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U.S. Ford Motor Company Sales Down 4.5 Percent In May 2022

Ford Motor Company fell 4.5 percent to 154,461 units during May 2022 in the United States. Sales decreased at both FMC brands, Ford and Lincoln.

“While the global semiconductor chip shortage remains an issue for the industry, our inventory continues to turn at record rates with nearly 50 percent of our retail sales coming from previously placed orders,” said Vice President, Ford Sales U.S. and Canada, Andrew Frick. “Our newest models, including Bronco, Bronco Sport and Maverick, continue to enhance our sales volume. Our electric vehicle sales, with the addition of F-150 Lightning this month, increased 222 percent – growing at almost four times the rate of the industry,” he added.

FoMoCo Sales Notes – U.S. May 2022

Sale types:

  • Total Ford Motor Company sales during May 2022 decreased 4.5 percent to 154,461 units
    • Truck sales totaled 74,595 units, down 1.4 percent total and down 7 percent at retail
    • SUV sales totaled 76,625 units, down 4.4 percent total and down 1.9 percent at retail
    • Electrified sales totaled 6,254 units, up 221.5 percent total and up 193.4 percent at retail
  • Ford U.S. sales outperformed the industry
    • Market share increases 3.5 percent over last year to 13.5 percent, despite the continued global industry semiconductor chip shortage
    • Gains came from battery electric vehicles, F-Series and Ford SUVs
    • Nearly 50 percent of retail sales were comprised of previously placed orders compared to approximately 9 percent at this time last year
  • F-Series was the only full-size pickup nameplate to post a gain in May over a year ago, with sales up 6.9 percent
    • F-Series was able to improve on its sales lead, outselling its second-place competitor by 24,300 pickups through May
  • Ford battery electric vehicle sales totaled 6,254 units for the month, up 222 percent over last year, while growing almost 4 times faster than the overall U.S. electric vehicle segment in May
    • For the month, Ford has moved into second place in U.S. electric vehicle sales behind Tesla
  • The Bronco family of vehicles, including Bronco and Bronco Sport, totaled 18,985 sales, representing a 27.0 percent gain over a year ago
    • Ford SUV customers continue to opt for a richer mix of high-level models with more content. In May, Ford SUV high-series models represented over 45 percent of retail sales, which compares to about a third of our mix last year
    • This has helped enhance average transaction pricing, which hit almost $45,000 in the month of May – up about $2,000 compared to April

Inventory & SAAR:

  • Ford did not provide inventory or SAAR information, representing a notable change in the details provided by Ford for its sales reporting

Brand & Model Sales

Ford sales decreased 4.4 percent to 146,868 units:

  • Ford Bronco sales totaled 9,475 units
    • The all-new Bronco’s No. 1 competitive conquest is Jeep Wrangler
  • Ford Bronco Sport sales decreased 36.38 percent to 9,510 units
  • Ford E-Series sales decreased 44.39 percent to 1,160 units
  • Ford EcoSport sales decreased 44.46 percent to 2,732 units
  • Ford Edge sales increased 81.25 percent to 9,202 units
  • Ford Escape sales decreased 55.4 percent to 8,899 units
  • Ford Expedition sales decreased 50.17 percent to 4,441 units
  • Ford Explorer sales increased 18.67 percent to 19,594 units
  • Ford F-Series sales increased 6.9 percent to 49,454 units
    • F-Series continued to turn at record rates, while 59 percent of its retail sales in May came from previously placed orders
    • F-150 Lightning recorded its first customer sales at the end of May
    • At the end of May, dealers took delivery and sold 201 F-150 Lightnings, with many more in transit as volumes continue to ramp up
    • More than 75 percent of the people who have reserved an F-150 Lightning are new to Ford, according to reservation data
  • Ford GT sales decreased 12.5 percent to 7 units
  • Ford Heavy Trucks sales decreased 14.77 percent to 1,027 units
  • Ford Maverick sales totaled 6,089 units
    • Ford Maverick is turning on dealer lots in just 5 days
    • 97 percent of Maverick retail sales in May came from previously placed orders
  • Ford Mustang sales decreased 27.1 percent to 3,234 units
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E sales increased 166.27 percent to 5,179 units
    • The model posted a new monthly sales record
    • Mustang Mach-E is now conquesting at a rate of almost 70 percent this year
  • Ford Ranger sales decreased 58.17 percent to 5,983 units
  • Ford Transit sales decreased 0.37 percent to 8,350 units
    • E-Transit sales had its best monthly sales  since its launch earlier this year
    • This was up from April and brings E-Transit total sales for the year to 2,449 vans
    • E-Transit continues to outsell the combined sales of all commercial electric vans in 2022
  • Ford Transit Connect sales decreased 26.18 percent to 2,532 units

