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New Ford Vehicles Are Being Developed Faster Than Before

As The Blue Oval draws up plans for its future of fully electric vehicles mixed in with some gasoline-powered vehicles, it’s highly likely that there will be more Ford products than ever before plying down the world’s highways. Vehicle development is of the utmost importance, and as such, a Ford engineer recently explained to Ford Authority that the automaker is able to develop new Ford models at a faster pace than before, a statement that can be backed up by certain technological and organizational changes that the automaker recently adaopted.

“I think overall the formula on how you get from point A to point B has evolved and become more efficient. The specific mechanics on getting from point A to point B, I don’t know if I can clearly show that. There’s lots of moving or static parts to that whole plan, but overall I’ve noticed that our ability to get products through our development cycle has become more efficient,” said Aerie Groeneveld, chief engineer of the Ford Bronco Raptor, in an interview with Ford Authority.

Groeneveld’s statement reiterates recent moves that Ford has made regarding its new vehicle development programs. One of these moves involves the use of video game technology to help develop new Ford products, as well as to talk to customers throughout the process. For example, Ford hosted a virtual clinic to find out if potential buyers would be more interested in pressing an automated parking button once, or if they would be more comfortable if they had to hold it down.

As Ford Authority previously reported, The Blue Oval has also made organizational changes to its operations to speed up the development of future Ford models too, ditching time consuming meetings so the 2022 Ford Maverick could become a reality at a quicker pace, and overall simply opting for smaller product development teams.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Mark B

    Looking for ways to reduce waste and increase profitability should always be part of any corporations goal. The trick is to not allow these efforts to compromise product quality.

  2. Alexander

    Yeah it shows, that’s why they have to issue 85 recalls for each vehicle as soon as they roll into production. Maybe slow down and take time to make sure that everything works

    1. Dwayne D

      Absolutely! That’s the first thing that came to mind when I read the headline. Ford used to say the tested an F150 over millions of miles. Now it’s done alot on computers and reliability suffers.

      1. Reply
  3. Walter Thomas

    Honestly, is this something for Ford to be excited about with having the worst quality issues of all of the Automotive Industry? People say Tesla is bad but honesty nothing can compare to Fords long history of powertrain issues since the 90’s to the present. They should slow all the way down and build quality vehicles. Only loyalist are bias enough to ignore the reality of many people still suffering from owning a Ford vehicle. I know of far too many people who regretted their purchase of a Ford vehicle expect for some F-150 owners.

    1. Deadarmadillo

      What are you talking about? I have two Fords in my garage right now and have had several Ford products over the years as well as other brands. Ford is no better and no worse than any other regardless what non-car people like Consumer Reports say.

    2. robh

      I don’t know about your assertions Walter. I don’t think you can paint their quality standards with such a broad and negative brush. I have had several Ford vehicles over the years, as well as those of other manufactures. I have found european cars to be the absolute worst for quality and mechanical issues. We have had several new BMW’s, Jaguars, a Mercedes, and even a Rolls. All of them, without exception are far more prone to mechanical breakdown with accompanying inconvenience. I absolutely will not get another import. Japanese brands have been mixed. some good, some not good. Some of the GM products have been hit or miss too. But the Fords and Lincoln’s I and our family have had have all proved reliable, safe and comfortable. I am sure you are thinking i am one of the Ford “loyalists”, which i guess would be true. but the reason i am a loyalist to their brands is because i get value for my dollar and their products which have always been good. If i had problems with their cars, believe me, i would not be so loyal. i realize not everyone has my experiences. but if i had to offer any advice when buying a Ford product, do two things. Don’t buy a bunch a unnecessary gadgets and options that you will not use and may make the car more prone to having issues. the cars that are larded up with too many options are always more likely to have problems. Next thing is don’t be the guinea pig and insisting on having the latest and greatest new model out. wait till its been on its 3rd year and the read “customer reviews” on the cars, not what jd power or consumer report says. i want to see what other owners have to say. but this advice would be good to use no matter what brand. but i utilize it with Fords and have never had a bad car yet from them.

