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Some 2022 Ford Bronco Models Quietly Added A Rear Sway Bar

In its second model year, the sixth-generation Ford Bronco received a few minor updates, as Ford Authority has reported over the past few months, but nothing major, as expected. That includes the addition of four new colors – Desert Sand, Code Orange, Hot Pepper Red Tinted Clearcoat, and Eruption Green – as well as the new H.O.S.S. (High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension) 3.0 for Wildtrak models only. Ford also ditched factory navigation for dealer stock 2022 Ford Bronco models recently, as Ford Authority originally reported in early April. However, it seems that select 2022 Ford Bronco models also received another change that wasn’t exactly advertised, according to Bronco Nation.

Ford Bronco

That change is the addition of a rear sway bar, as 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak models equipped with the H.O.S.S. 3.0 suspension system, as well as all four-door 2022 Broncos with the Sasquatch Package now come with that particular part. The change improves stability while cornering, resulting in better weight distribution between all four tires, particularly at higher rates of speed.

According to Bronco Nation, rear sway bar-equipped Bronco models feel more stable and exhibit better road manners than those without the new part. It also points out that 2021 models and others that don’t come equipped with a rear sway bar are perfectly safe to drive, but certainly exhibit more body roll and understeer than those with one.

Ford stopped taking 2022 Bronco customer orders back in February as demand quickly exceeded the automaker’s production capacity, while order banks for the 2023 Bronco are set to open this August, as Ford Authority reported last month. Meanwhile, Bronco sales have quickly caught up with Ford Bronco Sport sales as production continues to ramp up further.

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  1. GaryB

    wonder what the reasoning was for excluding it from the 2 door variants

  2. James Copeland

    When will ford replace broken tie-rods, after market has great replacements

  3. Chris

    Fords rollout of the Donkey has been nothing short of a joke!

    1. driver

      somebody’s bitter

  4. Arnold

    Ford needs to be more competitive and offer an hybrid or full electric version of the Bronco it’s time to get with consumer demand for better mileage and less dependency on fossil fuels.

    1. John best

      We need to quit being so reliant on electricity

      1. William


    2. Rhino

      LMAO ! How about we get a upgraded electrical grid B/F we shove Electric Vehicles down peoples throats. This is putting the cart B/F the horse for sure. And this is coming from a guy that strongly admires eclectic vehicle tech. P.S. my Bronco BL 4Dr has better gas mileage than I anticipated and better mileage than my 3.5 EB F150

    3. Phil H.

      Are you aware of the massive expansion of EVs Ford is developing with their construction of the facilities in Tenn and Kentucky, including constructing their own batteries (Blue Oval City)? Ford will be a world leader of EV production based on their strong investment now. Please be better informed before making such an UN-informed statement. Ford will make an EV version of the Bronco when it makes business sense; maybe they already planning that.

      Besides, how many battery charging stations do you see in rural areas?

  5. Silent Majority

    Probably helps stability when manouevering hard to avoid dropped valves 😂.

  6. Rob Cesternino

    Why were the order banks for the 2023 Bronco, which were supposed to open today, 15 August pushed back to the first of the year?


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