Lincoln sales decreased 6.8 percent to 7,593 units:

During the first five months of the 2022 calendar year, Ford Motor Company sales decreased 13.3 percent to 763,558 units.

Sales Results - May 2022 - USA - Ford

MODELMAY 2022 / MAY 2021MAY 2022MAY 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
BRONCO* 9,475**46,161 *
BRONCO SPORT-36.38% 9,51014,947-1.21%51,527 52,159
E-SERIES-44.39% 1,1602,086-33.15%10,166 15,208
E-TRANSIT* 874**2,449 *
ECOSPORT-44.46% 2,7324,919-32.99%15,267 22,784
EDGE+81.25% 9,2025,077+33.00%46,912 35,273
ESCAPE-55.40% 8,89919,951-16.00%64,363 76,621
EXPEDITION-50.17% 4,4418,912-59.67%16,154 40,055
EXPLORER+18.67% 19,59416,512-23.59%83,131 108,796
F-150 LIGHTNING* 201**459 *
F-SERIES+6.47% 49,25346,260-23.75%241,213 316,359
GT-12.50% 780.00%54 54
HEAVY TRUCKS-14.77% 1,0271,205-10.22%5,008 5,578
MAVERICK* 6,089**34,871 *
MUSTANG-27.10% 3,2344,436-27.31%21,597 29,710
MUSTANG MACH-E+166.27% 5,1791,945+49.55%15,718 10,510
RANGER-58.17% 5,98314,303-43.96%28,732 51,270
TRANSIT-10.80% 7,4768,381-32.99%31,679 47,277
TRANSIT CONNECT-26.18% 2,5323,430-15.16%12,098 14,260
FORD TOTAL-4.37% 146,868153,582-13.06%727,559 836,851

Sales Results - May 2022 - USA - Lincoln

MODELMAY 2022 / MAY 2021MAY 2022MAY 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
AVIATOR+8.10% 2,0831,927-12.94%9,452 10,857
CORSAIR-11.24% 2,0842,348-3.26%11,883 12,283
NAUTILUS+10.69% 2,3292,104+3.25%10,413 10,085
NAVIGATOR-26.47% 1,0971,492-46.82%4,251 7,993
LINCOLN TOTAL-6.75% 7,5938,143-18.22%35,999 44,021

Sales Results - May 2022 - USA - FMC Totals

BRANDMAY 2022 / MAY 2021MAY 2022MAY 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
FORD TOTAL-4.37% 146,868153,582-13.06%727,559 836,851
LINCOLN TOTAL-6.75% 7,5938,143-18.22%35,999 44,021
FMC USA TOTAL-4.49% 154,461161,725-13.32%763,558 880,872

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  1. Alan H

    Maybe if Ford would build the orders they have instead of taking more to add to back log their sales would be up 50%. STILL WAITING ON A BRONCO ORDERED IN JAN 2021.

    1. Matt

      It would be nice if people stoped using this site to just complain about their unfulfilled orders.

      1. Scotty

        I so agree there Matt. It’s getting way old. Time to cancel your
        “I wanna be first” order and get a here and now purchase.

        1. Alan H

          That is a good idea cancel my order, try to find a dealer that has a bronco and pay 20k markup. That is the best idea yet, thank you I will call my dealer right away.

  2. Alan H

    Do you have your order?

