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2023 Ford Escape Should Adopt Maverick’s Interior Colors, Shapes

One of the most interesting and appealing things about the Ford Maverick – aside from its bargain price tag and impressive efficiency – is the fact that it has an interior design that doesn’t look low rent. That’s a big deal in the automotive world, which features its fair share of cheap plastic and dull gray and black interior designs. And that’s precisely why we think that The Blue Oval should follow a similar theme with the refreshed 2023 Ford Escape, a sentiment that’s been shared by a number of Ford Authority readers commenting on posts about the forthcoming model in recent days.

Ford Maverick Interior

Ford Authority spies recently spotted the 2023 Ford Escape completely uncovered, giving us a look at the crossover’s exterior updates, which are decidedly upscale. It’s quite clear that Ford is putting some effort into making the refreshed Escape more appealing by giving it a more distinctive front end and some Kuga styling elements, including its body-color cladding and overall monochromatic appearance.

Ford Escape Interior

As such, it only makes sense to follow suit with the interior of the 2023 Ford Escape, which we have yet to see in the flesh. The interior of the current-gen Escape could certainly use some improvement, as it’s an uninspired cabin devoid of personality and color. On the flip side, the Maverick – which shares the Ford C2 platform with the Escape – is both cheaper and equipped with a far nicer looking interior, with different colors throughout the cabin and unique textures on the doors – even on the cheapest base model – giving it an interesting and more upscale look.

The Maverick design team found inspiration for the pickup’s interior in some unusual places, but the idea simply works, and it’s somewhat of a revelation in the automotive world, which has long favored boring, drab interior designs for many vehicles. In fact, the Maverick’s interior design was good enough to earn it a Ward’s Auto 10 Best Interior & UX award. We already know that the 2023 Escape will come equipped with a large infotainment screen, so it’s entirely possible that Ford does precisely what we’re hoping. At least we won’t have to wait much longer to find out, as order banks for the refreshed crossover are set to open this September. Regardless, we’re curious to hear what our readers think, so be sure and vote in the poll below!

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  1. paul pellico

    wish everybody would stop calling the escape’s current front end a poor design.
    i like it.
    very, um…porsche like, maybe???
    perhaps the entire front profile looks skinny and wimpish, but clearly a prettier, cleaner design than most all other same-class suvs

    1. Bruce

      The current Escape front end is fugly, just like most Porsches. I would say most consumers agree with me considering how poorly the current Escape has sold.

  2. Mick1

    Exterior Good Interior Poor Where’s the PHEV AWD

    1. Mrx19

      Agreed. Ford needs to get their butt in gear on more PEHV’s (That means you Escape and Corsair). Other manufacturers seem to be pumping them out, especially the Koreans.

    2. Michael K

      The Lincoln Corsair gets it, the eAWD motors are probably too expensive for the Escape customer.

  3. John Mooney

    All doors on the Escape should unlock at the same time when the gear selector is positioned in park! Very annoying when only the drivers door unlocks!

    1. No

      That’s an option in your cars settings

    2. Marco G

      Not if you have small kids

  4. John Mooney

    All doors on my 2020 Escape SE should unlock at the same time whenever I place the gear selector into the park position!

    1. Dee Hart

      look in your owner’s manual… you can select driver’s door only or all doors to open… you have not configured your vehicle settings to what you want. I, myself, prefer to have just the driver’s door unlock for security reasons if my wife is alone in the SUV…

  5. Bbot

    All Escape SUV models should copy the Mazda CX-5 interior and All Should be AWD. The low entry S should be an SI, eliminate the SE . The SEL and Titanium models should only be Available as Hybrid or Plug in Hybrid AWD only to distinguish itself as upgrade and high mileage.

  6. Drew Ford Retiree

    After you are done drinking the KoolAid, the Maverick is NOT a styling beacon. The Escape should be benchmarking the interiors from Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, and Kia. And I suspect Ford will soon lag behind GM and Stellantis. Pathetic.

    Farley and Co. are continuing to sacrifice core vehicle competitiveness to fund follies into AV and train stations. Shameful.

    1. Rich G

      Where is your evidence that Ford is lagging behind in these areas? You’ve provided no evidence or even an example.

    2. Marco G

      So street. No styling beacon is correct. I am ordering a Lariat hybrid, but think the interior could be way better. One color option stinks. I get this in the lower trims but not in Lariat. At least one other color option would help. All that blue? Yuk.

  7. Michael K

    Escape is a global product, Maverick is not. I don’t see them using the Maverick’s interior design since it’s not suitable for a broader audience. More importantly, Maverick is a cheaper interior design with fewer amenities (like the HUD).

  8. DWH

    I feel the new redesigned Escape’s front end is a hugh improvement. Having owned the previous 2017 fantastic Titanium Awd Escape. I passed over the 2022 model because of it’s smiley front facia. The new 2023 more fixes that problem. I’m looking forward seeing the actual 2023 Escape and from the photos. It’s now a vehicle I would purchase. I only ask that Ford gives it a more luxury feel including a larger built in infotainment screen separating it from the Bronco. Take a look at the 2023 Honda HR-V. It looks like Honda decided to use the 2023 Escape design instead of creating their own. It’s hard to tell them apart. Now I read that the Honda pilot is becoming an Explorer knockoff. Obviously Honda likes Ford’s directions. I’m surprised Ford Authority hasn’t mentioned the design similarities between the 2023 Escape and Honda HR-V

  9. Mike

    Will the 2023 Escape get Blue Cruise? Anyone knows?

  10. P.R.Ford

    I’ve owned 2 Ford Escapes, both Titanium editions and both with Medium Light Stone interiors. I wouldn’t have even considered them with the boring monochromatic charcoal interiors. I’m not sure any inspiration can be derived from the Mavericks cheap uninspired interior. It seems that for every really good idea Ford designers come up with, they come up with 5 completely dumb ideas. The Maverick is replete with bad ideas just to keep the base price cheap. It looks like Ford is trying to surpass it with ruining the Escape.

  11. Roger Biddle

    Then you can wait a year to get your new Escape !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. JDE

    I think this whole thing is looking at the issue wrong. sure sharing higher end styling cues is fine, but why, if they share a platform, is there no 20K Hybrid escapes available? The basest Hybrid escape is 30K and you will never find one for that price on a lot available to buy.

    1. Chris D.

      I think the disappointing sales boils down to the Escape’s lack of desirability primarily. The Bronco Sport has similar pricing, yet they don’t seem to have much difficulty selling them. But I do get where you’re coming from as far as how you turn it around from here (considering this is only a mild mid-cycle refresh unlikely to have a significant impact). You may be right that the best way to boost sales right now is a pivot to the Mav’s formula. I would love to see them create a buzz with a <$25k Hybrid AWD. With the Escape already on the chopping block however, we’ll likely get the styling changes we already see, a decently upgraded interior and the same basic pricing.


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