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Ford Bronco Buyers More Loyal And Wealthier Than Wrangler Customers

The Ford Bronco has attracted buyers to The Blue Oval at an impressive rate, and its biggest conquest thus far has been its chief rival – the Jeep Wrangler. With Bronco sales steadily rising along with production numbers, many buyers of Ford’s rugged SUV are paying cash and adding them as extra vehicles rather than buying a Bronco to replace an existing vehicle. Thus, it isn’t terribly surprising that new data from S&P Global suggests that Ford Bronco buyers are also wealthier and more loyal than Wrangler customers, too.

The Bronco has thus far garnered a six percent share of the rather broad Compact Utility segment, trailing the Wrangler just a tad, which still owns around 7-9 percent of the segment. However, S&P notes that the Bronco hasn’t necessarily stolen share from the Wrangler, but rather, the Honda CR-V, Jeep Cherokee, and Nissan Rogue have all lost share since the Bronco’s launch.

Perhaps the most interesting data from this analysis, however, is that Bronco owners are slightly younger with marginally higher incomes than Wrangler owners, with a larger percentage of male owners. In terms of demographics, Bronco owners are mainly of Western European descent, and less likely to be African American, Asian, or Hispanic, and almost twice as likely to have a pickup in the garage, too – with around half owning another Ford vehicle of some sort.

That shows a bit more brand loyalty on the part of Bronco owners, as around 40 percent of Wrangler owners own another Jeep of some sort. In terms of finances, Bronco owners have higher credit scores on average, while Wrangler owners are eight times more likely to lease than buy when compared to Bronco owners. Better credit also means that Bronco owners are shelling out lower monthly payments than Wrangler owners for both loans and leases, yet another sign that Bronco buyers are more well-off, financially speaking.

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  1. Mark B

    Interesting…but not surprising.

  2. Steven

    They specifically determined they are of western European descent? Almost all demographic forms just say white for anything purchase or automotive related.

  3. bleednblue

    2021 Bronco Sales – ~35,000
    2021 Wrangler Sales – 204,610

  4. Tom

    The truck hasn’t been on the road long to even get dirty and they are talking brand loyalty?
    How many of those cash purchases were made using a home equity loan so they can write off the interest?

  5. Joe

    Of course they are wealthier. Broncos are far more expensive in my country than the Wranglers.

  6. Carl

    Well yeah there is only a few good broncos mostly the BRAND NEW suv. Those poors couldn’t afford a new bronco and definitely don’t want the old ones.

  7. Chris

    Nobody cares!

  8. Scott

    … in all likelihood, these numbers are skewed by the fact that so
    many “owners” bought Broncos to quick-turn a buck, rather than
    as a fan of Ford or for actually wanting it permanently. Wait until
    the 4th year of production. If supply chain pando war gas problems
    ease, the stats could prove differently.
    (but if anyone wants to trade my kidney for a red Wildtrack, look me up)

  9. Tom Goodfellow

    A few points need to be made before we get too cocky about the Bronco. Jeep’s are, have been and remain awesome off-roaders. One of the things you have to love about them that Ford can learn from is not drastically changing the body style. Ford has a good thing going right now largely because it is much like the ‘66-‘77. Look how long Jeep has had the Wrangler “style” and look at the continued sales and popularity. When Ford started changing the Bronco in ‘78, it was the beginning of the end until now. As far as people buying Bronco’s versus Jeep, you can’t lease a Bronco -it’s purchase only. I (along with many) love my 1st gen Bronco and because of the similarity have a Bad Squatch on order. Keep this style!!!!

  10. Tom Goodfellow

    A few points to make:
    Jeeps are, have been and remain awesome off roaders and vehicles.
    They’ve kept the same basic body style all these years and still selling well! Ford needs to learn from this!
    The reason the Bronco generating sales is because of the similarity of the 1st gen. and the outstanding job they’ve done in building it.
    ‘78 was the beginning of the end of the “Bronco” until now.
    Don’t change this style!!! Jeep is a perfect example!
    Purchases are largely due to not being able to lease a Bronco.

  11. Billy Beene

    Strange so many are selling and getting delivered. My reservation is over a year old and no bronco yet. How do you sell so many and not produce old orders? Been a loyal ford customer for many years. Don’t mean much.

  12. IBC

    When are we getting our Bronco. Order 4 months old. The more we wait, the less discounts we’re going to get. You offer them effective end of the month. Which month is the effective month for delivery 🤔. Sent special to dealership. Not much of a response.

  13. Nonspecific Motors

    Loyal Ford dolts with tons of cash and no brains. Mall crawling bros with flat bill hats whose dad got them a job they don’t deserve so they can afford to put custom wheels and tires on their broke back bronco and maybe squat it. Yeah, they are loyal, loyal to “white privilege”. To everyone else, don’t judge all white people based off of these types of people. Some of us didn’t have rich daddy’s and once we get to where we are by earning it, we buy real vehicles, not late to the game, copycat, me too, wannabe vehicles that are the latest crap on the market. Broncos are too big, have no solid front axle, have not as much aftermarket support, cost too much for what they are, have too many issues and recalls etc. The rich can afford to deal with all the bucking bronco horse sh*t by throwing money at the money pit all for the sake of image exclusitivity.


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