also indirectly hinted at the Edge’s demise earlier this week.

In the meantime, the 2022 Edge introduced a number of changes to the crossover, dropping its front-wheel drive configuration, illuminated glovebox option, Ford Performance blue paint color, and SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad as standard equipment, while all 2022 Edge models have dropped the previously standard rear parking sensors, too. Regardless, pricing rose roughly $2,000 across the board. The Black Appearance Package is new for 2022, as is the SEL Adventure Package, though the latter received a name change to Sport Appearance Package shortly after its launch.

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  1. Joe

    So you are throwing away about 100,000 in sales a year for a vehicle that Consumer Reports likes to build EVs that people will not buy, battery prices are going through the roof, and cold weather still limits range. You can get a midsize Edge in the 30’s, you won’t see that on a EV in the same size class.

    1. Jason

      Yep I absolutely love my edge sport… They are making some stupid moves… If we get back to energy Independence we wont need the electric bs… What about renters, or any other places u live or park they would have to have charge points in every single curb in America which infostructure is impossible.. bad move as the Edge is the perfect size, power and he is loaing sight on how good the Ecoboost technology is… Not everybody can afford 50-60k on electric

  2. Gary . Virginia.

    People seem to like their Edge and the track record is good. So it only makes since Ford would drop it. If Ford advertised it as much as Toyota does their vehicles I think it could possibly lead the segment.

  3. Joe R

    Big Mistake!!! One of the best model vehicles Ford puts out. This is my 2nd Ford Edge and I am totally satisfied with it. I now own a 2021 and would certainly want to upgrade to a newer one when the time comes, but it doesn’t look like that will be an option. This is a perfect size vehicle for our family and it checks off all the boxes. Poor decision on Fords part.

  4. Roger Moncrief

    I’m a Ford guy and I absolutely love EVERYTHING about my 2020 Edge. It takes a real idiot to cancel the Edge. My previous vehicle was a 2008 Mercury Mariner hybrid. It had 175K on the clock then the 320vdc battery went bad with no replacement available. I was told to take the 12 year old otherwise excellent vehicle to the junk yard. I will NEVER EVER own another vehicle with a big battery in it. I may buy another Edge and keep the 2020 model as a backup. That’s how much I love the thing.

  5. Debbie Neely

    Love my 2021 Ford Edge. Very roomy and handles great. I also own a 2008 Ford Escape LTD 4WD which also has been a fantastic vehicle and I absolutely hated the look of the new Escapes. Bought a 2020 Ford Explorer and ended up trading it for the 2021 Ford Edge which is roomier and drives much better than the 10 speed transmission in the Explorer. The Edge checks all the boxes and it’s a poor decision to cancel this vehicle. Ford should rethink this as not everyone wants an EV and this is a good midsize SUV.

  6. Dave

    Discontinuing the Edge is another short-sighted product decision. We’ve been leasing new Edges ever since they were introduced — comfortable, great size, good riding and handling vehicles. We have absolutely no interest in an electric vehicle, so we’ll no doubt get a competitor’s product in two years when our present Edge lease ends (the same route we have taken with our second vehicle since Ford discontinued minivans — we’ve bought new Honda Odysseys for the past 16 years, and both the quality of the Hondas and the dealer’s customer-focus have been outstanding).

  7. Walter

    I am still driving my 2008 Edge and by far it is the best car I have ever had. Roomy and powerful. It should continue as one of Ford’s ICE vehicles for the forseeable future. Who knows when EVs and their hi tech parts will ever totally come together?

  8. Tony

    Best looking Crossover on the market. Never had a problem with a Ford, crazy.

  9. Michael Bol

    They made this ugly IMO but people are happy with it, it flies off dealer lots the last few years, so Ford is tanking it. Great, another Yale business plan no doubt? Where do they get these decision makers? No wonder their stock is always in the teens.

