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U.S. Ford Maverick Owners Clamoring For Running Boards

The 2022 Ford Maverick has been a huge hit among shoppers in the U.S. since its launch, attracting first-time pickup buyers, compact sedan owners, and a pretty diverse group of customers along the way. However, Ford also shipped a limited number of Maverick pickups to Brazil, which sold out nearly immediately, and recently launched a series of accessories for the compact pickup in the South American country as well. Turns out, one of those accessories, in particular, has caught the attention of Ford Authority readers – running boards – and those folks have since reached out to express their interest in them.

“[In regards to the] Maverick running boards in Brazil, I am very interested in this accessory,” said Ford Authority reader Jim. “Please keep me posted so I can buy a set, and let me know how much are they selling for.” “Ford needs to offer the Maverick running boards in the U.S. that they announced for Brazil,” added fellow reader Barnell Q. “I want them for my Maverick.”

In addition to the new running boards, Brazilian Ford Maverick owners also have a bevy of additional accessories to choose from, including a bed extender, a pair of locking tonneau covers with both manual and power operation, a tailgate bicycle cover, cargo containers , fender flares, a satin black air intake for the hood, side steps to help ingress and egress, a sport bar, and a trailer hitch to take advantage of the pickup’s towing capabilities. Additionally, Nomad Sports has teamed up with Ford to manufacture even more Maverick accessories for Brazilian owners.

Overall, both Ford Maverick and Ford Bronco owners have embraced FoMoCo’s line of parts and accessories at an “unprecedented rate,” according to the automaker, which has motivated it to pivot away from performance car upgrades to more off-road-oriented goodies, as Ford Authority reported back in May.

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  1. MAGA

    I would just like to get a Maverick, let alone some accessories.

    1. LS

      Did you order one? Many on the lots now. Got mine last year.

  2. Bill Byrne

    too bad they cant build the ones we ordered 8 months ago

    1. P.R.Ford

      I heard they’re going to build one for everyone who ordered them, except the complainers. 😁.

    2. Rob Johnson

      I Know I ordered mine in December and still have not even got a build date

      1. LS

        XL Hybrid? They take longer. Mine was delivered on day 344.

  3. Will

    No they are not..

  4. Mark

    I ordered mine 3/27/22. Picked it up yesterday!!!

  5. Area 51

    I love my Maverick, but I don’t want running boards. I do like the bed rack.

  6. Michael Newton

    I ordered my Maverick last summer…..still waiting. Screw the running boards, where is my truck, Brazil?

    1. John

      Yeah, Ford delivers a couple hundred Mavericks to Brazil in a month, compared to almost 7000 for the U.S., but yeah its a shame how people in other countries can buy what basically amounts to a rounding error number of Mavericks. Way to be a d¡ck.

  7. Richard

    Running boards? The vehicle sits low as it is. If anything, I’d go for rock sliders if it was me, to protect the rocker panels.

  8. Dennis Flores

    Do you have to pay the maverick off before you can order one?

  9. Dodger dude

    Ordered mine on 12/4/21. Got a Vin and build date for 8/22/22.
    Lariat luxury pkg, fx4 pkg, towing pk, carbonized grey. Moonroof.

  10. Dodger dude

    I will lift the truck by 2 inches and buy some MT tires. All terrain. Then I could use those running boards. Also I’m getting the hood scoop and tonneau cover. That will be it for my maverick.


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