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Ford Incentives Will Likely Ramp Up Through Second Half Of 2022

For quite a few months now, Ford incentives have been virtually non-existent, for some pretty obvious reasons. For starters, the chip shortage and other related supply chain shortages have forced the automaker to slash its production considerably, leaving precious little inventory on dealer lots. That doesn’t figure to change either, as the automaker recently revealed that its post-pandemic inventory levels will be somewhere around half of where they were before COVID-19 came along. However, Ford CFO John Lawler also said that Ford incentives will likely ramp up through the second-half of 2022 while speaking at the recent 2022 Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference.

“Yeah. It’s going to remain dynamic. But as volumes come back, we do expect there is going to be some incentive increase,” Lawler said. “And we have that built into our plan as we go through the second half of the year. So you’re still going to have that – as volumes grow, you’re still going to have some incentive level changes and we fully expect that to happen as we move forward.”

This is good news for those looking to purchase a vehicle in the back half of the year, as Ford has offered previous few incentives in recent months on virtually every model in its lineup. That includes the Ford Super Duty, which has zero deals to present for the month of June, and is joined by the red-hot Ford Bronco and Lincoln Navigator in that regard.

Meanwhile, Lawler’s timeline matches up with CEO Jim Farley’s prediction that the chip shortage will begin to ease later this year into 2023. Regardless, as more and more consumers are ordering vehicles these days, Ford also plans to move forward with more of a build-to-order paradigm with less physical inventory moving forward.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Joe

    So they were at $1500.00 when you ordered a new Ford and $1000.00 on the Lincolns. That was reduced to $500.00 when you order, so by ramping up do they mean it will go back to where it started, which is way less than the last couple of years?

  2. Mike

    Just took delivery yesterday of a 22’ F150 after an 8 month wait and getting pushed from a 21’ model year to a 22’. Had a promotion then of $1k customer cash and 0% apr for 72mo. Was informed of factory private cash offer of $3500 as a courtesy for the production delay. Dealer said I can pick between the two offers but combining offers wasn’t possible. Anyone else experiencing the same?

  3. mjrdm

    Ford’s Leadership had better remember the lessons of the Edsel. Most Americans do not like massive change in their lives and a “build to order” auto business is not a model that most Americans will rush to support. The dealership model is not great but it is familiar. When Ford gets to decide the final price a buyer will have to pay and there is no negotiation they had better hope that every manufacturer has the exact same business model. As for electric vehicles our power grid system will crater under a massive increase in electric vehicles and the price of a “charge” will dramatically increase. It is politically hot to be 100% electric but it is a reality nightmare and may result in electric vehicle market dying on the face of reality.

  4. Scotty

    Imagine 5 taco bells in all of America. Many of the 350,000 people are hungry
    within the same 12 hour period. They all have different orders, some nachos with
    extra cheese, others tacos without tomatoes or burritos with extra beans. Everyone
    fighting for access to one of the 5 stores. Majority are told to park, and “we’ll bring
    it out to you”. Trucks bringing cheese, tortillas, fresh vegetables, paper products
    all are in line waiting for diesel gas in order to get anywhere. Then, all the ships
    bringing in diesel to the US are anchored 50 miles off shore for 2 weeks.

  5. Michael B

    And still people are waiting in line to put down a deposit to wait for months for a vehicle to arrive. Nothing will change as long as you keep giving them your money.

  6. Marvin Menge

    is it true?? ford has deleted the massaging seats in there f350 super duty platinums?? my truck is on order and i have heard nothing from ford…

  7. Richard Huntley

    Been wanting for a year to buy a new Ford truck, but after reading about the games some of these dealers are pulling on prebuy pricing, what was agreed upon vs what was paid, I want nothing to do with the dealerships. I blame Ford for allowing their customers to be held hostage but unscrupulous dealerships.


    Recall Motors may have to ramp up incentives immediately. Their reputation for massive recalls and the Expedition/Navigator fire recall with no fix are hurting sales.

  9. SteveZ

    While you’re sitting back the last year waiting for $1500 rebates to come back k the MSRP has gone up between $3200 and $4700. And we haven’t even seen 2023 prices yet…does someone out there think a 2023 won’t be a price increase over 2022 (which you can’t actually order and haven’t been able to since mid March).

  10. SteveZ

    Sorry…mid-May was the cut-off for custom 2022 orders. 2023 orders start in July but 2023 builds don’t start until October. Get in li e and maybe you’ll have it by February or April.

  11. Michael Rabboh

    I ordered my F150 in November of 2021. I was notified that it was built on April 5,2022. Then I was notified it will shipped in two weeks later. Ford has given over 7 different dates for delivery that come and go with no delivery in sight
    I called them several times, and once again they’ll give a date that will come and go.

  12. TW

    Faithful Ford Family. Family home has been referenced as the Ford Lot on ** Street. It is time for an upgrade. I do not want to Order, especially after reading these comments. No incentives, so may wait to see what happens in next quarter, especially since Dealers are ADDING money to the MSRP citing Market Demand pricing. Offering the lowest possible value for my trade-in. I know dealerships need to make money which is hard with the decrease in both new and used inventory but do they not see this jeopardizes customer LOYALTY, which can be very costly as well. Family told me to go get a Toyota or Kia Telluride!

  13. Allen Piha

    Ordered a 2023 f150 platinum on august 8,2022 window sticker created November 25,2022 going to production tomorrow November 28,2022 let’s see what happens been tracking it got vin #


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