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Poll: Which Do You Prefer – Ford Oval Badging Or Ford Script Lettering?

The blue Ford logo is so iconic that the automaker itself is often simply referred to as The Blue Oval, a sign that the symbol that represents the company has become a cultural staple. That oblong blue insignia has been proudly featured on vehicles for almost a century now, encircling the signature Ford script lettering with an instantly recognizable shape and color. Lately, though, a new trend has emerged, as the automaker has ditched the recognizable oval on certain models and redesigned some front grilles to just four bold letters emblazoned on the grille, spelling, of course, “FORD.”

The blocky “FORD” lettering is so far only found on the front of the Raptor models, including the Ford F-150 Raptor R, Ford Bronco Raptor, and the Ford Ranger Raptor. It lends an aggressive personality to these vehicles, shouting the automaker’s name in unmistakable black lettering and proudly proclaiming its heritage. In fact, there are a handful of aftermarket grille kits available for a variety of Ford SUVs and crossovers that give them the bold forward-facing “FORD” logo too.

By contrast, the classic Blue Oval insignia is more than enough to instantly recognize the automaker responsible for a particular vehicle. First introduced back in 1927, The Blue Oval badge has been standard equipment on most, if not all of Ford’s vehicles since 1979. While it has gone through some minor changes in the course of its 95-year lifespan, it hasn’t lost the deep blue hue or the unmistakable Ford script, although vehicles featuring a black oval instead of a blue one have become increasingly popular as of late.

Interestingly, aside from the Raptor models, it’s been a few years since a Ford vehicle has had the automaker’s name spelled out on the back. They either feature The Blue Oval, or just the model name, although the Mustang family continues to sport other badges such as the pony insignia, or simply feature trim badging.

With all that in mind, we want to know what you think. Let us know in the poll below if you’d prefer future Ford vehicles stick with the classic Blue Oval, or go aggresive and opt for the bold “FORD” lettering on the grille.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Bob

    Blue Oval fades so bad it turns silver and the Ford name disappears. If they made it so it would not fade, OK !

    1. Drew Ford Retiree

      The blue oval used to be much more durable. Today, the blue is applied to the exposed 1st surface, where it is vulnerable to sand and UV. The blue used to be applied to the second (back) surface, protected by a clear UV-stable acrylic.

      It does make a consumer wonder… if a company doesn’t care to make its logo more durable, how can we trust the rest of the product quality?!?!?!

    2. Jim

      Yes, you are right. They need to fix this problem. Looks so bad. Blue oval.

    3. Rev. Ronald Roland

      What? With the push to electric, and only one car line (Mustang), is Ford having an identity crisis? Seems to me the Ford script appeared before 1927, although maybe without the oval. Ford also tried to change to a tri-color crest, sort of like Cadillac, in 1950. After pursuing this for a few years it was decided that the script and oval were much more representative of Ford, its products and history, and I agree.
      Just took delivery of a Mustang GT after a 6-month wait (ordered 18 Nov 21!!). No blue oval, maybe, but no doubt it’s a Ford.

  2. Don

    Blue all the way!

  3. Richie

    Both have been there from the beginning. Discretion as to it not looking gaudy. FORD in the front Grill and the Blue Oval in the Rear Panel is my favorite.

  4. Rodney Hamilton

    Torino or Thunderbird but with more power.

  5. Gary Manley

    As a lóng time Ford employee I’d stick with the blue oval, don’t change their signature.

  6. Warren Watson

    Love the blue oval, and black one too. (Own a 22 Explorere).
    But, why either/or? Both are cool and depending on model, market, and intended buyers..FORD in block, bold letters seems the best.
    Both And is my answer..

  7. BDMull

    Seeing you have to custom order your $50,000+ Ford anyway, buyers should be able to choose at point of purchase. In fact, for the cost of a new Ford, exterior and interior color options should increase as well.

  8. Tenrten

    Oval …blue or black !

  9. Charles Rizzo

    Don’t forget the logo used in the 1950’s. My father had a 1952 or 1953 Ford Crestline Sedan. It had what I called the “Griffin” logo; which I understand had to do with the Ford “Coat of Arms”. Not really sure if that’s true but I don’t remember seeing any blue ovals in the 1950’s.
    My choice is the blue oval with FORD in script inside.

