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Early Ford Maverick Interior Sketches Featured Much Bigger Touchscreens

As most are well aware by now, the 2022 Ford Maverick comes equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen, no matter which trim one opts for. This isn’t necessarily what most would consider small, given the fact that 8 inches is exactly how large the largest Ford F-150 infotainment screen was prior to the launch of the all-new 2021 model. Regardless, we here at Ford Authority were going through press materials for the Ford Maverick recently, and noticed something interesting – it seems as if the truck’s design team originally envisioned giving the Maverick a larger touchscreen.

Given how enormous infotainment screens have gotten in recent years, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but it’s notable, nonetheless. In these design sketches for the Ford Maverick, we can see a big difference in that regard, as the screen depicted here is quite a bit larger than the production unit. The screen is also tacked on the dash to make it look as if it’s “floating,” which is a popular treatment on a lot of new vehicles these days.

Other than the bigger screen, these sketches depict an interior design that is largely very similar to the production pickup’s. However, the screen’s original design looks more like a tablet with no bezels, quite a departure from what wound up making the cut in the 2022 Ford Maverick.

As Ford Authority reported last July, base XL and XLT Maverick models don’t come equipped with SYNC 3, but rather, what the automaker calls the Connected Touch Radio. This unit lacks SYNC 3, but does offer a variety of features including 911 Assist, Applink, and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. Pickups that do come with SYNC 3 give users the ability to change radio stations, Sirius XM channels, and climate settings using their voice, as well as their use phones wirelessly to make calls and have text messages read back to them. With Ford making the switch to a Google-based operating system starting in 2023, it is possible that the Maverick will get a larger screen in the coming years, however.

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  1. Dave Schoenherr

    Seeing a Ford maverick truck on the road or at a dealer is rare site…. Hearing about sales of it being up or down in foreign countries is of no concern to people waiting 4 to 6 months probably changing their mind on the choice by now. Those that ordered back in January and February will they be upgraded to the 23 model? I understand they are starting production soon?

    1. Swoosh

      I ordered a hybrid Maverick in June of last year. The dealer let me know two months ago that the build week WAS June 20th. Just found out that it was pushed back to July 26th. They are saying that it is still a 2022 model.

      1. Ralph Natola

        I ordered June 7, 2021 , hybrid xlt arrived January 8, 2022, exactly as promised. I was lucky. It seems that as time passes all orders are pushed rback in the scramble for chips and other unavailable parts. The maverick hybrid is a great truck it’s a shame that all dealers of all brands are so limited in timely delivery capability. I hope that late July is your lucky delivery date. Your first ride with the ev coach getting as much as 75mpg around town, and you will forget the torment of a year’s delay. Best of luck to all who wait

  2. Donnie

    Got a love forward for their honesty/not

  3. Bill

    No slanted screens please. A 90 degree will not reflect the sun as bad and make the screen more legible. Waiting 11.5 months for ordered xlt. I think my dealer wants it much more than I.

  4. Dottie Simundza

    Simple ? What is taking do long to purchase a maverick??
    Sales rep at dealership says to hold off ordering until the 2023 comes out. A true response would be helpful .
    Thanking you ahead of time

  5. Michael Shirey

    Got mine. Got doinked less than a month. I cried.

  6. Patrick Donahue

    Ordered my maverick October 21 have not got a build date yet I am 73 I do hope I get it before I turn 80

  7. Bill Byrne

    JUST BIULD the one we ordered !!!!! OVER 8 months . FORDS PR SUCKS !! we never received a word ,only 0ne email the day we ordered.

  8. donnie

    Maybe one of my kids might see my maverick-sept 16 and still waiting with no word-ford customer service is non-existent-once again Farley and his cronies are something else-ford use to scream America-not anymore


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