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Watch A 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Charge Five Other EVs: Video

The critically-acclaimed 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is capable of doing a lot of things, perhaps most notably, charging other EVs and even powering homes for days at a time. The Lightning’s vehicle-to-vehicle charging capability is obviously meant to help provide juice to other all-electric vehicles, but as we’ve also seen, the EV pickup can even charge itself, sort of. Now, the folks behind the YouTube channel Out of Spec Motoring have conducted a bit of an experiment to see how well this particular feature works, and the results are undoubtedly impressive.

In this particular experiment, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is used to charge five other EVs at once, letting the charge take place overnight to see just how much energy can be transferred in total. To do that, Out of Spec utilizes one of the four 120-volt outlets in the frunk, one in-cabin outlet, with the other three drawing power from the truck’s bed outlets. There’s nothing inherently dangerous about such a job, but this still comes with a bit of a disclaimer that we probably shouldn’t try it at home.

Regardless, this little experiment works quite nicely. The front outlet puts out 2.24 kW of power, while the “A” circuit pumps out 2.34 and the “B” churns out 3.59. The truck’s total output is 9.6 kW, so it isn’t quite maxed out, however. After nine hours of charging, the crew finds that the F-150 Lightning is still adding power to the other EVs at the same exact rate as the night before, and its battery pack hasn’t been completely depleted, either.

Individually, the Smart car used in the test went from a 38 state of charge to 77 percent, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 from 69 percent to 80 percent, the Audi e-tron from 50-60 percent (on the 120-volt outlet), the Tesla Model 3 from 38 to 51 percent, and the Rivian R1T added 22 kilowatt hours overnight. As for the F-150 Lightning, it went from having 127.65 kWh in the battery pack to 46.17, but it still had a 38 percent state of charge after nine hours. It’s an impressive result indeed, and proves that this particular feature could prove quite useful for owners.

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