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New Ford Lineup Still In High Demand, Order Bank At 300,000 Units

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic had rippling effects on the entire globe that continue to perpetuate today, particularly in the automotive world. There, production has been severely impacted by numerous supply chain issues, which, when coupled with high demand, has led to dwindling inventory and soaring prices. It has also prompted quite a few new vehicle shoppers to order those vehicles from Ford. As the automaker’s CFO John Lawler revealed while speaking at the recent 2022 Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference, Ford’s order banks are seemingly busting at the seams as a result.

“It continues to be an extremely dynamic environment,” Lawler said. “One thing I will say is when you look at Ford, demand continues to be very robust. Our new lineup, our new products, they’re sold out for the most part. Mach-E, Lightning, E-Transit, the order bank is very large. We got Bronco, Bronco Sport, Maverick, so demand remains long to supply. Consumer demand continues to be strong for us in our lineup. So, we’re not seeing weakening there. Our order bank is still very robust. We have over 300,000 orders across many of our vehicles.”

Most shoppers are well aware of the tilted supply-demand curve affecting the automotive market, which has, in recent months, forced Ford to stop taking orders for a number of its vehicles. That includes the 2022 Ford Maverick, which saw its order banks close back in January as many orders may wind up getting pushed to the 2023 model year, too.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

In the months since, a host of other Blue Oval products have been shut down for ordering as well, including the 2022 Ford Bronco in February, the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E  in April, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning in April, and the 2022 Ford F-150 in May.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Jim Glass

    A fantastic position to be in but also frustrating since you could probably sell 600,000 if you could produce them! I’m glad I got my Mach E in 2021, but if I had a bigger garage, I’d also have a loaded Bronco Sport, a loaded Bronco Everglades, and a Maverick Lariet. Today, I truly believe these are the best cars on the market. Other manufacturers must be scrambling big time!

  2. Wilfred cox

    Just wondering why nobody can tell me the status of my maverick ordered in Jan

    Of 2022 I

    1. Aaron

      People ordered other vehicles (particularly the Bronco) in 2021 and still don’t have anything. You have a long way to wait like the rest of us. I ordered a Bronco on 8/11/21 and still no message from Ford saying it has been scheduled for production. At this point, I don’t think I will get it until 2023.

    2. J.Moskaly

      Same here for the Bronco BL which I ordered in Jan of 22, Not even a vin# to have so I could get excited at one of the site’s to drive one. Maybe the Big Guy has put a word in about the electric wheels he wants us to drive?

  3. Darryl Norris

    My Maverick was ordered on 9/16/2021, and Ford says nothing. First come first served does NOT apply at Ford.

    1. Mr. DIY

      I ordered my XL Maverick hybrid with spray in bedliner in early September. I got an email from FMC saying it was scheduled for build 6/14 then the week after due to constraints they sent an email update saying it would go into production this week 6/20. Now I hope all goes as scheduled for my truck so I can pick it up next weekend or after 4th of July holiday!

      1. Aaron

        You need to check your Ford account settings. There is a communication preferences section.

    2. Phil

      Just so you know it’s prob the way you have it built. Hang in there. I’ve been waiting since September also. We are getting close to our turns.

    3. Joejoecat

      I ordered mine 9/17/21. Not a word yet ! XLT Lux 360 spray in bed liner eco AWD

    4. Aaron

      This is the damn truth. I entered and PAID $100 for my Bronco reservation in June of 2021 and ordered it on 8/11/21. I also gave my dealer another $500, which I simply don’t understand, but whatever. I still have not received any communication from Ford or my dealer about the status of this thing. The original plan was to build and deliver them in order of time stamp on the reservation, but they isn’t the case anymore. They are allocating units based on sales volume. I wish they would just get rid of dealers. Why can we not order directly from Ford (like just about every other company) and have them ship it to us?

      1. Aaron

        that isn’t the case*

      2. Frank

        Sorry Aaron but the dealers are here to stay You will never order a vehicle from Ford Motor Co and have it delivered to your door in addition where will you service your New Bronco ?? Trust me you are not going to a gas station to protect this investment

  4. Pikey87

    Still waiting for my October maverick order. I’m beyond frustrated that it’s going to be over a year before I get it. Ford intentionally sold more than they could produce, then continued releasing it in other countries. It’s good for them short term, but long term people will remember how Ford screwed them over and flick to the competition as soon as their hybrid compact trucks come out.

    1. David

      Hold out hope. I ordered end of October for an Ecoboost FX4 tow package with bed liner and it just arrived today!

      Bad communication though as I had no idea when it was coming and neither did my dealer. Just showed up on a truck.

  5. Bob

    Ford dropped the ball big time . Ordered my maverick last July. Haven’t heard from dealer since gave a hold payment. I would never again buy a Ford after this years major disappointment. Mr. Farley Im reaching out to you. What happened? Why such terrible communication?

  6. Joe Oliver

    I ordered a Lariat August 5th last year and am still waiting. I understand the supply problems but would like to hear more than it is still not scheduled for build. The Last I heard from Ford was in April which they said I would hear from them again in June I not sooner. June is almost over and no communication. The longer the wait the less my current car is worth and I am sure the price of the Maverick will escalate.

  7. Pappyjenkins

    From reading all the horror stories on long wait time for the Maverick.
    I’m re thinking looking at other options and strongly considering the competition. Have to make trade off. But that’s life.

  8. Mike

    So worth the wait though! I finally (after almost two years!) got my 2022 Bronco black Diamond Sasquatch manual. It’s a kick in the pants! Also have a 2021 F150 power boost, which is amazing. Patience is a virtue as they say!

  9. James

    Yeah and Chevy has 300,000 vehicles they can’t sell

  10. Tucker

    We drive our new 22 Mavrick daily .It is just a Lariat but it is perfect for us. My Wife did not want a big truck. Stopped at Ford dealer , there it was. We purchased that truck within 2 hrs. Had 450 miles.

  11. Paul S Guglietta’s

    It was worth the wait for my 2022 Ford Mustang, it is beautiful, it is also functional, great on fuel, tons of room storage. It’s beautiful in the interior, leather, looks like a King Ranch . Full of safety features. Cargo bay fits my needs well. The price was unbelievable. It fits into my Townhouse Garage.

  12. Michael

    If Ford made as many Mavericks, Broncos, Mach-Es, Lightnings, as they make F150s, there would not be 300,000 back orders, and there would not be these insane mark-ups over MSRP.

  13. David Tobaben

    Ford needs to send every one of the 300,000 or so order holders an email just so we know we have not gotten lost in that massive stack of orders. And some estimate of production would be nice, like what year!

  14. John geel

    Ordered my bronco February 10,2021 not a thing on it yet,dealer does not want to talk about it.


    If I had the money I’d definitely order a new Ford because they’re quality is way higher right now than Chevy Dodge or even any of the imports and they’re smart enough not to have needed to borrow money from the government to stay afloat and they’re building their own facilities to make their own microchips for the cars and if I’m not mistaken they’re gonna be smart enough when they’re building that to build it big enough to build their computers for their cars so they no longer have to depend on China

  16. JeffinMass

    What can I do? A neighbor purchased a Bronco and the dealership upcharged them over $15,000? I understood that there is a no tolerance policy from Ford about the “screwing” of customers.


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