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1994 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat With Just 17K Miles Up For Auction

With collector interest and values in old pickups skyrocketing in recent years, we’re beginning to see more and more low-mile examples emerge for sale, for obvious reasons. Vintage pickups are bringing big bucks at auction these days, though we aren’t just talking about the 1970s and prior anymore – trucks from the 1990s are beginning to creep up in value, too. That will likely include this gorgeous 1994 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat currently listed for sale at Bring a Trailer, as it has just 17k miles on the clock and looks almost as good as new.

As one might expect from that low mileage total, this 1994 Ford F-150 is in simply stellar condition, inside and out. The four-wheel drive pickup was also a one-owner vehicle until this past April, when it was purchased by the selling dealer. On the outside, the truck sports a classic two-tone paint job consisting of Electric Red Clearcoat Metallic and Light Opal Clearcoat Metallic, though there are a few requisite rock chips here and there.

The interior is equally sanitary, finished in Ruby Red with a cloth bench seat, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, cruise control, air conditioning, an AM/FM cassette stereo, and power windows and door locks. It may not seem like much by today’s lofty standards, but this was the epitome of pickup truck luxury just a few decades ago.

This particular F-150 isn’t powered by some V8, but rather, Ford’s 4.9L inline-six cylinder powerplant, which was origninally rated to produce a modest 150 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. That power flows to either the rear or all four wheels via a dual-range transfer case, four-speed automatic transmission, and limited slip differentials.

This well-equipped pickup had an original sticker price of $21,675 – a bit high given the era – but when the hammer falls on this particular auction, we imagine that it will sell for a bit more than that, at the very least.

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  1. Jay

    That 4.9L engine was a great engine. I had it in my 1992 Club Wagon..put 350,000 miles on it and the engine never need any work except for normal maintenance items.
    I was sorry to see Ford replace it with the v-6.

    1. CJ Colvin

      Agreed brother, not to mention that it outlast any EcoBoost engine with ease.

  2. Chuck

    They didn’t make a Lariat trim in 1994.

    1. Kenny D

      Hey CHUCK. You Might want to Check your Facts… Or Go to the BRING A TRAILER Website and LOOK At the ORIGINAL WINDOW STICKER!!! It is In FACT A LARIAT!!!

      1. Shawn s

        They had lariat trim in 94.. the also had (nite ) pkg. Eddie bower .. oh ya and that lightning truck to .. and a couple of other special/ camremative models editions and flare sides. Also the 300ci. inline 6 was was and still is one of the best engines in the world.. and with just basic maintenence and scheduled maintenence routine the motor is notorious for going over a million miles..but it’s hard to prove because it out last the odometer.. FYI… most people panic and sell the vehicle when the infamous 6 develops a tick sound like lifters chatting… just leave it alone and continue your basi maintenence ( 3-5000 oil changes)the tick eventually goes away and I ll have to agree with the old timers on this. When tick stops .. your 300 straight 6 is officially broke in . It’s one bad tractor motor… paired to a manual transmission.. the key to that tho is keeping a clutch in it.. your welcome.. facts…the model T ford had 20 and 24inch wheels and could go and still can further than most 4 wheel driv vehicles today . And wade water as deep as a millatary humvee… without a snorkel.. oh the lariat badge has been on ford pickup s since the 70’s like Laramie to dodge… of which.. they look very similar in spelling and stuff…. coincidence … have a good day. 🤝👍

  3. Kenny D

    Well, Hopefully NO DEALERS are Involved??? Or this Truck could go for $90K!! Looks nice. Probably Run Forever too.

    1. Shawn s

      I want that truck . Like GM wishes for no recalls.

  4. Atom M

    It’s great people are getting high dollar for their used trucks but buyers with money are hiking up the used truck market. I guess i should put myself in the position of being the seller of one of these before I say this. I would pay a lot more for this but I wouldn’t do $90k. The company I was working for had a 1988 F-250 regular cab with a 4.9 connected to a 5-speed manual trans with 3.73 gears and that thing hauled A$$. If this truck has the same setup I would imagine this does too.


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