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Ford Maverick Hybrid AWD Prototype Potentially Spotted

The Ford Maverick has thus far been a smash hit with consumers, quickly selling out for the 2022 model year and setting the stage for any number of future variants to join the compact pickup’s lineup. Meanwhile, the Ford Maverick Hybrid remains one of the most considered electrified vehicles on the market, but that particular model is missing one notable option – all-wheel drive, as the Hybrid is only available in a front-wheel drive configuration, as it utilizes a new electric motor different from the one present in the Ford Escape Hybrid. That means that it won’t work, off-the-shelf, with the Escape Hybrid AWD model’s e-CVT transmission without some modifications. However, Ford Authority spies have now spotted what could be a potential Ford Maverick Hybrid all-wheel drive prototype.

This possible Ford Maverick Hybrid all-wheel drive prototype shares a number of similarities with a previously-spied prototype, including the same unique front end and raised ride height versus the stock version of the pickup, signaling that it could be some sort of off-road focused variant, or perhaps even a high-performance ST-like model, both of which Ford has previously refused to rule out.

There are several signs that indicate that this could in fact be a Ford Maverick Hybrid all-wheel drive prototype, however. The first is rather obvious – it’s sporting what appears to be a battery on its rear driver’s side door, as the pickup utilizes a small 1.1 kWh unit. Additionally, this prototype is also equipped with what appears to be a high-voltage cable running from that potential battery, while the door handle is painted orange, which could possibly indicate that it’s a high voltage system.

The other tell-tale sign that this could very well be an all-wheel drive Maverick Hybrid lies in the rear, as we can see that this particular pickup is equipped with an independent rear suspension, which is currently only available on EcoBoost-powered Mavericks with all-wheel drive. A visible FX4 logo on the bedsides seemingly confirms this as fact, too.

Finally, in the rear, this prototype is equipped with an EPA test exhaust setup, as we can see wrapped around that independent rear suspension. Overall, this Maverick prototype is quite interesting, and a potential sign that Ford is indeed developing an all-wheel drive version of its highly-popular, affordable, and efficient compact pickup.

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  1. geemy

    I want a plugin AWD maverick around 25k with more electric power than the FWD hybrid! with even a short 10-20miles of electric range, or maybe up to 30k if it has a almost 7k in tax credit and more than 35 miles of electric range like the Ford escape phev. it would benefit tax credit, would allow short city trips in electricity alone, better performance, and of course AWD. maximum payload would probably suffer though because of the battery weight, that’s why I think a smaller battery is probably a better compromise

  2. Ice

    I have 2022 maverick hybrid.. haven’t got the chance to test it in winter yet.. because i just go it in may.. but even fwd this littlr vehicle is comfortable to drive compared to my wrangler jku. I had a wrangler and a subaru awd beforr the maverick so i know what 4×4 can do, I will probably order the awd hybrid when order will open and trade in my fwd hybrid.. but id really like the next to be plug in aswell.. but the most important The most important thing is reliability.. see all those problems first. Ober heat, leak, paint issue, battery harness failing, and so on.. not to mention problem with machE.. ford has to focus on quality control first. Before new products

    1. NoComment

      Absolutely correct…

  3. Scoutdude

    Unfortunately most of the smaller pictures aren’t able to be enlarged. Just get an error page when I click on them. What is hanging on the rear door is not a battery it appears to be some sort of heat exchanger since those are hoses going to it and under the truck they head to the front of the vehicle along the frame rail. The door handle is likely marked with the orange electrical tape to try and prevent someone from opening that door because there is something mounted to it. It is possible that there are wires that run through the door that are monitoring whatever that device is doing.

    I for one would love to see an AWD version of the Maverick Hybrid. I would also like it to be a PHEV but I doubt that will happen. The PHEV battery in the Escape blocks the path for a driveshaft to use mechanical AWD which is why the Corsair uses a 3 motor to drive the rear wheels. That e-AWD along with the PHEV sized battery will likely be deemed too expensive for Maverick buyers.

    1. NoComment

      There is also a Fuel Drain Port with Off/On switch mounted to the driver side bumper area but unclear what that is for other than draining the gas from the gas tank for some reason…

  4. JJOEM

    Great stuff!. I have been considering a Mavrick but it did not have AWD / PEV option. Problem Solved! I am in a holding pattern awaiting this vehicle.

  5. Colleen

    Yes, looking forward to AWD Maverick!

  6. Mike

    There are rumours that this is a PHEV, AWD prototype Maverick, and that box on the passenger door is the battery cooler.

  7. Ozonekiller

    Just another small useless truck. Wake me up when they make something that can haul and tow.

    1. 2HeadsTalking

      the maverick is a small, light duty vehicle. it was never meant to be a heavy duty hauler or towing vehicle. get an F250 if you want that. this pickup is what it was meant to be. nothing more and nothing less.

  8. steeba

    …so whaddya think…2023 ? 2024 ?

  9. Arcee

    Ford needs to focus on getting vehicles in to customer garages. My friend ordered a Maverick Hybrid 8 months ago, and the dealer has no idea when it will be ready. They need to get their backlog fulfilled first, then focus on expandt the lineup. They also need to address the growing number of problems surfacing in the Maverick. They simply need to do better.

  10. Larry Derevensky

    I ordered my hybrid Maverick 1 year ago still no word I am disgusted

  11. Karen

    I am glad to see they are thinking of a AWD hybrid maverick living in a snowy state the AWD will be nice to have

  12. Bill Byrne

    that is nice,but too bad they cant make the ones we ordered over 8 months ago. they have no PR at Ford anymore, sad, im 67 and have owned at least 15 fords, they send us NO info on whats going least keep the customer informed.

  13. Russ

    I’d love to get an AWD Hybrid Maverick.

    I’m still driving my 1999 4×4 Ranger XLT 4.0 V6 that gets a whopping 12mph city/16 highway. But it’s still going strong at 230,000 miles. Do love how inexpensive it is to repair.

    BUT: 30+ mph I’ll gladly trade towing capacity and repair costs (fingers crossed).


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