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2017 Ford Fusion Among Top Used Hybrids With Best Fuel Economy

The Ford Fusion may have been discontinued years ago, but the popular sedan is still racking up accolades including a 2022 Best CPO Value in America award from Vincentric, making Kelley Blue Book’s best used electrified vehicles available for less than $15,000 list, and landing a spot on Consumer Reports‘ list of the best used cars for teens that cost less than $20k. Now, Consumer Reports has revealed its best five-year-old used hybrid sedans and hatchbacks with the best fuel economy, and the 2017 Ford Fusion has made that particular list as well, along with the Ford C-Max.

Like every other vehicle on this list, Consumer Reports singled out the 2017 Ford Fusion as it analyzed five-year-old vehicles, as those are more likely to have reached the bottom of the depreciation cycle, but are still new enough that they come with most modern performance, features, safety equipment, and creature comforts. Each vehicle on the list earned CR‘s recommended status when new, has average or better reliability, and has earned the consumer organization’s Green Choice designation.

The 2017 Ford Fusion is currently selling for between $16,600 and $22,975, yet returns an owner-reported 25 miles-per-gallon on average, for all models. However, Consumer Reports enjoyed fuel economy of 39 miles-per-gallon combined during its own testing of the hybrid variant, as well as 41 mpg on the highway, while the sedan will go up to 75 miles-per-hour on electric power alone.

In addition to being economical and efficient, CR also praised the 2017 Ford Fusion for its stylish, upscale appearance, European sports sedan-like handling, good ride quality, quiet cabin, and SYNC 3 infotainment system. Its list of complaints is far shorter, and includes poor visibility and a lack of room for taller drivers, however.

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  1. William Kircher

    Fusion Energi like the CMax suffer from battery degradation from the inept thermal management system of air cooled battery pack.

  2. JE

    A shame Ford commit the atrocity of cancelling this sedan. Not everybody likes SUV’S or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what. As a Ford Mondeo owner, and after 20 years buying Ford products, I’ll go to other brand but there’s no human power that’s going to make me buy a boring and unpractical SUV or a crossover.

    1. Bob

      I agree. I had this as a rental for several months. Really liked it. Good gas mileage, comfortable and had all the nice creature comforts you would expect. Not everyone needs or wants a truck

  3. Jeff Ruggeri

    I am a 2017 Fusion hybrid owner and could not be happier with this car, besides the great mileage and reliability it looks great from all angles and from a design aspect that’s very difficult to accomplish. To me the Fusion has better lines than the Mustang while drawing less attention to the driver, not everyone wants to make a statement in a Mustang where ever they go. Ford should should bring this car back! There is so much more that can be done with this vehicle.

  4. Michael Genzale

    I had a Fusion Energy, the plug in hybrid for 3 years. Lease. 47,500 miles. Tires and brakes never needed replacement. Trips to Canada and North Carolina from NY. The MPG from mile 1 to 47500 was 97.5 mpg. Read that again. 97.5 mpg. I save a small fortune on gas, distance between oil changes and other NOT needed maintainence. Retired to a condo with no way to plug in, THAT is the only reason I gave it up.

  5. David Venesky

    I own a 2017 ford fusion with a 2
    0 turbo and sinc 3 with navigation and its the best new car ive owned in the past 30 years of buying new cars.
    Performance is excellent. Quiet ride
    Excellent electronics. 35 mpg at 70 mph . My problem is that ford has no sedans to buy new. I was trading every 3 years. I dont need a F150 and have no use for an suv. Will there be a 4 door mustang?

  6. Ann eirich

    I have one 11100 miles on it it does not have no rust on it never see bad weather.


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