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Trademark Filings In Three Countries Hint At Ford Mustang Dark Horse

Ford Motor Company has filed to trademark Mustang Dark Horse in the European Union, Australia, and New Zealand, Ford Authority has learned.

The trademarks were filed on June 22nd, 2022 in the European Union and June 23rd, 2022 in Australia and New Zealand and assigned serial numbers 18721280, 2279113, 1213356, respectively.

Mustang Dark Horse Trademarks
Trademark Source Number Application Date
Mustang Dark Horse EU 18721280 June 22, 2022
Mustang Dark Horse Australia 2279113 June 23, 2022
Mustang Dark Horse New Zealand 1213356 June 23, 2022

The Ford Authority Take

The three trademark filings come immediate after the company launched and concluded a social media campaign for a purported Ford Mustang Black Accent Package. As Ford Authority previously reported, the event allowed enthusiasts to throw their own hat in the ring, at least in terms of naming the package. Ford spread the word far and wide on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in order to get as many people to participate as possible, and as a result, claims it received over 25,000 submissions while the campaign operated. Presumably, all three filings indicate that Mustang Dark Horse won out over other names, although the company has yet to officially reveal such a package, or any results from the experiment. As for exact details about the package in question, that remains a mystery as well, with black pony badges and black-painted aluminum wheels being the only unique parts confirmed to get special treatment so far.

Ford Mustang Black Accent Package

As Ford Authority detailed last summer, enthusiasts had a part in naming the Ford Puma ST Gold Edition, a special appearance package for the performance trim that launched in late 2021. Like the Ford Mustang Black Accent Package contest, the company asked the public to submit their top name choice, and at least 250,000 people did just that. Interesting enough, that campaign also asked enthusiasts to vote on what should be included with the package, and those who participated were able to cast their votes on exterior color choices, the inclusion of red calipers, exterior badging, and scuff plate naming. In any event, it seems like naming campaigns are gaining traction at Ford, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see future Ford Mustang packages receive the same treatment before their official introductions.

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