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2023 Ford Escape Lineup Should Include An ST-Line Trim: Opinion

Just last week, Ford Authority spies spotted the 2023 Ford Escape completely uncovered for the very first time, giving us our best look yet at the forthcoming refreshed crossover. From those photos, it’s clear that Ford has adopted some styling elements from the Kuga into the refreshed Escape, such as its body-color lower moldings and wheel well arch trim. However, we believe that the 2023 Ford Escape lineup should include an ST-Line trim, which is currently available on the Ford Edge and Ford Explorer, too.

There are several reasons why an Escape ST-Line makes perfect sense. On the Edge and Explorer, it offers customers the styling of the high-performance ST models, but without the extra cost. The ST-Line does add some distinctiveness and sportiness to those crossovers for those that like the look but don’t want the extra performance, and it could do the same for the Escape, which could certainly use a boost in a crowded and competitive segment.

Ford Escape sales have been on a downward spiral since the current-gen, redesigned model launched for the 2020 model year. In the first quarter of 2022, the Escape finished sixth among all U.S. mainstream C-segment crossovers with 39,962 units sold, which lags far behind the segment-leading Toyota RAV4 and its 101,192 units. Giving customers a sharper appearance option without a huge price tag could help give the 2023 Ford Escape a bit of a boost in that area, for certain.

In all fairness, it is possible that the uncovered prototype spied last week is actually an ST-Line variant, as it features the aforementioned body-color elements and sporty look that defines that particular package. However, it’s also unlikely, as Ford has yet to offer ST-Line trim on any model that doesn’t have a proper ST performance variant.

Regardless, we’ll know more about the 2023 Escape soon, as order banks for the refreshed crossover are scheduled to open up this September, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month. In the meantime, we want to know what our readers think – should Ford offer an ST-Line trim for the 2023 Escape? Let us know by voting in the poll below!

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  1. Claude Mr. Lekas

    Pour nous Européen, nous devrons attendre la version “Kuga” qui sera une copie conforme à votre “Escape”. Nous l’espérons de le voir dans les concessionnaires pour début 2023.
    Une envie de changer

    1. Yora_Nidiot

      … Bondger, Clod. I dint attend any Kuga devron version, but I wanted, too.
      I couldn’t copy the confirm either. But I voted. You’re right, maybe the
      2023 concessions will be less pour. Without envy for sure.

    2. Geoff Went

      Nous avons déjà l’édition ST line et la ST line x en europe

  2. JW

    Most important is to improve the interior because the current Escape is just plain boring. It has none of the creative elements of the Bronco Sport for example. Greatness is in the details, and this has none to offer.

  3. Mrx19

    The current Escape was destined to fail, from day one. Strange proportions, cheap interior and overpriced. How was Ford able to make the Maverick pricing so attractive using the same platform? An ST line would be well received.

  4. mike

    Most important of all, it should offer Blue Cruise.


    It’s a very bad idea, it will only steal sales from the poor selling Lincoln MKC, also, based on the photos, styling is a step backwards.

    1. Mrx19

      Disagree. An ST version , of the Escspe would appeal to a different demographic than the Lincoln Corsair (MKC was the previous model).

  6. Gerald Perkinson

    Will the 2023 Escape hybrid be able to be flat towed behind a motorhome ? And what is the gross weight ? When will the Z plain for employees be back ? Why doesn’t Ford make the dealership honor the discount ?

  7. Geoff Went

    Don’t understand what the ST line EDITION and ST line X is not offered in US same as Kuga in Europe especially UK

  8. Karl H

    An ST line would do wonders for this underwhelming design effort from Ford. The new face looks better than the current one, hopefully Ford addressed the cheap looking interior with better quality materials.

  9. JohnO

    I want a hybrid escape that has paddle shifters and is awd and is flat towable

  10. Judy Henderson

    I hope they fix the coolant leak problem in previous models. My 2015 with 80 something thousand miles is still sitting at the dealer, it’s been 3 months. Waiting on its new engine. FORD should be doing a recall on these models. So many have had the coolant leaks and it keeps getting ignored. Ford step up an do the right thing.

  11. Perry

    New style is terrible they dropped the ball making these and recalls unbleviable

  12. Dick Neely

    I would like all car to have an MS option
    I share a car my 5′ wife. A Memory Seat is the most useful option. Forget ST get MS

  13. robert

    I’d like an upscale Escape, a Titanium with all wheel drive, cooled seats for us drivers that sweat alittle when driving, I’d pay more for a little upscale and comfort.


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