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Ford EVs Will Not Be Able To Be Purchased At End Of Lease

Thus far, those bringing home Ford EVs are favoring financing over leases, for a few very good reasons. For starters, 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Mustang Mach-E lessees aren’t eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit, and lease deals are also essentially non-existent for those models, while residual values are lower than the Lightning’s ICE counterpart and many dealers are imposing large fees. But in today’s world, many who are leasing are purchasing their vehicles at the end of that term, then either keeping them or reselling them, oftentimes for a profit. Regardless, it seems that this won’t be an option for those leasing Ford EVs moving forward, according to a dealer letter recently seen by Cars Direct.

According to the memo, Ford Credit will update its lease agreement in 37 states on June 15th to include a very important disclaimer – “you do not have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease term.”  The letter states that this change will take effect prior to the fourth quarter of this year for other states, and is reportedly being made to support Ford’s efforts to lower battery production costs and go carbon neutral.

This change mimics one recently made by Tesla, which stopped letting lessees buy out leases back in April after limiting lease buyouts to certain models previously. Most automakers do allow lease buyouts on most vehicles, however, giving lessees the option to purchase the vehicle for a set cost based partly on residual value at the end of the term.

“Ford Motor Company is committed to making Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) more sustainable and affordable for our customers by localizing the complex battery supply chain network, creating recycling options for end-of-life vehicles, and increasing U.S. battery production,” the letter states. “The purchase of the BEV Lease is to aid in our goal of delivering carbon neutrality by 2050 by controlling the vehicle battery through its life, keeping it in the Ford network.”

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  1. Grant

    Robert you are correct. Watch how fast these policies change when vehicles become available.

  2. Mike O\'Dell

    I’ve re-read this article several times. The article sates when this “no-buy end-of-lease” change will occur, but I don’t understand why. In plain English, WHY is the end-of-lease purchase not being allowed? What happens to the leased vehicle? Is it because the estimated value of the lease is no longer accurate (i.e., high enough?). If the formerly leased vehicle is added to the sales lot, what’s the difference between the lessee buying the vehicle at the end of the lease versus that same person buying it as a used vehicle?

  3. sillsmack

    That last paragraph says it all. One of the worlds 1% billionaire businessmen said not long ago that he sees the next billion dollar industry to be ev battery reman/recycle. So I guess Ford wants in on it. As evs are a brand new kettle of fish compared to your everyday ice machines I would think their engineers would like to disect a few of their early evs after 100K+ to perfect their product like any good mfg would. As I understand it a ev battery pack cost more than a new Ford Maverick.


  4. Brent Adler

    Why doesn’t Ford just get to the real reason they don’t want leesees to be able to buy at the end of the lease, and cut the CRAP. They want to be able to screw over the leesee and turn around and hose the person who purchases it after the lease term. Effectively inflating the price on both transactions instead just the one. I hope it bites them on the bottom and values fall when it’s time for people to turn in their EVs. They will beg them to buy at the end of the lease. Who knows what 3 years will bring.


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