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We Render The Ford Fusion Active, Upcoming Subaru Outback Fighter

The Blue Oval’s pivot towards utility vehicles and crossovers resulted in the Ford Fusion going extinct in 2020, as the sedan made way for the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Maverick at the Hermosillo Assembly plant some time ago, However, the nameplate is expected to resurface as the Ford Fusion Active, a crossover/wagon designed to emulate the Subaru Outback, which to date has had no true competition for many years. As Ford Authority previously reported, prototypes of said vehicle have been spotted recently, an indication that it will officially launch at some point in the future. With that in mind, we decided to render examples of what it could look like in production form.

Ford Fusion Active

Details about the upcoming Ford Fusion Active remain scant, but based on the heavily camouflaged prototypes, the vehicle appears to ditch the sporty hatchback silhouette featured on the Chinese market Ford Evos for a more functional layout designed to maximize cargo space behind the first row. Since the vehicle is ostensibly being positioned to take on the Subaru Outback, some strategically placed body cladding makes an appearance above the wheel wells, along the rocker panels, and out back, where the rear bumper gets the same treatment. On the Chinese Ford Mondeo, that area receives body-matching paint. A two tone roof up also allows the Ford Fusion Active to visually separate itself from its prime competitor too, as the Outback lacks any option for that particular paint pattern.

Ford Fusion Active

Although our Ford Fusion Active renderings feature their own distinct roof profiles, they nonetheless will likely preview what The Blue Oval is expected to sell North Americans at some point in the future. No specifics have been revealed yet, but it will likely utilize the Ford C2 platform that the company has used on a number of vehicles thus far, including the Ford Escape, Ford Bronco Sport, and Ford Maverick, in addition to the Ford Mondeo and Ford Evos. The Active will likely share a fair amount from the latter two vehicles, as the prototypes spotted appeared to boast front ends bearing an uncanny resemblance to those products, which are currently limited to China.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. JE

    As owner of a Ford Mondeo/Fusion, if Ford produces that, they can keep it. I will never trade one of the best and most affordables sedans in the market for a boring cookie cutter and unpractical SUV or crossover. Not everybody likes them. I better go to other brand that sells me a decent sedan.

    1. John

      Tbh Ford doesn’t care. A handful of customers isn’t worth investing the vast amount of capital necessary to develop a new car.

    2. Raymond Ramirez

      Don’t buy any imports. Buy a Chevy Malibu.

  2. what

    The back needs work

  3. Onslow

    That back end roof – uggh. Chrysler Pacifica anyone?

  4. Michael K

    Fusion Active doesn’t exist.

  5. Kevin

    I hope this ain’t it

  6. Dave H

    Looks like somebody stepped on an Escape.

  7. R. Walker

    They only make things they think will be profitable. Why design and make a station wagon? If I need the space, they already have a complete line of SUVs available. I wish we could get the Fusion sedan they make in China. Heck, just make them and ship them over to the US by freighter. That is a nice looking sedan. I’m just disappointed that Ford/Lincoln don’t make a nice sedan. Not everybody likes trucks or SUVs.

  8. Brad Barefoot

    Ford … get over the SUV / Crossover insanity. You had a winner in the Mondeo wagon sold in Europe. What idiot at Ford decided we needed another suv/cross ? People want sensible vehicles, we’re not all rock climbing, tent sleeping people. We’re the Holiday Inn, L Quinta motel an hotel customers. We want something nice, I’m a former Fusion owners who switched over to the C-Max Hybrid and needed the room (wife needs wheel chair) to get around. The Mondeo wagon was right up my ally. Now it’s gone … just ordered a ’23 Transit Connect XLT wagon. Don’t let than one take more than 8 weeks … second runner up a Hyundai Palisade. Main reason for the Transit … Crossroads has looked after me, provided loaners when needed and generally been a great Dealer. But the Hundai is promising, and is available right now.

  9. Don Heelon

    I have seen European Fusions on English television and was hoping that would be available in the US. I am 70 years old and retired after working as a parts manager for a FORD dealer in Rochester,NY I have a 2009 Fusion with 240,000 miles on it that runs great but is rusting out. My wife has a 2021 Ecosport but I want a sedan again which sadly FORD no longer has. So I am hoping the new Fusion might fill my hope!

  10. Rich G

    I think the criticism of the vehicle is overheated here — just way overdone.

    Honestly, this vehicle looks good to me, and since it’s just a rendering, i it were produced, I’d expect it to look even better.

  11. steve

    The article doesn’t mention ground clearance – so not an Outback competitor.

  12. Joe

    Looks good! Make it electric please

  13. Rickety Hermit

    Personally, not that anyone asked me, but what I see is the Dodge Magnum wagon that got its edges rounded with a cheese grater. So it’s not the box concept of the modern Charger, but more streamlined. As an active Outback what sets them apart is the prestige that comes with the Pleaties badge. Standard AWD and off road capabilities with the most “masculine” vehicles in the lineup still being quite affordable. Why buy a base model F-150 when for the same price once can have Subarus fastest and most agile? After searching the market for a year and a half nothing even comes close to the value of say the Outback Onyx with waterproof interior, top safety ratings, and it’s a WRX Wrapped in an outback shell. I mean to pick between a 190ish hp base model and basic 260 hp onyx is literally $10k but you get water proof fabric interior and many other standard features in the onyx that cost extra for the base model. It is truly a shame that the U.S. manufacturers charge 2 and 3 times the competition for vehicles assembled by children in third world sweat shops as “imports” charge for products assembled right here at home. Henry Ford PROVED the Cronyist concept of ripping off employees and working them to death was absolutely wrong. Never did Detroit flourish more than when Henry decided to bump pay up and cut hours to a reasonable amount. Yes inflation became a factor but look at Detroit now, a broken relic of times long past. As the Cronyist parties took over Detroit the people voted in more and more democracy trying to keep the “old” days alive but alas Detroit is the prime example of why Crony Communism is the worst possible concept. No wonder Ford sales figures fell on ALL CARS, the built crap that fell apart AND charged MORE than the competition. Why buy a Ford that will force you to buy a new car at their convenience when that toyota, subaru, or honda will last until YOU decide it’s time to go with more modern features and buy on your own terms?

    1. Oldmanyellingatclouds

      Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  14. Nexus7

    Very nice! Way too busy front end, but that’s is the direction Ford and every other plate is heading in sadly – oooooh, empty space, let’s scallop it and put an unnecessary light in it!

    Maybe a PHEV powertrain?

  15. MarkV

    Would make a nice Zephyr Touring. Modify the body to allow for the third row to have side seats like the 70’s wagons. Then have the tailgate slide up over the roof to open. Reinvent the “magic” tailgate by adding this feature to the side or lower open used in the 60’s and 70’s. Think innovation. Give us something we want for a change. The problem in the auto industry is that we don’t have much variety as we had in the past.


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