  10. James Cannon

    I have a 2016 Ford Escape purchased new and have 350k on it and still runs great one of the best vehicles I have purchased I truly enjoyed my vehicle and don’t want the vehicle brand to cease

  11. Phil

    I love my 2020 edge. Great car in every way. Why not build the edge as a hybrid. I bet you would sell tons.
    Yet another poor decision on fords part to discontinue the edge

  12. MK

    Huge mistake. There are so many on the road and not just older models, new ones too, I had 3 edge leases and decided to get an escape last year. Another big mistake. Couldn’t get grandchild’s car seat in back without pulling front seat up to dashboard. Went back this February and swapped out my lease for another edge, They’re comfortable, just right size and gas mileage getting better and better. EVs are being shoved down our throats. I may for the first time in 30 years be driving something other than a ford when this edge lease is up. Dont want escape, explorer nice but way too be for this Grandma and I don’t want an EV either.

  13. Richard

    I have been a Ford customer for over 30 years and also a stockholder. Ford’s product decisions will lead the company to oblivion. Farley is operating in an alternative universe, seeming to be completely out of touch with the buying public. They are eliminating vehicles I would buy. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and all the others are jumping for joy.

  14. Philip

    The EV push is crazy. Environmentalists is giving the post office grief because the ordered so few EV’s. It will cost millions to add charging equipment for them and in places in the upper US they won’t charge in cold weather. The PO keeps their trucks in outside lots. Maybe that’s what they want, giving away tax money for green jobs that aren’t really green.

    1. Phil Barker

      Has all the brainiacs lost their minds.
      When people cant afford or want evs, or the ele tribal grid cant support all of the eva, what will ford have to sell, nothing. The edge, escape will be gone, only the huge explorer, expedition and trucks. Not everyone wants a huge vehicle.
      Keep disconnecting mid size vehicles and giving those sales to the competitors.
      You are working on closing this company

  15. Kim plant

    I agree with everything that has been said here, that Ford Edge is a rock solid machine machine and I have a titanium with a panoramic sunroof and I couldn’t love a car more than this one. As long as I draw breath, I will be in love with The internal Combustion Engine. I’ll keep this Car as long as I can if they plan to Discontinue it, And Detroit will never ever force me into An EV. Ford is certainly devoid Of leaders that That have vision. This is a stupid business move and one I hope they live to regret.

  16. Chris

    Wow. They took out the keyless entry pad as standard equipment? That is cheap. Those new Hyundai’s are looking real good these days.

  17. LesPaul Morgan

    Well I absolutely loved my Ford Edge, Best Vehicle I’ve ever owned!!! Especially when you consider I got it for Free because I was awarded it from ABC Extreme Make Over Home Editions Edge Across America! For Real for my work helping people with disabilities!!! I really was shocked to be awarded such a beautiful very nice and strong vehicle and I really think Ford is making a mistake by discontinuing it. I as the South Carolina Award winner of Edge Across America Sweep stakes wish that people every where who own this fantastic vehicle would let their voices be heard and save the manufacturing of this amazing vehicle. Les Paul Morgan

  18. Richard Whell

    Once again Ford is abandoning its home land consumers loved my fusion best looking sedan on the road once foreign markets started copying it, they abandoned it, even when it outsell the others. Let’s move on to the Escape best looking small SUV, you’ll notice Korea didn’t take long in copying that, just the did the fusion. So not be out done they hired someone to make the Escape look like the Kia. Bad choice, now there updating that. Know there taking away the the all time great Edge leaving us with nowhere to go, but spending 20 grand more for an explorer, I don’t think so. My advice to the Ford family get Farley he’s the Joe Bidden of the Auto industry. Pretty soon I won’t be able to afford a Ford. But Hyundai and Kia will miss you they won’t have anything to copy I prefer an original.

  19. Donald

    I’ma not sure about these new fangled inventions. I want a simple team of horses.

  20. Jimmy Hewett

    Just got my 2022 Ford Edge Titanium,very Disappointed when I opened the hood to find no insulation pad under the hood. My dealer has ordered me one. But Ford Should not be allowed to sell them without it .


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