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Lincoln Pickup Not Completely Ruled Out, But No Vehicle In Development

Four new electric vehicles will join the Lincoln lineup by the year 2026, and the automaker is currently surveying the landscape to see what kind of vehicles would be attractive to luxury buyers. While the luxury division gets a feel for where it’s headed in the future, it hasn’t forsaken certain vehicle segments. Ford Authority recently learned that a future Lincoln pickup may not be that far-fetched, and while there’s not one currently in development, the idea hasn’t been completely abandoned.

“I wouldn’t rule anything out,” John Jraiche, Global Lincoln Product Director, said during an interview at the Lincoln Star concept reveal event. “I would say we serve our customer well with our F-Series with the Lightning coming out. But you never know.” As Ford Authority previously reported, this isn’t the first time a Lincoln representative has stated that a pickup is not in the cards, but it is the first time someone at the division hasn’t totally dismissed the idea.

The Lincoln Star concept vehicle was built on Ford’s new rear- and all-wheel-drive EV architecture, which is designed to be able to be very flexible in order to underpin a wide variety of vehicle types, including cargo vehicles, midsize trucks, SUVs, larger two- and three-row crossovers, as well as full-size trucks. That being said, the platform for a potential Lincoln pickup exists, should the division decide on following through with one.

Perhaps Lincoln can learn from its past if it decides to bring a pickup back to its lineup. In 2002, the Lincoln Blackwood was introduced, selling just 3,356 units before being axed. At its core, the Blackwood was a rebadged Ford F-150 with a unique grille and luxury elements throughout, although the bed was essentially unusable and its price point over a compared F-150 did not make it a compelling option. The automaker tried to enter the pickup market once again in 2006, introducing the Lincoln Mark LT. However, as with the Blackwood, the Mark LT didn’t garner much interest and was discontinued after the 2008 model year.

A new Lincoln pickup, particularly a fully electric one, could become more likely if its chief rival Cadillac follows through with its own luxury pickup, in the form of an Escalade EXT revival. A recent trademark filing, uncovered by our sister publication GM Authority, suggests that it could be in the works, but no concrete information about such a product has come to light.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Jim Groff

    When is Lincoln Navigator going to fix my 2021 Navigator under the hood on fire problem???? No one responds to me from this site! You really think your owners are happy to let the Navightor sit outside in driveway waiting to catch Fire??! Come on now.. fix this! Jim Groff

    1. Booker C.

      maybe you should try actually contacting Lincoln instead of commenting on random articles lmao

    2. J

      No one cares about your misplaced complaints, considering you should know better in owning such an expensive vehicle and find the relevant entity of Ford Customer Service or Lincoln to notify of your concerns.

      If you are that tone deaf to not know this already, you have no business owning such a vehicle in the first place or are merely a troll.

  2. J

    Lincoln Blackwood was introduced in October 2001, not literally 2002. I think people get too carried away with model years and forget stuff comes out early. Production ceased in December 2002.

  3. Andrew McKinnon

    This is absurd. Lincoln has been burned twice trying to offer a pickup. The market is limited, and such an offering would be costly and cannibalize high end F-Series. As a retired Ford exec, I hope the PD people remember their history regarding these disasters of the past.


    This is a very bad idea; they have failed twice trying to sell Lincoln P/Us, and there is still no fix for Navigator fire recall, Ford recommends that you park your $90,000+ Navigator as far away as possible from building structures, Ford should concentrate on finding a fix for the Navigator fires, and not risk failing a third time in selling Lincoln P/Us.

  5. Al Brooks

    I believe the Lincoln Mark LT was just gaining its momentum when they decided to stop producing it. Ford really didn’t give it an opportunity for previous buyers to renew their leases or for repeat sales to their previous owner base. If they had then there would have been a better opportunity for the used car market to excel as well.
    I also believe it’s the exact same thing they did with the Thunderbird, didn’t give it a chance.

  6. BobTA

    How is Lincoln going to pull this off? Ford won’t let Lincoln have something better than the King Ranch F150. This is why Lincoln will never have a proper LS replacement based off S650 because a Lincoln can never be better than a Ford. Funny how the total opposite is over at GM where Cadillac is king with nothing within GM can ever be more high-end lux and Corvette is king with no other GM vehicle being faster.

  7. MarkV

    Why not invest in a Cadillac Celestiq competitor instead of wasting money on another truck. Lincoln can pull it off (if Ford lets them) with a Model K, KA, KB (or Premium Continental) that is ultra lux brimming with high tech. Lincoln did compete with Rolls, Packard, Cadillac, Duesenberg back in the 20’s and 30’s. Why let Cadillac be the only American Standard? Lincoln is a far cry from the days when they were “The Final Step Up”. The Celestiq is a modern version of the famous Fleetwood 60 Specials or Eldorado Broughams of the past. At least GM knows Cadillac is at the top of the food chain.

  8. MarkV

    Why not contact Cabot Coachbuilder to produce a limited run of gull wing door Navigators at $150K-175K each?? They did a great job on the Coach Door Continental. Why not commission the company to do more. Also, why not add a Coach Door Aviator.


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