  4. Peter

    29/6 22 Henry would have got a grip on these Quality issues earlier. The culture & priorities within Ford has changed -what’s important to them & their Buyers needs closer alignment. Have friends that have worked long term in Ford Dealerships, & Plants – a common theme seems that priorities are never long term. Drivers need to update their techniques too & understand importance of mechanical empathy related to modern auto technology.

  5. Dwayne D

    Simply more field testing would save the customer headaches and the company money. Simple common sense. Rushing is never good.

  6. John Coviello

    If you want to see how dependency on computers to pick up bad design and how mistakes are made, just watch the weather channel; wrong more that right and all you need to do to see it is look outside !!!!!!!

  7. Kim Bess

    Need to concentrate more on recalls this has gotten out of hand need to get back to quality is job one. I’ve been a ford fan my whole life and always will be but the recalls are a very important issue. They will hurt the sales no matter how many vehicles are made.

  8. Kenny D

    IMAGINE THIS FOLKS. A Baseball Player is said to be a GREAT hitter if he can Hit with an Average of 300 or Better. That’s being Successful “THREE TIMES” out Of “TEN ATTEMPT’S”. Imagine an Airline PILOT if you will. If the PILOT FLYING your Plane came on the Intercom and said, Good Morning Folks. Our requirement is to LAND THIS PLANE Successfully “THREE TIMES” out of TEN Attempts, This is My THIRD ATTEMPT and Iv’e Been Successful “SO FAR”. Would you Feel Comfortable Staying on that Flight????? My Point here is that, If the Auto Industry KEEPS Pushing these Auto’s / Trucks (NOT JUST FORD) but All of em, Out the Door Knowing that they are Hitting with an Average Success Rate of 3 out of 10, and are Happy with Hitting 300, They are ALL gonna have Failures at a rate that is not acceptable! But they will continue to Push em out the door and wait for Failure at the Customer Level because they are successful “MOST” Of the Time, (They are Hitting 300 Ya know)??? Ya, Well Done is Better than Well Said!!! Gotta get a Handle on this Quality Control Thing. It’s Killing Customer Satisfaction, and that’s Gonna Drive Sale’s in the Wrong Direction for FORD, (And All Other Manufactures)! FASTER IS BETTER…. IF YOUR RUNNING THE 1/4 MILE AGAINST JOHN FORCE!!!

  9. Chad

    Folks, you DO realize there is also GMAUTHORITY for GM products and MOTOR AUTHORITY for Stellantis products don’t ya? All written by bloggers who have no affiliation with the Corporations they write about. You should read those. Same inputs…SUPER fans will will fight to the death in support. Disgruntled customers who SWEAR they are switching to Ford. The EXACT same discussion as I read here. I happen to be a long term Ford customer who just took delivery of a 2022 Mustang Convertable. Great car, I EXPECT to have maintenance issues. It’s a fact of life with the advanced technology. Have had great ones and not so great ones. My Father was a career GMC Tool and Die guy for Fisher Body. Drove Fords his entire career. Bottom line, they ALL make good ones and bad ones. Drive what ya like, speak to the CORRECT audience when you have issues. Spend your days worrying about something you can actually have a positive impact on. Cheers!

  10. Kenny D

    My FIRST CAR at the age of 15, A 1931 Model A FORD Pick Up, 2nd car, 1930 Model A FORD 5 Window Coupe. Drove that through out HIGH SCHOOL, (ALL STOCK BY THE WAY), put 29K Miles on it, Built 2 Engines for it. 3rd Car, a 1962 FORD FALCON that was give to us by my Wife’s Uncle. Then a 1955 Chevy 4 Door 210 Wagon. Then a 1939 FORD 2 Door Deluxe Sedan, the Most Trouble FREE was the 1930 Model A FORD Coupe, then the 39 FORD, then the 55 Chevy. Problems, Ya, But so Simple to FIX back in the Day, and cost Pennies compared to Now. No technology at all, Just Reliable Transportation that PUKED Pollution out All Day Long. Wish I had em Back today!!!!!


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