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Ford EV Tech Rollout Could Include Feature Buyers Overwhelmingly Covet

While consumers are warming up to EVs slowly and steadily, many remain weary about making the switch away from ICE vehicles to an electrified model, for a variety of reasons. However, it seems as if there’s one particular feature that prospective Ford EV buyers want more than anything else, including full self-driving capability – wireless charging, according to a new study conducted by Qualtrics, an independent market research firm.

Qualtrics surveyed 1,053 American adults, around 50 percent of whom already own an EV, with the other half indicating that they intend to purchase an electric vehicle within the next two years, to see just how the prospect of wireless charging changes the way they feel about the EV ownership experience.

In that regard, the study found that wireless charging was the most desirable feature of all, coming in at 34 percent higher than full self-driving capability, premium audio systems, park assist, acceleration performance, and unique interior or exterior design features. The majority also indicated that they want to utilize wireless charging at home, though most also said they would be willing to use public chargers, too. The biggest reason for the popularity of this particular feature stems from convenience, as most surveyed indicated that they have concerns regarding their ability to find a compatible plug at charging stations.

“As EV shoppers become more mainstream, they also become less willing to put up with early-adopter headaches,” said WiTricity CMO Amy Barzdukas. “It makes sense that EV shoppers want to remove one of the last remaining frustrations in EV ownership – the plug. Wireless charging eliminates the hassle of charging by ensuring it’s an automatic and seamless process.”

Meanwhile, future Ford EV models may very well employ wireless charging technology, as the automaker has filed a pair of patents related to this feature in recent months, including one for a hands-free charging system and another for a portable high-voltage EV charging system.

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  1. David Dickinson

    The more I read about EV buyers, the more I think they live in an alternative universe. After reading this article, it occurred to me that the average EV buyer wannabe is a cell phone addict who doesn’t want to be engaged with the world around them. Have fun in the metaverse.

    1. Ford Owner

      You are quite wrong. Most EV buyers are Electrical Engineers, such as myself, and other technical professionals that acknowledge the greater advantages of electricity over gasoline. You should be kneeling and kissing our feet because without us, you will be cranking your engine to start it, adjust the choke with a cable, and using oil lamps to illuminate the road at night. And you will be using a line phone instead of a cellphone!

      1. David Dickinson

        Turn around and bend over and I’ll kiss something else.

        1. Jim Glass

          I’ve owned 44 other cars, mostly German. I’ve tracked cars, I’ve auto crossed a variety of cars ranging from Miatae to Porsche. I love engineering, technology and learning continuously. And I’m not an engineer either. I just love cars and love driving different vehicles.someday, I’ll own may last car and the Mustang Mach E could well be it. I love driving it in today’s world. I could care less about going 180 mph today, but the quickness of EVs is most entertaining on city streets, freeways and rural roads. Are they for everyone? Absolutely not. But someday they will.

      2. Non Ford Owner

        Anyone ever work on anything an engineer has built? I wouldn’t be bragging. Most things are so “over engineered” that the average, and starting to be the best skilled people can’t even figure them out. And when you can get ahold of an engineer to help figure out an issue, they couldn’t begin to describe why an item isn’t working correctly. You should probably be kissing our donkeys and be thankful people are overspending buying your useless junk.

  2. Ford Owner

    Wireless charging is very easy to add to any car, EV or ICEV. I have a Qi charging pad in my vehicle that cost less than $20 including the USB cable.

    1. Joe

      I believe they are talking about wireless charging the car, not your phone, etc.

  3. DJ Indy

    I wasn’t surveyed, but my choice would be HEADS-UP DISPLAY. I assume wireless charging could be accomplished with solar roof panels.

  4. C. David Buchanan

    Surveys can be misleading. One wonders if the wireless charging question revealed the loss of efficiency (added charge time & power consumption) accompanying the minor convenience.

  5. Big steve

    Dear! At least with our hand crank oil lamp cars were made in the USA and didn’t require us to rely on a micro chip from some foreign country! I’m out to the garage and adjust my distributor points and check timing on my 73 F100! Do you know what those are kiddo!

  6. Jon

    It’s clear this survey was completed by those who have never owned an EV. For those of us who have, the plug or the cord is literally the last thing to be worried or concerned about. Perhaps its time to starting educating the market, because the survey says they need some.

  7. Kenny D

    LOOK Folks. They Surveyed “1053” Humanoids, I Assume. “1053” Folks, of which probably Most Own an EV. So…… It’s gonna be a While B4 all this EV CRAP takes Hold, and I’ll most Likely be DEAD, along with a Lot of Folks that were around back in the Day 60’s/70’s/80’s when things were much more Simple (barring the 80’s) the Beginning of the Electronic’s ERA. When “FORD OWNER” (Might) Have been Born, so Ya he probably Missed the Good Old Day’s, Gas .29/.49/.75 CENTS a GALLON. Ya we had Issues Back then no Doubt, (Gas WAR’S N Lines). However they were much simpler to rectify. Wonder if the KID know’s what a Flat Blade is, or How to Change a Water Pump on a V8 Engine??? Can the Kid Install a Garbage Disposal or an In Dash Radio??? Do ya know what a CB is SPORT??? So Look, Ya the EV Garbage is coming no doubt about, But, First Off, Learn How to DRIVE before you Let some Self Driving Unit do it for ya or your gonna be Kissing an embankment on the Highway. Do ya Know what a CLUTCH IS USED FOR CornSport???? So get down off your Hi Horse, ya this Garbage is gonna be Real in the Year’s to Come, But for Now, I wouldn’t let “1053” FOLKS Figure out how to Charge anything Wirelessly!!! Even if it’s $20…. PS, Waited In Line to GAS UP the ICE UNIT the Other Day at COSTCO to SAVE $10.00??? Waited for 15 Minutes PAL, If we were STUCK with an EV at a CHARGING Station, We’d Still Be in LINE WAITING!!!!! And that’s a FACT KIDDO!!! Now, whatcha gonna do when your BATTERIES GO DEAD ON The Highway, Call for an Emergency Charge??? It is available Ya Know, and it MIGHT Get ya to a Charging Station??? MAYBE!!!


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