    1. P K

      Bring back the “Griffin” logo and put it on the “e” cars. My dad found me a 1958 Ford Galaxy 500 for $50.00 back in 1971. It was a great car as I was going to Auto Shop at Mar Vista HS, Imperial Beach, CA at the time. My class project was doing a brake job on it. Wish cars were as easy to work on today.

  10. Sharon Hadley

    Leave the oval BLUE and the lettering bold FORD. That’s my take on it. To me, black oval is a bad omen. The bold block lettering on the Raptor looks impressive. Just don’t change the color of the oval.

  11. Robert

    I am a Raptor owner and do not care for the block lettered “FORD”. It is my least favorite part of the Raptor.
    Definitely would prefer a black oval.

  12. Don

    Why change a winner. Currently on my third Expedition.

  13. Joe

    Blue Is FORD.

  14. Mark G

    I have had only Fords in the family for over 40 years (F-150, F-250, F350, Mustang, Edge, Explorer, and yes a Milan) Keep the traditional blue Ford script and allow dealers to swap with black at point of purchase(no $). Maybe make it an affordable genuine Ford part that’s affordable and easy for a novice to swap out. Further, can you please go back to placing the ‘Blue Oval’ script badge on the left side bottom of the tail gate? Please.

  15. Colleen

    I like the blue oval on the back for sure. The front may depend on aesthetics, which looks better on the vehicle.

  16. Joe


  17. Lynda Hayes

    Tradition is noble. Keep the blue oval

  18. L. Passante

    I have owned 10 Fords in my lifetime and the “Blue Oval” must remain, however, I do like the black block letters on the trucks. Ram does this. I think the black block letters on the grill on certain vehicles would be okay with the blue oval on the back.

    1. Nancy

      Impressive. Grill with lettering. My Mustangs had the pony…and no FORD emblems. I like the blue oval on my Maverick.

  19. Jinesh

    It is time to get rid of the boring old oval logo and come up with something modern. Lincoln does it way better.

  20. Robson

    In my point of view…for Raptor line-up can be Ford Script Lettering, but in rest of line-up blue oval is better than!

  21. Mark B

    Both, the Ford script inside the blue oval. Historically, the Ford badging has changed over the decades since Henry I launced the company, but the current script in the blue oval does a nice job of retaining this connection. I think this is an important aspect as this company still has generational Ford family involvement and I think this is part of the charm of this organization that it can trace a liniage back to the founder. Not like the general across town.

  22. Charlie

    I like the Blue Oval in the grill but I always liked the Chrome FORD lettering on the front of the hood.
    Mahwah, Edison and Norfolk.

  23. Frank

    Blue oval. The big blocky lettering found originally on the Raptor lacks any character, and all the aftermarket knock-offs on standard trims just look tacky.

  24. B Johnson

    First, as an RVer, I need my grille clutter-free to add the braking/lighting/battery charging systems, so I have to go with the Oval. But competitors have also attached similar designs of the same size in the same location to make it more difficult to differentiate from a distance. So making this choice wasn’t a slam dunk.

  25. Charley C

    The blue oval is just fine. I don’t like the heavy embossed lettering on the tailgate or hood. People know what they are seeing without having big letters here and there.

  26. Brilliant Dummy

    Lets see, a john deer in orange?
    Coke with a yellow can?
    No, I think I prefer the original. Blue Oval is it.

  27. Marvin Pittman

    I currently own two 1940 Fords and a 2020 Mustang GT. My favorite Ford product was a 1997 Lincoln Mark Vlll LSC, wish I still had it. Block letters or blue oval on the hood, trunk lid, or the tailgate. That way you can remove them if you don’t like them.

  28. Geoffrey Settles

    I really like and appreciate the script Ford blue oval but also like the throwback Ford lettering like on the 65 F100 Custom Cab side logo or tailgate..I can go with either one.

  29. CindyLou

    Blue oval!

  30. Mark McDevitt

    I debage all my cars, until the manufacturers give me a discount when purchasing their cars for advertising their cars or trucks I will continue to remove all name plates.

    1. The Gentle Grizzly

      I’ll pull dealer badges, stickers, and plate frames, but not the brand badge.

