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2023 Ford Escape Order Banks Will Open In September

The 2023 Ford Escape is expected to bring a major refresh to the popular crossover. Customers who wish to secure one for themselves won’t have to wait too long either, as Ford Authority recently learned the order banks will open up in just a few months.

2023 Ford Escape

According to Ford Authority sources, the 2023 Ford Escape order banks will open on September 19th, followed by production kickoff on November 1st. Those dates may be a sign that the public debut of the compact crossover isn’t too far off. Of course, these dates aren’t set in stone and are subject to change, and unfortunately do not apply to the PHEV model.

So far, Ford has kept the impending refresh under wraps, but some details about what buyers can expect have trickled out. Back in October, our photographers spied a prototype 2023 Ford Escape undergoing testing, giving us a glimpse of its more aggressive front fascia under camouflage. Its headlights have been reworked and are affixed higher up, giving the vehicle a meaner expression with modernized LED signatures. In December, photographers spotted another prototype wearing a new set of headlights and a different grille, although it’s not clear yet if this model represents a different trim level, or something else. Additionally, the Escape will incorporate a larger infotainment screen inside, presumably featuring Sync 4.

2023 Ford Escape

While the 2023 Ford Escape is on the way, beyond that, the future is murky for the compact crossover. Just a few days ago, Ford CEO Jim Farley hinted that the Escape could be dropped as the automaker pushes forward into a future of all-electric vehicles. “We’re going to have passion brands,” he said. “We’re not going to have commodity products like Edges and Escapes. Mustangs and Broncos… good stuff.”

However, that may not happen for a while yet, as the Ford Escape is apparently set to get a next-generation redesign in 2025.

2023 Ford Maverick

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Michael

    So when can you order a 2023 Escape PHEV?

  2. MattS

    I don’t know what Farley means by “commodity products”. Aren’t commodities the things people actually need and buy?

  3. John mccarthy

    Are any lease specials coming in june or July? Everytime I’ve called a dealership all I hear are $400/$500 lease pymts. Does Ford call that a special? People lease to get lower pymt

  4. Chris

    Ford is losing its way again. The bad decisions keep coming. Farley needs a new barber.

  5. Mark Jones

    I want one of the first 2023s…when can I order/buy???

  6. Chi

    Looking forward to the 2023 Escape plug-in, hopefully coming with wireless Carplay. And fingers crossed for orders to open up soon after the gas/hybrid versions.

  7. Sharon

    My dealer has already placed a order for my 2023.

  8. Kathleen

    If a 2022 was ordered a month ago then can I expect to get it before the switchover to 2023?

    1. Harvey

      Many recent 2022 Escape orders will not get filled before production switches completely to 2023 models. Then orders will get canceled and replaced with orders for 2023 models if the customer still wants the vehicle. Ford produced less than 1-00 Escapes last week,

  9. Sharon

    My salesman already ordered me a 2023 in mid June. I was also offered a $1500 discount for being a previous lease owner. I hope I don’t have to wait until November. My lease is up in December.

  10. Ron

    Please do NOT abandon PHEV vehicles in favor of EV-only vehicles!!! For many, an EV-only vehicle is not a viable option. I WANT an EV-only vehicle and it would be great for local commuting but it is a hassle for travel beyond range. At the moment, I am *INTERESTED* in the 2023 Escape PHEV and hoping to see how it differs from the 2022. I am wishing to upgrade from my 2018 Ford Fusion Energi, primarily because I need more storage space. I have a child on the way and neither a stroller nor a Pack-N-Play will currently fit in my trunk of the Fusion Energi.

  11. Rob

    Well nothing yet on Ford’s website. Any update from your sources on the release date?

  12. Bill

    Tried today no luck, dealer is clueless


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