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2023 Ford Explorer Order Banks Open Up This August

As Ford Authority previously reported, 2023 Lincoln Aviator order banks opened up back on March 16th, with production scheduling following on April 21st and Job 1 production beginning at the Chicago Assembly plant on June 27th, 2022, a little bit later than previously expected. However, order banks for the Aviator’s platform mate – the 2023 Ford Explorer – won’t open up for a few more months, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority.

2023 Ford Explorer order banks are currently scheduled to open up on August 11th, 2022, while production is slated to begin at the Chicago Assembly plant on November 7th, 2022. Whether or not this later launch is a potential indicator that the 2023 Ford Explorer is set to receive a refresh is currently unclear, but it is possible given the fact that the refreshed Chinese Explorer was recently teased by the automaker.

Refreshed Chinese Ford Explorer

The refreshed Chinese version of the Explorer features a few changes on the exterior, including up front, where there’s a heavily revised grille and headlight design, revised fog lights, a full-width chrome strip on the rear tailgate, a new rear bumper, and updated taillights. The biggest differences between the current-gen Explorer and this refreshed model lie inside the cabin, however.

Refreshed Chinese Ford Explorer

There, the refreshed Explorer has received a pretty extensive overhaul with a massive landscape-oriented infotainment screen similar to other Chinese Blue Oval products like the Ford Evos, Mondeo, and Lincoln Zephyr, as well as fewer physical controls and a cleaner, more modern appearance.

Refreshed Chinese Ford Explorer

While it’s common for Chinese Blue Oval models to get unique features when compared to their North American counterparts, it’s unclear how much of this particular Explorer refresh will carry over to the U.S. version. The current-gen Chinese Explorer presents a few differences when compared to the North American model aside from the aforementioned styling details, including the availability of a black-painted roof option and a larger infotainment screen, so it’s quite possible that many of the changes seen here will carry over to the American version.

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  1. Kenny D

    What in the Wide World Of Sports is Going on here???? Are All the Previous 2021/22 Vehicles that were ordered as long ago as a YEAR or more in Some Cases gonna Get BUILT???? Or what the hey gives here. Once again, It’s been another TWO Weeks and I ain’t heard Nothing from my Ordering Dealer on my F-150 that’s sitting “somewhere” Lord know’s where??? But until I E Mail HIM, NOTHING!!!! And he Alway’s respond’s (when he does), with this little Blurb here…… I’ll keep you Informed on your Order on a Bi Weekly Basis. Never happens, NEVER! And we keep hearing about this Crap, 2023 This, 2023 That order Banks Opening up in July, August…. Bla Bla Bla……. New Color for this, New Color for that….. I could care Less, Build MY F-150!!! Will Ya????? “JIMMY”……

    1. Scotty

      .. calm down, Karen. You had to have your way by ordering your perfect
      truck. With the pandemic, Long Beach parking lot and the fake war in
      Romania, er Latvia, no Ukraine, you should’ve known of your wait.
      I sorta think ur gonna be a tad more pi/ssd off once you see the 78,000
      half-built trucks hit the dealers come August. Surfs’ up, missy..

    2. Neen

      I hear ya! I have an explorer built since jan of 22 and it is waiting for the changes they implemented in Feb!

  2. Norm Berrett

    I’ll probably trade for new 2023 exployer if they make the Chinese version otherwise look around at other brands thanks

  3. Richard

    So for all the 2022s that haven’t been built yet, since the 2023 look super cool, we have to cancel our 2022 order and re order the 23? It’ll be such a let down, getting a 22, knowing they’re gonna put out these amazing interiors the following month.

  4. Gary . Virginia.

    Kenny d is right.its really frustrating. I’ve gotten to the point that I’m keeping my 2004 f150 a few more years. It’s okay Kenny d your allowed to be pissed!


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