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Ford CEO Jim Farley Thinks Customer Experiences Are The Future

Ford CEO Jim Farley revealed quite a few interesting tidbits of information regarding the automaker’s future and strategy while speaking at the recent 2022 Alliance Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference. That includes the fact that he believes the company’s future ADAS subscription revenue will be “massive,” that he wants to move toward a 100 percent online sales model with fixed pricing, focus on “passion brands” on the ICE side of the business, and won’t be investing in traditional methods of advertising such as Super Bowl commercials. Additionally, Farley believes that the forthcoming EV pivot will drive prices down and force consolidation in the industry. At the same conference, Jim Farley also revealed that he thinks that customer experiences are the future of the automotive industry in yet another revealing statement, too.

“And I think the new winners, we don’t talk enough in our industry about the product execution and the customer experience and the winners and losers in that space,” Farley said. “We tend to think of companies and allocating capital. As we get into the third and fourth inning, it’s going to be all around the customer experience and dictating the winners and losers.”

Aside from providing useful services for customers that make their lives more convenient, as well as compelling products, Farley’s previous comments about an online sales model and fixed pricing are clearly centered around improving the customer experience. Recently, hefty markups on hot new products have drawn not only the ire of the automaker, but also plenty of customers, too.

While Ford will be charging subscription services for features in the future, Farley recently noted that unlike other automakers, FoMoCo plans to focus on the things that people are more willing to pay for, like BlueCruise – not heated seats or remote start, basic features that owners don’t expect to have to pay extra to use. However, Farley is also aware that traditional customers may be a bit turned off by the automaker’s future EV products, which figure to represent a pretty big departure from existing ICE models.

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  1. Greggt

    Well if Farley thinks “Customer Experience” is so important, he has a long way to go as currently Ford’s Customer Experience rivals ATT!

    1. Kenny D


  2. David Dickinson

    Farley says, “we don’t talk enough in our industry about the product execution” No, Jim, you personally don’t DO enough about. Your brand is on fire in a bad way because of really bad execution. Fixing it should be your #1 job right now.

    1. Eddie

      I agree with David.

  3. Joe

    How is the Mach E recall, stoping sales working out.

  4. Steve Ketterer

    That’s hilarious, Farley!

    Is this AFTER you obey a tyrannical government that worships China and force EVs down our throats under the guise of a false green energy initiative, all for the sake of creeping communism?

    That’s what I thought.

    1. Liam

      Why is there always some boomer in the comments moaning about EVs and communism?

      1. Explorer ST

        You just have to get used to it. He’s a known repeat offender. If there’s an article that mentions a single ion, you expect to see him amongst others.

        1. Steve Ketterer

          Exploder: prove me wrong or shove it!

      2. Steve Ketterer

        Not a boomer but thanks for the compliment.

    2. Kenny D

      Nicely Said Steve, Couldn’t AGREE MORE!!!

  5. Mark B

    Moving away from “traditional” advertising is fine as long as the chosen platforms are where your existing and future product markets reside. Understanding each products demographic(s), is so critical to not only informing, and setting up for a sale, but also continueing to create a community around each product. The community aspect is important especially for marque brands, like Mustang, Bronco and others.

  6. DonB

    Ordered a new truck from Ford on 2/21/22. Got the conformation and then a delay notice. Not a drop of news since the delay notice in early April.
    What I’m having right now is nowhere close to a decent “customer experience”.

    1. Kenny D

      Ordered Mine March 6th, AND….. NOTHING!!! What a JOKE!! I have found what I want Elsewhere, However, 10K MARKED UP???? Told em to STICK IT!!!!!

  7. gregandrews

    Where has this guy been the last 100 years? “Customer experiences are the future of the automotive industry”??? I got news for you bud, customer experiences have driven the auto industry since its inception. It’s just that some automakers don’t listen. Like the fact that I ordered a new Bronco in October 2021, and have heard NOTHING from Ford regarding its build status. In other words, my current “customer experience” with Ford is miserable at best.

    1. Kenny D


  8. Mike

    This guy needs to step down from in front of the camera ( and stop making his meaningless predictions ) and do his job of straightening out Ford, because right now it is a mess, and looks like it is a company that lacks solid leadership ( which it is ).

  9. NCEcoBoost

    He needs to just shut it, PLEASE!

  10. John Coviello

    I always thought we were paying Ford for every option in a purchased vehicle. Somebodies F^*^*^*^*^*ing lying here about being paid for options!!!!!!!!!! Becoming a well known excuse from a JACKASS !!!!!!!! I am beginning to suspect that the Ford board of directors are just as stupid !!!!!! Subscriptions for options !??!?!?!?!?!?!? Just more proof that Ford is going OUT OF BUSINESS !!!!!!!

  11. Dan

    People complaining about service in the auto world. Funny! Have you tried to get a medical appointment? Every industry is having problems. Getting help, getting shipments! Every industry was, and still is effected by poor choices, they made or were forced on them. From that dreaded Covid from China!

  12. John

    The Raptor R has me excited about a Ford truck for the first time since the last V8 Raptor. And I hope the S650 Mustang looks great and has a hybrid V8 option!

  13. Mike

    Guess the Maverick product manager didn’t get the customer experience decides the future memo.

  14. Bob

    I went straight here – didn’t need or want to read the article. He’s the perfect tool for the fools he preaches to at these conferences, that you can just see are all nodding their heads as he speaks.
    This guy is a phenomena. He is one of the highest ranking examples of what has permeated the workforce today, in that it is packed with people that don’t want to do, or are incapable of doing, their jobs.
    Customer experience is the answer! He must have found that written in stone on a mountain somewhere. Who’s going to play Jim now since don’t have Charlton Heston?
    Can’t wait for the next revelation.

  15. Kenny D

    WELL… If F O R D Don’t Take Care of the Customer…. “Someone Else WILL”!!

  16. Joe

    Doing it the old fashion way I ordered 3 new models and went to the 2 dealers and wrote up the buyers order and had no problem getting a 2022 Maverick in 13 weeks, 2022 Lincoln Nautilus in 12 weeks, Farley’s favorite, Mach E is still not scheduled after 6 months. Both dealers were fine to work with and took X-plan. That is what I consider customer service.


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