  31. Donna Crouch

    I like both the bid bold FORD letting on the grills on all of the trucks looks really nice and the blue oval on all other vehicles that don’t have that big bold FORD symbol would look good keep that in mind them trucks look nice coming down the road with FORD on them you could still put that blue oval on the back of the truck in the corner then it would be on all. But don’t let go of the Ford let it be a added addition that makes the trucks. Thanks

  32. Steven

    If you remove bue oval we’ll move away from your Ford. No blue no Ford

  33. Mike

    I say never abandon the Blue Oval. That doesn’t mean they can’t use the block letters. Both are great. Why create any issue?

  34. Luther Thompson

    Blue Oval, it needs to be improved, so it doesn’t fade!

  35. Leethal

    I prefer BOTH. Whatever looks better when placed where it needs to be.

  36. Pat

    Blue Oval – it’s Ford all the way & leave the iconic MUSTANG alone. The new 4-door Mustang just isn’t a MUSTANG!

  37. Manuel

    Blue Oval. Hands down.

  38. Rick A

    The BLUE Ford Script is the tribute that you believe in the man that out his Last name on it. He was by all means the last person to Inspect it before it left. What the current FORD CEO and board and employees must do is determine that “ Whats more important, the Brand Or The name(s) behind the brand. If Quality is Job ONE, Then prove it and it won’t matter what color or Shape or Logo Looks like because it will state Quality.

  39. Dave B.

    Ford owner since the 70’s. Restorer and Show builder.

    The Emblem including all forms of badging for last century and more, is not in the same ball park as the FORD on the grill.
    They do different things in different ways for reasons.

    The Blue Oval should be fitted as standard, and if Ford want a bold grill adornment, that is fine as well – they built it so their choice.

    Do stories that are factual, complete, thorough while only compare apples for apples; stop wasting time, please.

  40. Paul

    Keep the Blue Oval and make it more durable so it doesn’t fade away.

  41. The Gentle Grizzly

    I’m not a Ford guy, but I know a classic logo when I see one. I voted for the blue oval because it is indeed iconic.

    There are some logos that are timeless. Ford’s blue oval; the Chevrolet bow-tie, amd until they gave it up, the Chrysler blue ribbon. The General Electric logo is another that is both timeless and known the world over.

    I don’t know whether it was some kind of omen, but, when Radio Corporation of America changed their logo from their world-recognised Art Deco letters with the “spark” underline and circle, I knew the company was doomed. They shifted over to some “stylized” letters that were supposed to be “edgy”, and “computer age”. It was, virtually instantly, dated. Within ten years, the company – having gone into businesses they had no business being in – was a memory.

  42. JohnTaurus

    I was just searching Google Images the other day to see if anyone has added a Ford oval to the grille of a new Bronco.

    Maybe I’ll be the first. (Lol)

  43. Brad B

    A durable blue oval logo for me please. It doesn’t have to be so large that the paint comes off in the wash. Work on your vehicle paint quality as well. You got sued over that, and got lucky that the judge ruled against a class action lawsuit against you. The paint on my 2019 Mustang GT has chiped off in a few places, and I know of a 2020 F150 having the same problem. The paint is too thin. Resurrect the Falcon nameplate.

  44. Tony Mercieca

    Blue oval is iconic. Leave it alone. With that being said, someone at Ford will see the heavily favored result in the Blue oval being favored, will tell Farley, and have it change immediately!

  45. Area Man

    Don’t got the WOKE route that gm did to their logo, no more GM just a subservient wimp logo now.

  46. Gary

    You can’t change the Blue Oval…..just as you are building the “Blue Oval City” here in Tennessee! What would we call it? The Ford Script City???

  47. Rick Linder

    Maverick should be named Ranchero…look it up, Rancheros were unitized car structures just like the new little pickup. Maverick is a car name, a very successful, high volume, one.
    Mustang has evolved into an attractive sports car that offers powerful, expensive, great sounding, internal combustion engines. Ford dominates that market, I can not see that going away. Its continuing success will fund their switch to electric. Do not hang the Mustang name on a 4 door sedan, especially an electric one.

  48. A. Ryan

    Well I own a 2015 fiesta st and a 2019 edge st and I just black out of the whole logo with a vinyl badge inlay.

  49. Matias

    Blue Oval for the cars and crossovers; Ford script for SUV’s like pick up trucks or have either an option. Please have the words Ford lit similar to a luxury brand whose logo is lit. Please help us proud of Ford! Thanks!

  50. Russell

    The Blue oval it looks great

  51. boyd jacobs

    i prefer the ”blue oval”— thanks for the choice— bj


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