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2023 Ford F-150 Heritage Edition Builders Impressed By New Package

The 2023 Ford F-150 marks the third model year of the iconic pickup’s 14th generation. There’s several new additions in store for the iconic pickup, including the all-new F-150 Rattler as a budget off-road-focused variant; the 2023 F-150 Raptor R bringing the performance; and of course, the recently revealed F-150 Heritage Edition. The throwback trim level pays tribute to the 75-year history of the Ford F-Series lines, and the people responsible for building it are fans of the design.

2023 Ford F-150

The 2023 Ford F-150 Heritage Edition “brings some employees back to the golden age of their upbringing,” according to Ford. The color patterns and details are reminiscent of the first F-150, which was introduced in 1948. In fact, The Blue Oval makes sure passengers are greeted with a reminder of its long-running bloodline every time they get in their truck, and are greeted with a welcome screen of the Ford logo, proclaiming 1948 – 2023. The center console is embossed with a “Heritage Edition” nameplate, and classic striped fabric throws it back to the pickup’s early generations.

“I really like the throwback scheme of this Heritage Edition,” said Arthur Byron Egans, inspector in the F-150 final department. “It brings an automatic smile to my face… I think back to my dad having a two-tone F-150 in the past. It’s nice to see it back.” Brian Miller, F-150 launch manager at the Ford Kansas City Assembly plant, shares a similar sentiment. “This is a jolt for F-150,” he said. “To me, it is a tribute to the legacy we’ve been raised on. I’m happy to be a part of it and I have great love for Ford.” The Heritage Edition will be exclusively produced at the Kansas City plant.

The 2023 Ford F-150 Heritage Edition is exclusively part of the XLT model range, and will become available once order banks for the F-150 open up in July.

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  1. what

    The two-tone looks so good on the F-150

  2. Buddy

    75th anniversary of the “F series”…. NOT F150. There was the F-1, F-100, but fast forward to 1975 and you’ll find the first F-150

    1. Robert

      Thanks for setting this straight. Although I didn’t remember the exact years, this was my thoughts too when I read the statement

    2. Ford500guy

      News FLASH the first f150’s came out in 1973, not 75 as you stated.. I had a 73 f150 and was a great truck….

  3. Gunnar

    Are the 2023s going to be like the22s, order one and you might get it 18 months down the road! What engines are going to be in them? Are they going to be more fuel efficient? Is there going to be a hybred ?

    1. Dan

      I ordered my 22 F150 Lariat PowerBoost in early-April, and it landed at the dealership yesterday. The delays on F150 orders were a last year issue, not a current issue. The 23s are getting the same engines as 22. Including the hybrid.

  4. Gary . Virginia.

    Reminds me of my 1990 lariat two tone silver and dark shadow Grey.

  5. John smith

    Ford needs to stop rolling out stuff out and focus on what they have in their order banks.

  6. Scott

    One thing I will say. This being based off the XLT, the one interior shot I’ve seen of the heritage edition shows it having 4wd auto mode. That’s something I’ve wanted to see standard on all ford 4×4 models.

    It’s been exclusive to the Lariat trims and above.


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