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Ford CEO Farley Says ICE Business Will Focus On ‘Passion Brands’

As Ford Motor Company continues its EV pivot – a move that involves splitting itself into two distinct entities – the automaker is also focusing on electrifying commercial vehicles and models that it considers “Icons,” and not just making EV versions of ICE vehicles like the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning. In fact, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently stated that traditional customers may not like the electrified models the automaker is working on, and while speaking at the recent 2022 Alliance Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference, Farley also noted that Ford plans to focus its ICE business around what he calls “passion brands” moving forward as well.

“We’ve shrunk wrapped our ICE business around segments that are often kind of self selected out of EV and the real passion brands,” Farley said. “I’m going to allow the team to invest in those passion brands, because we’re in the emotional business.”

These comments coincide with some other statements from the Ford CEO, who recently indirectly hinted that the Ford Escape may be canceled, as well as the Ford Edge, which will in fact be discontinued following the 2023 model year, as Ford Authority reported back in January. Farley specifically mentioned vehicles like the Ford Bronco and Ford Mustang representing the ICE side of the business as well, which these comments seem to support.

Farley – who recently said that the the Ford Mustang Mach-E is “a better product” than the Edge – also previously admitted that EVs aren’t for everyone, so it makes sense that the automaker would soldier on with passion brands and vehicles like the Ford Super Duty that wouldn’t make viable all-electric vehicles given today’s technology. However, with Farley also noting that he believes mass EV adoption will begin as soon as next year, it will be interesting to see just how the automaker revamps its ICE lineup as it expands its all-electric offerings.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Mike

    That would be the start ( earlier then expected ) of the demise of the ICE group of the company, resulting in factory closers and mass layoffs, especially in the US, since most of these ” passion brands ” are built in Mexico.

    1. Dan

      None of the “Passion Brand” vehicles shown/mentioned in this article are built in Mexico.

      1. JohnTaurus

        Awe, Dan, don’t let facts get in the way of a good, misguided ignorant rant!

  2. MarkV

    Lincoln is full of “passion” vehicles of the past. Where are the new ones? Does Ford Motor Company even care about Lincoln? At least GM knows where Cadillac sits on the scale as the crown jewel. Too bad Ford doesn’t think the same way… oh wait, Mustang, Bronco and F150 are the crown jewels.

    A proper Mark 9 and LS would be a good start. Also, a new Continental done right this time. Maybe even a Versailles Series II.

    1. Tigger

      Lincoln sales in 2019 the last “normal” years = 112,204
      Lincoln sales in 1990 with the Town Car, Continental, and Mark- 232,000

      The market and its segments may have changed, but they have for all other luxury car makers. Lincoln was at one time the number one selling luxury brand in the US well below Lexus, BMW, and Benz.

  3. Joe

    So the Edge sells about 100K units a year, is up for 2022 over 2021, is larger than the Mach E, has more cargo room, passenger room and starts under 40K with AWD. It can tow 3500 pounds, has more ground clearance for snow driving and can go over 450 miles on a tank. We have gotten 27 to 28 miles per gallon on a trip and don’t have to make extra stops. No worries about finding a charger that works, or a slow charger, or detouring off your trip to charge.

  4. Christian

    Not a fan of EVs. Although, Jim is a total Chad for keeping Mustangs with a V8.

  5. Pikey87

    How about focusing on fulfilling orders instead? I’ve never seen such disastrous delays like the maverick hybrid has been experiencing. I’m really angry about waiting 8 months without a build date, and there are people that have crossed the year mark. Unacceptable.

  6. Thomas E Frey

    Passion Brands so is the Tbird coming back?

  7. Mike

    I used to buy a new ford every year as I’d rotate my wives and mine every other year. Since all this nonsense of limited stock, no rebates and dealers tacking on ridiculous mark ups to MSRP We’re driving same fords going on 3 1/2 years. And If Ford goes EV crazy I’ll just have to make them last the rest of our lives. One nice thing about it is the petroleum industry is onboard to help, gas prices are so high who wants to drive anywhere. My fords might last another 20 years, by then I’ll probably be too old to drive.

  8. Charles Moates

    I’ve driven Fords most of my car buying life.My first Ford was a 1955 ford custom 4 door.I purchased it in 1961.In 2011 I began purchasing the Ford Flex.Followed by 2014,2017 and a 2019 .It made a perfect work vehicle as a traveling salesman and family car.In my opinion one of the best values in the Ford lineup.Why was it discontinued?


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