  3. Alan H

    Matt sorry you feel it is complaining about a vehicle ordered over a year and a half ago it is frustration. The bronco was hyped for 3 years before it went into production has been the biggest failure launch of a vehicle. Lets talk about the roof issues, rust issues, down grading of options in a package and no price reduction due to deleted item, oh and the new issues with the 2.7 and the investigation into that, oh and my favorite the deivery of said vehicle.
    If Ford would do right by their customer maybe they won’t have the backlash you are complaining about. Have a great day

    1. Scotty

      .. not sure where your false information lab is. But the Bronco has NOT been
      any level of failure launch. Quite the opposite, Einstein. Hype, ok. Never on
      the level of Apple tho. Since introduction, Bronco has been on everybody’s
      lips from day one. Delivery, ok, disaster. But lauch? I’d say one of the biggest
      and best I’ve seen from Detroit in decades. Take a few advertising classes
      at your community college and keep up.

      1. Alan H

        Okay lets break it down , HYPE , leading to launch , productions , delivery. Hype for 3 yesars great, launch nothing onsites to buy , preorder still unfilled. material issues , roofs recall ,motor issues very little productions check the completed listed, delivery check list of deliveried units compared to reservations and ones waiting on VIN# to be supplied all facts. so 1/5 went right failed on 4/5. I don’t know what college you got your debt relief from but to me that is an embarrassing ass average of production for a year and a half and can’t delivery a car. Again proves the points we are commenting on. sales down production down and now investagations on the 2.7 motor trying to short cut the usual supplier, valves are breaking due to heat issues.Where is your proof of the great launch. With a launch you have to deliver a working product with no issues in a timely manner.Most launches have many models at dealerships so you can see and drive, noghing on lots. FACT BY 2028 you should have save enough lunch money to put a deposit down on the last Bronco year of this generation or you EV I wouldnt wait to long you will want to be in the front of the line that gurantees you at least a 1 year wait. words of wisdom GLTA

    2. Matt

      Are you complaining about not getting one or the quality issues because you seem to be doing both. Everyone knows first model year vehicles have issues that’s the chance you take.

  4. Alan H

    I guess if they build it we will come is your take on all this. One day it will happen.
    The issues are carrying into second year or since they relly didnt deliver on first year is the second year still the first year to give them time to work out the issues.

  5. what

    I’m still waiting for my 2008 Explorer I ordered 14 years ago.

  6. Larry

    If you could talk to someone at Ford with some authority maybe we wouldn’t have to use this area for legit complaints. I’ve been waiting 11mth’s for my vehicle.

  7. Larry

    So Matt you must be one of the lucky few, that for some reason Ford decided to build and deliver your vehicle!!!
    I’ve never had anyone tell the truth about whats going on. My dealership doesn’t understand why my order has not been produced. And now they say that it won’t be built until 2023. 16 to 17 mth wait. What a joke.

  8. Alan H

    Hey Larry it seems when they are shown facts , and others with the same issue we get crickets from them. They must be the ones waiting on EV units to arrive , but they don’t want to mention that.
    Good luck as you have mention call the dealer ( we don’t have an answer for you , call Ford they don’t know you need to call your dealer). Matt and Scotty don’t want to go there with anyone who has orders but no VIN# for a year or better. Scotty how long does it take to build a bronco ? Just asking since you went to college I am guessing. At this rate of production you can see why their sales are down, and that is what this piece is about sales being down. Can’t sell what you don’t have . Very simple try to keep up.

  9. Alan H

    hey Matt or Scotty I have a new black diamond . midgrade luxury pkg , 2.7 upgrade motor , sascautch model , floor matts , tow package ,35” tire cover,side steps electric blue, rubber floord marina grade heated seats would you like to buy it when it comes in for 68500. I will sign it over at the dealership to you when it arrives? you wount find one cheaper. Let me know

  10. Matt

    What makes you think I want a bronco? Or your first year piece of s**t? It seems to me you should cancel your order ASAP and quit your bit**ing. For 68500 you should be happy ford hasn’t delivered it yet.

  11. Alan H

    I thought you would since you are have a conversation about the delivery of the ford bronce, second check the date this is the 2 second year heading on the 3rd year for bronco. I said i would sell it to you for 68500 not that I am paying that. Have a great weekend


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