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Ford Bronco Responsible For Many Jeep Wrangler Defections

It’s no secret that the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler have been bitter rivals for decades now, and that rivalry was renewed once again when the former returned for the 2021 model year and a sixth generation following a quarter-century absence. Since its launch, the Ford Bronco has attracted its fair share of Wrangler owners over to the Blue Oval side, a fact that was once again highlighted via a recent study from S&P Global that also discovered some interesting financial differences between Bronco and Wrangler owners, as Ford Authority reported last week.

The Jeep Wrangler has been the biggest conquest for the Ford Bronco thus far, which we already knew, but this study adds a few interesting figures to that fact. It points out that following the Bronco’s launch last summer, the Wrangler’s conquest/defection ratio has been steadily declining, most recently from 1.35 from January 2020 to May 2021 to 1.11 from June 2021 through March 2022. Over the past nine months, more Wrangler owners have defected to the Bronco than any other brand, with defection rates reaching between 9-10 percent in the first three months of 2022.

Of course, the Bronco is still new and in high demand and low supply while the Wrangler is a well-established product, but these numbers are undoubtedly interesting and prove that Ford has built a truly compelling product, even for many that were previously loyal to another brand. It’s also yet another data point that shows the many differences between Wrangler and Bronco owners, in spite of their similarities.

Meanwhile, those that own a Bronco may be better protected in the event of an offset frontal collision as well after the 2022 Wrangler once again rolled over and flunked that particular test from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), while Ford’s rugged SUV managed to ace the same test, as Ford Authority reported last week.

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  1. Michael

    Not after they hear about the 2.7L V6 engine problems, or are regretting buying a Bronco over a Wrangler if they have the 2.7L V6.

  2. commbubba19

    yeah, how many regret it

  3. MarkerLock

    Bronco Raptor photo shoot here in Palm Springs, stay tuned for next week’s reveal

  4. Darren Roos

    You lost my attention at, “It’s no secret that the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler have been bitter rivals for decades” #Fakenews

  5. Steve

    I was looking for a new vehicle so I could use my daily Silverado a break and use as a backup/tow vehicle. I though about the Bronco, but the only ones available are that nasty yellow and or overpriced. The nail in the coffin was the engine blowing up. Im back to looking at Jeeps. The Bronco looks like a bigger Renegade anyway.

  6. Dewayne hamilton

    Every car truck has problems at first the bronco looks good but you have to be rich to get the best one the jeep is cool you can make it a dune buggy but you still have to be rich to get the real off road version then you have to be rich to fix both if you want to look like a off road monster buy a cheep jeep and fix it up if you want to just have fun buy a ATV

  7. Jason Jones

    Ford: Problem “We have this garbage suv, what can we do with it? Solution: “Shelve it for over 2 decades and hope people forget how much it sucked!”

  8. Rick Grimes

    Some how I doubt that 🤔

  9. Blacknight

    Will never forget the “ roll over bronco II” era. That’s what shelved the bronco. They treed to bring it back under the explorer monicker but faced same issues. Was built too tall and narrow. Only after was bronco lowered and slightly widened did it become relatively save. And gird tried to blame it in Firestone tires. Considering that caused a spilit in fords family. Firestone and ford families are literally married to one another. Thanksgiving had to be fun at dinner table.

  10. Kevin Lamar Carter

    Jeep is head and shoulders above bronco, best off roader out there. Still highest resale value.

  11. Gabe

    Too bad it’s a competition to them to try to make the most terrible interior – and it’s a tie; we all lose. On the upside, Ford is throwing everything they’ve got at this bronco. If you’re not crazy about a top that lets in a foot of snow, try out their v6 engine that won’t make it to the first oil change.

  12. Steve

    Let me share with you some facts. Yes, the Bronco is the better vehicle and you know what?, Jeep needed a wake up call. I mean when they start putting our these Compasses and whatever other God awful Jeep they made, they needed a wake up call. Now the fact the Ford completely screw themselves out of a dominant victory is no surprise. Look who’s running the show, Mr. EV himself, Jimbo Farley. He would love nothing more the to let the Bronco “naturally” fail and then throw some batteries in it, Call it Bronco 2.0. I mean the engines are now blowing up. Material shortage but they are opening up 2023 ordering? If Jeep maintains itself, they will end up the winners circle, thanks to Ford’s CEO. I will stand by my statement, this Bronco would have destroyed the Jeep. I mean a trouncing like you have never seen. So close and yet Jimbo came along….

  13. Anthony

    For the trails I like to hit the Broncos aren’t the best choice. In all honesty people are giving Ford major credit for coming out with a product to keep up with a Jeep supposedly, but it only took them 20+ years to try to do so.


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