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Direct Ford F-150 Raptor Rival Rejected By GM Over Complexity

Through three generations and over a decade in production, the Ford F-150 Raptor has proven to be a massive hit for The Blue Oval, selling in healthy quantities and helping boost the brand’s reputation to boot. However, while Ram created a direct rival in the TRX, Ford’s biggest cross-town rival – General Motors – opted not to, instead launching the Chevy Silverado ZR2 with the same powerplant and output as lesser models. It was unclear why GM didn’t bother to come up with a direct Ford F-150 Raptor rival, until now, as GM Authority has received the scoop from a company insider on that particular topic.

According to the insider, the idea of building a proper F-150 Raptor competitor has come up several times among GM brass, but every time, it’s been shot down for one simple reason – such a vehicle would add complexity to the automaker’s production process. Ford famously had to redo its own assembly line to accommodate the 2021 F-150 Raptor’s new 37-inch tire option, and GM would have to retool its own plants to make room for a taller, wider Silverado as well.

This all costs money, and GM ultimately determined that it wouldn’t be able to recoup that investment by selling a Raptor-like Silverado, or that potential profit margins would be too thin to justify such a project, and thus, that’s why it hasn’t. GM is also in the midst of a major EV push and has dedicated a large number of resources to that transformation, and it already has the GMC Hummer EV in its lineup as a hardcore, high-performance off-roader, though it’s also significantly more expensive and harder to get than the F-150 Raptor.

Of course, this isn’t the first time GM has chosen not to compete with Ford on some levels, as it previously axed its idea for a Ford Bronco competitor, choosing to revive the Blazer as a Camaro-like crossover – not the rugged, off-road focused SUV it once was. Regardless, that decision means that Bowtie fans seeking a hardcore off-road Silverado are stuck with the ZR2, which has far less power than the Ford F-150 Raptor, yet costs essentially the same.

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  1. Oz10

    Not a surprise at all, just more proof GM technical ability is far behind the pack, they’ve always been stuck in the past. The simple fact that the Silverado ZR2 only comes with 33″ tires already makes the Raptor comparison a stretch, it’s equal clearly is the Tremor. And no you can’t even fit 35s on the Silverado without major surgery…

  2. Paul Gehrke

    With all the talk and production of electric vehicles, I have one question. Everything I have read has told me the batteries are only good for 100K miles and have to be replaced. Prices I have seen have been up to 34K for replacement. Why on earth would I want to purchase something that is going to cost me that a few years down the road. Why would I buy a used vehicle with 80 or 90K on it?

  3. Curtis

    While it’s good to see the automotive industry investing in EV, it seems clear that there is a competitive market for high-output offroad half-tons. See the Raptor and TRX for proof. GM’s failure to adapt to consumer demand has been their crutch since their bailout. That being said, perhaps their brand loyalists and being less progressive is the only thing keeping them afloat


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