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Biden Administration Debuts Minimum EV Charging Standards Proposal

Over the past several months, the Biden Administration has pushed hard for all-electric vehicles, ordering federal agencies to stop buying ICE-powered vehicles by 2027, proposing a 50 percent EV sales mix by 2030, and planning to spend $3.1 billion on domestic battery production. However, charging infrastructure remains an big obstacle on the way to mass EV adoption, a problem highlighted by a recent study and Ford CEO Jim Farley, who is among those pushing for EV charging standards. Now, a few months after releasing an action plan for charging, the Biden Administration has debuted its minimum EV charging standards proposal.

For starters, the proposal requires that charging stations contain a minimum number and type of chargers. The proposed rule also specifies the required minimum density of provided chargers, payment methods, and requirements for customer support services, with consistency a top priority to make the charging experience as simple as fueling up at any gas station around the country.

Additionally, the proposed rules aim to set certification standards for the workers installing, operating, and maintaining electric vehicle chargers, and also supports workforce development and on-the-job training. It aims to create a seamless national network of EV chargers that could communicate and operate on the same software platforms from one state to another, address traffic control devices and on-premise signage, data submittal requirements to help create a public EV charging database, and network connectivity requirements to allow for secure remote monitoring, diagnostics, control, and updates.

Additionally, the proposal contains requirements that would standardize the communication of price and availability of each charging station to help consumers make informed decisions about trip planning and when and where to charge their EVs. The proposed rule is expected to be published in the Federal Register next week, after which a final rule may be published after FHWA has had the opportunity to review public feedback on the matter.

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  1. William Kircher

    Good luck in trying to enforce such created standards in rural areas. Significiant cost and infranstructure needs are required. Cant drive across Michigan 4 months a year due to the above. Michigan has installled those poky 60 and 62.5 kW chargers over the past two years via their grant programs.

  2. LGB

    All powered by diesel generators lol

    1. R. Walker

      Amen !! If the EVs are supposed to eliminate emissions and create a cleaner environment, how does that work when you have diesel generators running to power the chargers?

  3. Greggt

    More government regulations to strangle our economy!

    1. Everyday Patriot

      You people seem to choose your government regulations to satisfy your extremist lust for power and control, but you’re the first ones to b*tch and moan about inferred control that, this time, just really gets your goat.
      The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

  4. Trump 2024

    The middle class hasn’t been this bad off since the last time a Democrat held office, 2009-2017.

    1. Everyday Patriot


  5. JamesT

    Things were just as bad as now with Carter back in the late 70’s. It was so bad that there was a daily “Misery Index”.

  6. NCEcoBoost

    500K chargers won’t make much of a dent. Try 5 times as many. Joe has totally lost it (but I prefer him to the Trumpster, barely).

    1. Kenny D

      👀 😳

  7. Steve Ketterer


  8. Paws

    This administration has failed the middle class. Where is the grand plan(and implementation)of the necessary upgrades to the electrical grid ?
    China, Russia, India, Venezuela ALL producing”dirty “electricity. That’s where the pollution emanates.
    Until THAT changes, this is a FORMULA FOR FAILURE !!

  9. Tom B

    So, the same Fed that can’t make enough baby formula, is now getting into EV battery business … what could possibly go wrong?

  10. Barry

    It’s all a government conspiracy to implant chips in everyone’s heads as they sit waiting on the slow chargers. The implants take time to install and activate so the big bad government can control your thoughts.
    Along with this, the companies installing and managing the chargers have a financial interest in DEF suppliers, so they also install a diesel generators. So, the generators will be “eco friendly” and they can put a “green” sticker on the station so you can feel good. Just like your new diesel truck. Wow!!.. the government is really looking out for the common citizen. We need to re-elect the same group again since they are doing such a great job!

  11. Kenny D

    Can’t FIX a DAMNED THING in this Country??? But can decide how a Charging Station should Function and How Many will be Needed???? This Administration has done enough of “NOTHING” but cause Big Time economic Issues. Stop Sending our $$$$$$ Outta the Country and Start Taking Care “US” The PEOPLE In the UNITED STATES. Whom Should VOTE YOUR BUTT BACK TO THE FRONT PORCH In your Rocking Chair! And “NO” You can’t watch the Grandchildren!!! Lord Have MERCY…..

    1. Jonathan Grimmette

      Amen, and that’s the name of that tune!

  12. Bill C

    How will it work in California when they don’t have enough capacity to power existing homes/businesses without rolling brownouts/blackouts.
    Joe Biden and his admin don’t have a clue let alone the smarts to make ANYTHING better.
    Next he’ll be pushing for chargers on our southern border to allow human smuggler/cartels the chance to charge up before driving into the country.

  13. Rory

    Hmm. One always has to remember that if the government was in charge of the desert, it would run out of sand. So, with that in mind I think that we’ll see the heavy hand of government getting involved in EV, and mucking it up with its usual bureaucratic red tape, cronyism, unionization, other pay-to-play schemes, excessive taxation, and an overall government oversight that will crush EV owners and businesses attempting to enter the EV marketplace.


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