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Refreshed 2023 Ford Escape Caught Completely Uncovered: Video

Ford Authority spies have spotted the refreshed 2023 Ford Escape on numerous occasions over the past several months, with the first sighting happening last October, after which the crossover was spied again with a revised grille and clear taillight housings, showing off the model’s different trim levels. The 2023 Ford Escape will also receive a new, larger infotainment screen on the inside, as Ford Authority previously reported, but now, our spies have spotted the refreshed crossover completely uncovered for the very first time.

As expected, the front end of the 2023 Ford Escape has been treated to some changes that give it a more angular, sharper appearance than the current model. The headlights are slimmer and feature LED signature lighting inside, while both headlights are “joined” by a light bar in the center. Beneath that lies an oval grille with 3D-like “floating” elements, which are flanked by intakes on each side containing new fog lights. A second grille lies directly beneath the upper grille, too.

Moving down the side, the refreshed 2023 Ford Escape touts a new wheel design and a monochromatic finish, as everything – including the door handles and wheel arch trim – is painted body color on this particular model.

Out back, the 2023 Escape touts a revised taillight design that also looks more modern than the current-gen model. Overall, it’s a far more mature look for the small crossover, one that brings it a little closer to the European Kuga in terms of overall design aesthetic.

The 2023 Ford Escape represents a mid-cycle refresh for the crossover following a redesign for the 2020 model year, while a previous report suggested that the crossover will receive a more comprehensive redesign in 2025. However, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently stated – indirectly, at least – that the Escape could be facing cancellation in the near future. Regardless, order banks for the 2023 Escape are scheduled to open up this September, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month.

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  1. what

    Looks 10x better than the last Escape

    1. Nico

      Totally agree…get rid of the 3 pot ecoboost, make the hybrid standard issue with optional awd, add optional awd to the phev plug in hybrid and keep the 2.0 ecoboost awd setup!

      1. Bengst P.

        The 3 cylinder EcoBoost is just fine. It’s much better than the engines offer by Toyota, Nissan or Honda in their escape rivals.

      2. The Gentle Grizzly

        What was wrong with the one you drove?

        /didn’t think so

  2. JimL

    The nose has gone from hideous to cute. So, progress.

  3. Mannix

    Holy Subaru

  4. Michael

    So when are the order banks for the 23 PHEV/Hybrid going to open, or are they even going to offer a PHEV/hybrid this coming model year?

  5. Arcee

    So basically they turned it into the Edge Jr. How original.

  6. Terry P

    Not interested unless they came out with a true crossover like a “station wagon” version of the Fusion as in some other countries.

    1. P.R.Ford

      Americans aren’t interested in anything that remotely smacks of “station wagon”.

      1. Woodlily

        I’m a Ford Girl, but there’s more Subaru Outbacks in my area than Fords of any kind. Looking at Escapes as my 2014 Focus is feeling pretty small these days surrounded as it is by huge trucks and SUVs. I’d love a station wagon Ford version to pick from.

  7. dinobrewster1

    It’s basically a ford edge Jr how original ford still looks 200x better than the one now

    1. P.R.Ford

      I’ve owned both a 2014 Titanium, which I totaled and a 2017 Titanium Escape. Both were a joy to drive and problem free. Plenty of power and comfortable. The only problem was they were constantly just 2-3″ too small for me to fit something into the cargo area. In 2019, I switched to the Explorer Limited and never looked back, but I still have nothing bad to say about those Escapes. I knew what I was getting when I bought them.

  8. NCEcoBoost

    It’s a tiny improvement at best. I was SHOCKED a few days ago when I priced a low-level SE and saw that the price with a few options had increased from $28.5K 2 years ago to over $31K. The Equinox has gone DOWN in price. Comparatively speaking, the Chevy blows the Escape away with standard features and has an extra cylinder to boot. I wouldn’t touch this one without a MAJOR incentive and/or 0% financing. It’s not the vehicle that’s caused it to slide in the market, it’s Ford’s idiotic decision-making. And its reliability isn’t great, either.

    1. Drew Ford Retiree

      I rented an Equinox last September for a cross country trip. After 7200 miles, I completely disagree with NCEcoBoost. The Equinox content was sorely lacking. Its connectivity was burdensome. Its trip computer had its own mind. Its interior lighting produced night glare that couldn’t be dimmed. Its best asset was its smooth, efficient powertrain… but its transmission hiccuped a couple of times.

  9. Drew Ford Retiree

    The Escape interior trim is uncompetitive. Looks and feels cheap. I hope this minor freshening addresses this weakness.

  10. John

    I like it. Probably will order a 2023 Escape Hybrid in September. Nice video

  11. Patrick

    Totally Hideous, who thinks this is nice needs there eyes re-examined. Get rid of that 1980s grill and design something modern looking. For Farks sake.

  12. Chuck Wohl

    As the AWD Hybrid is basically non-existant in this region, I placed my order for the ’23 Titanium AWD hybrid. First time ever ordering and not knowing the actual cost! Hope these 6 months fly by. PS> Now own a ’19. I am a big 6’3″ old guy and I can drive for 8 hours and live to tell the tale!

  13. W. Graham

    Sort of looks like a aby Edge.

  14. Stalkbroker94

    There really was nothing wrong with the original design for this particular chassis, and make no mistake, the redesign isn’t from a bunch of people whining on a Forum that isn’t owned by Ford. The escape and many other vehicles in Ford’s lineup get regular “facelifts”.
    This one looks alright, but there was nothing wrong with the previous styling. Too many people confuse their preference with objective reality.

  15. Karl H.

    Thank you Ford for this much needed emergency face lift! The pre-face lift version was a nightmare. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that uninspiring low rent interior. How can Hyundai/Kia produce such beautiful interiors even in their least expensive models and the bean counters at Ford cannot do the same?

  16. CWJ

    Dont think Ford is goine to stop making the Escape….i think they will enlarge it….and end the Edge…..i never liked the last Escape….looks more like a tall car….liked the prevouis gen tons better…

  17. Me

    I have a 2020 escape
    I don’t like where the screen is.
    Go back to the old way.

  18. Dave Grimstead

    Why won’t FoMoCo make a plug in SUV. Like a titanium escape phev? I’m trying to move from hybrid c-max to a plug in escape but Ford says the aren’t building them!

    1. Kyle

      They make PHEV for escapes

  19. Kyle

    New interior and overall this is definitely the right direction for the new Escape.


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