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Latest FordPass Update Removes Lesser Used Features

Since FordPass services became free a few years ago, the app – along with its counterpart, Lincoln Way – have enjoyed tremendous success among vehicle owners and critics alike. As recently as 2021, FordPass and Lincoln Way membership exploded to more than 8 million users, with a 91 percent adoption rate, which is far higher than the industry average. Now, however, FoMoCo has actually removed some lesser used features with the latest FordPass update, which may be of interest to the folks that took advantage of those features in the past.

The latest FordPass update is version 4.16.0 and makes a few changes, starting with the fact that the My EV Driving tile is now found in the Charging section on the vehicle tab. Additionally, EV customers can now add or delete Trip Planner stops within the app, and Ford fixed an issue where the app was crashing on EV users when they were attempting to view nearby chargers.

Meanwhile, Ford also removed some lesser-used features to make room to expand more popular ones. Those include Parking and Fuel on Map, which allowed users to view things like parking and fuel prices on the map while they were driving around, as well as the App Catalog, which contained a list of features available with AppLink.

The Journeys feature has also been removed as part of the latest update, which was capable of recording trips and delivering tailored insights on how to optimize driving techniques. Each journey was tracked and stored, allowing owners to compare those trips by distance traveled and the duration of the trip, then log them under business or personal and even export the data if so desired. Additionally, Journeys provided feedback on how drivers can operate their vehicle more efficiently by pointing out when they accelerate too fast, brake too suddenly, or corner too harshly.

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  1. Francois

    I no longer have a Ford EV and did not use any of those features. You can get parking and fuel info on other free apps.

    The rest is pretty awesome. It’s cool to be able to easily locate your car in that giant shopping or sports arena parking lot.

    And it’s also very handy to see how much life is left in the oil before the next free oil change and schedule the appointment at the touch of a button. They will also come and change your oil at your house.

    What? Wait a minute! Free oil change at your house? Yep. All you have to do is pair your account with the Ford Pass credit card and buy stuff you normally buy anyway using the credit card. You get points for free service / get upgraded service levels including at home maintenance depending on your spending level.

    2.5+ years ownership / over 35,000 miles on our Edge. $0.00 spent on maintenance outside of a recent set of tires.

    1.5 years on the GT350 $0.00 spent on maintenance so far.

    Pretty cool deal.

  2. Jim Groff


    1. Barry

      On July 12th, 2023. You should probably contact a dealership as opposed to a public forum such as this. Another great idea is to “Google it”, I’m sure you will find the correct answer.

  3. jess

    I could never get journey’s to work – so I guess if it didn’t work, that would explain why it was a little used feature


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